Planning a Mars Party?

With Mars the closest it’s going to be in 60,000 years on August 27, I figure this’ll be a good time to get people interested in space and astronomy. Several astronomers have told me they’re planning to take their telescopes into parks, etc, and give people a chance to see the Red Planet with their own eyes.

I think this is a great idea, so I figured I’ll start maintaining a list on Universe Today of all locations around the world that will have telescopes set up on the 27th.

Is your astronomy club planning a get together for Mars 2003? Let me know where you’re going to be and I’ll add you to the list. Then I’ll make it available as the event gets closer so people can find you and take a look through your telescopes. Even if you’re not part of a club, just take your telescope out to the park, and encourage the public to take a look. Sidewalk astronomy is one of the best ways that astronomers can share their hobby.

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Fraser Cain
Universe Today