Mobile Edition of Universe Today

I’ve had a few requests for this, so I’m taking a stab at creating a mobile version of Universe Today. I always like to start this kind of thing small and build from there, so I’ve created a special page with a slimmed-down version of the homepage, with the first 5 stories.

But I need your help. If you have a mobile device, like a Blackberry, Palm Pilot, web-enabled phone, etc, can you do me a favour and take a look at the page? Here’s a link to it. This page will stay up to date with the home page. My page should look good, but the external links to other sites won’t fit so well.

My next question is to figure out a way to send this out to people, so I’m looking for some volunteers with various portable devices to let me experiment with various ways of delivering this to you. I was thinking of just adding another newsletter in a wireless format. Obviously this’ll be totally free as well.

If you want to take part, just drop me an email and I’ll coordinate with you.


Fraser Cain
Universe Today