A Couple of Recent “Behind the Scenes” Interviews

For those who want to learn a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes at Universe Today, here are a couple of interviews I did recently with Search Engine Journal and SEO Theory.

And if you missed it, you might really enjoy this video interview at ThinkTraffic.

Just to warn you, these are webmastery, not spacey.

One Reply to “A Couple of Recent “Behind the Scenes” Interviews”

  1. @Fraser

    I imagine the Keyword Strategy search extends to the comments as well as the body text. Does it also include the ads for each unique view presented to the viewers. If it does not then how are the ads differentiated from the content so as to not include those ad words within the site search as it marches through the links, pages, and such scripts as you might squeeze for keywords.

    A few questions towards the text within the comments, first question, since you recently changed the method and engine of article commenting is the storage of the comments and any context linking affected differently vis a vis the prior internal commenting mini-app you replaced with Disqus, and next question, does your product, Keyword Strategy, interface in a modular fashion with other comment systems to maintain the linking inherent within the threads on forum type, BBS type, and such word and conversation intense sites which might wish to use Keyword Strategy to increase their marketable presence.


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