My Condolences

I just wanted to take a moment and offer my deep and sincere condolences to everyone who was touched by the recent space shuttle tragedy. I had the opportunity to watch portions of the ceremony on NASA TV today (yes, through the Internet), and it filled me with sadness for the heroes who died on Saturday. My thoughts have been on almost nothing else for the past few days, so today kind of felt like closure.

I’m glad that a common theme from the government and NASA has been a renewed commitment to the exploration of space, and I was encouraged by the fact that the NASA budget was largely maintained for the coming year. I think NASA did a much better job of responding to the crisis this time, and I really hope they get to the bottom of what happened. Even though they can’t undo what happened, they can make damn sure it never happens again.

On their newly redesigned website, NASA is maintaining ongoing updates and news about their investigation into the tragedy. Even though we’re all deluged by news of the event in many directions, I would encourage you to check out their site to get the scoop. (

Take care,

Fraser Cain
Publisher, Universe Today