Think Traffic Interview About Universe Today

This isn’t exactly space news, but here’s a behind-the-scenes video interview with me and Think Traffic’s Corbett Barr. It’s about how I run Universe Today, what I’ve done over the last few years to increase the traffic and number of subscribers, and the software company I co-founded to let other webmasters to the same thing.

4 Replies to “Think Traffic Interview About Universe Today”

  1. You didn’t mention the subliminal messages. Astronomy cast is how I came about this site. Thanks for the great work!

  2. I came here some time ago (about 2-3 years) because I wanted to know how something so “exotic” like black hole can exist and how it “looks” inside etc. so I typed “Black hole” into google and your page was on top and it was exactly what I was looking for. Astronomy in now something like my hobby. Its really awesome web! Congratulations!

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