Service Interruption

As you probably noticed, Universe Today was unavailable for the last couple of days. The site is hosted with’s EC2 service, which has been very stable up until now. But the entire East Coast data center failed early Thursday morning, taking out hundreds of thousands of websites (including Universe Today). This has been a PR disaster for Amazon, so I’m assuming they’re going to go out of their way to make sure it never, ever happens again. Obviously, I’m also going to be making better contingency plans as well.

Sorry for the disruption, let’s hope everything’s stable from this point on.

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  1. Thank you Brother for the update. This site is wonderful and I can’t wait to begin to show my daught this site as she grows.



  2. Itch’n to get back into the stories and get back up to date with the news…

  3. Thank you for the update, I was wondering what was going on but with reddit down I was wondering if you guys were also part of the outage. Unfortunately this is anything but an isolated incident, especially for reddit as it usually has weekly or bi-weekly outages thanks to Amazons hosting.

  4. I love my daily FIX of UT articles…
    It’s like like chocolate,I can’t get enough of it !
    LONG LIVE and BEAT ALL the other Astro-Space sites…;-)

  5. Considering the whole point of ‘the cloud’ is, AIUI, to have a system which can survive outages of individual servers, hosts etc., this was a very poor show from Amazon and shows the concept (or at least Amazon’s implementation of cloud computing) needs more work.
    Glad UT is back at last – I much prefer this site to similar ones, most of which have awful layouts!

  6. I was wondering if you realized that these outages occur more often than you may think. I live in N. Kentucky, near Cincinnati, and outages happen a lot. Most of the time it is only for one night or so, then I can access the articles the next day.

    To me, the outage just seemed like more of the same. I wonder about it, but never say anything because the I can normally access my stories the next day.

    Good luck! Glad to see there is a contingency plan!

  7. Heh. I figured it out (or at least, a reasonable hypothesis) after a while.

    No harm done, I have been out of commission too, too many Easter eggs I guess. And chocolate! Mmmm, chocolate…

    Glad you are still with us!

  8. I’m in AZ, and UT also has periodic outages for me as well. Usually late at night and only for a couple of hours or so. Up till now I just assumed it was some sort of site maintenance or something.

  9. I get a lot of UT outages. The site is down often for me. I thought this was more of the same too.

  10. Well, I hadn’t receive my UT in a week and half, I kept trying to get into the websit diretly ,but couldn’t. I figue then that maybe it was finito with UT. Now I can get into the website,but I don’t get the daily. Did send an email into today. Maybe I will hear from someone . Faser thanks for sending UT to me all these years. Like a pevious person said, it’s like a fix, you need your UT daily 🙂

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