Podcast: Hot Jupiters and Pulsar Planets

You have lived on the Earth all your life, so you’d think you know plenty about planets. As usual though, the Universe is stranger than we assume, and the planets orbiting other stars defy our expectations. Gigantic super-Jupiters whirling around their parent stars every couple of days; fluffy planets with the density of cork; and Earth-sized fragments of exploded stars circling pulsars. Join us as we round up the latest batch of bizarro worlds.

Astronomy Cast is a weekly podcast hosted by Fraser Cain from Universe Today, and Dr. Pamela Gay (of Slacker Astronomy fame). Each week we take a fact-based journey through the cosmos to explain the discoveries in astronomy, and understand how we know what we know.
Episode 3 – Hot Jupiters and Pulsar Planets

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Hot Jupiters and Pulsar Planets – Show notes and transcript

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