We Moved the Universe Today

Just to let you know, I’ve moved Universe Today to a new server today. Everything seems to be working, but I’m sure there are still going to be problems (there are always problems). I’m hoping this should make the site a lot faster and more responsive. If you notice something misbehaving, please email me at [email protected].



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  1. Did you guys just give up on the mobile version of Universe Today? Will there be one in the future? I liked it.

  2. Hi Fraser,

    I visit UniverseToday.com (and spaceweather.com) everyday like a morning newspaper.

    Unfortunately, I can’t login for comments using Firefox.

    Right now, I had to specifically open IE and login here in order to type this comment.

    Thanks for looking into Firefox compatibility.

    Also it would be nice if we can have small buttons to share atricles on facebook.


  3. It’s now 21:00 GMT (3:00 EST) and everything looking fine from my end – However I’ve run some test for you at http://webpagetest.org (I won’t go in to detail here)

    It’s a great site for website optimisation Fraser. I’m sure you don’t need any assistance in optimising your site, but just in case please feel free to email me anytime. It would be a pleasure to help…

    I’ll email the results of the test to you on inf@…

  4. Finally got it all moved to the offshore, secure floating server island I see. Bravo. Everything loads up fine on my Safari.

  5. Bits, if you log in and no comment box opens just hit refresh on your browser, normally does the trick, i’ve seen it happen in ff and safari.
    Hope this helps.

  6. Hi,
    I think there’s just one thing missing : the favicon.
    I can’t make difference between read and unread topic in the rss thread anymore.

  7. I too would highly appreciate if there were a favicon again!

    Normally got several tabs open in Opera, and favicons makes it easy to find what sides is behind them.

  8. Hey, Fraser! I think that we would all appreciate a preview/edit facility here, like what they have at Bad Astronomy.

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