IYA Live Telescope Today: Messier 93

At last… Some clear skies in Central Victoria! (and i thought ohio was bad…) If you had a chance to check on our IYA Live Telescope today, you got a treat. We broadcast the “Running Man Nebula” for awhile, then switched over to Puppis as it rose to pick up Messier 93. Need a replay? We saved one for you…

Messier 93 (also known as M 93 or NGC 2447) is an open cluster in the constellation Puppis. It was discovered by Charles Messier in 1781.

M93 is at a distance of about 3,600 light years from Earth and has a spatial radius of some 10 to 12 light years. Its age is estimated at some 100 million years.

As always, keep checking periodically with the link on the left. It can’t stay cloudy forever… Can it?!?

Factual Information courtesy of Wikipedia.