IYA Live Telescope Today: Messier 107

Did you get a chance to watch Galactic TV this morning? Although our skies didn’t last long before the clouds took over, we did get a chance to get a little Messier! This time it was object 107… and we saved the video for you. Come on inside for a look….

The following is a direct quote from Wikipedia…

Object Information: M 107: Constellation: OPHIUCHUS

Globular Cluster M107 (also known as Messier Object 107 or NGC 6171) is a very loose globular cluster in the constellation Ophiuchus.

It was discovered by Pierre Méchain in April 1782 and independently by William Herschel in 1793. It wasn’t until 1947 that Helen Sawyer Hogg added it and three other objects discovered by Méchain to the list of Messier objects.

M107 is close to the galactic plane at a distance of about 20,900 light-years from Earth. There are 25 known variable stars in this cluster.

As always, you can join us whenever the skies are clear and dark in Central Victoria by clicking on the live remote cam link under the IYA telescope logo to your right. Have a great time!

(Information Source: Wikipedia)

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  1. Thanks, again , Tammy, for putting the spotlight on this isolated globular cluster in Ophiuchus. My sources (‘Star Clusters’ by Archinal & Hynes, the U2000.0 DSFG & The Webb Society Handbook on open & globular clusters & SIMBAD) seem to be in rough agreement with the basic measured parameters of this object. Great work by all involved in imaging and properly reducing these pictures 🙂

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