Miles O’Brien is Hubble Blogging Over at True/Slant

I just got an email out of the blue from former CNN anchor Miles O’Brien letting me know about a recent blog post at True/Slant about the recent repair of the Hubble Space Telescope. It’s a great article, go read it and then dig back through the archives. I think the first article is here.

When I first got the email, I was a little puzzled about why it was coming from regular Miles O’Brien, and not CNN anchor O’Brien, so I did a little digging and it turns out CNN started dismantling their science and technology division earlier this year. Yes, I’m completely out of touch with current events, and possibly even reality.

Are they insane? Universe Today has been growing in leaps and bounds, to the point that I’ve got several writers working with me to feed your voracious appetite for space news. And as science progresses at an exponentially faster rate, people will need better and better coverage to comprehend the complicated implications of scientific discovery. I can guarantee that the demand is there, we just need people who can explain it better, and stand up for the science.

Science and technology is doing just fine thank you very much. Feel free to leave the field CNN, I’m happy to fill the void.

Anyway, if you want to catch up with Miles O’Brien, he’s got his blogging gig over at True/Slant and he’s doing a weekly video cast for Boing Boing called This Week in Space.

2 Replies to “Miles O’Brien is Hubble Blogging Over at True/Slant”

  1. Fraiser, you must be a very busy person to have missed the news over the shakeup at the CNN Sci-Tech division and their loss of Miles 🙂 . What a coup if UT could have won him over. I guess CNN was looking at their bottom line, but thanks to the internet, O’Brian fans can still get his take on space-related issues. Thanks for the links and check some out sometime, as you may find some good story material 🙂

  2. CNN is definitely dumbing down at a rapid pace overall. Their shuttle launch coverage is nigh
    un-watchable so it is not surprising they
    are dismantling science and space coverage. No loss. Just about everybody else does it better.

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