Carnival of Space #98

I thought we’d give all the hosts a break for the holiday and host the Carnival of Space here at Universe Today. This is the 98th edition of the mighty carnival, which has been growing larger and larger with each week. Fortunately, space is a really big space, so there will always be room.

Why Homeschool (the founder of the Carnival of Space) has this story on the agenda for Space Access 2009.

Dr. Ian O’Neill (and Universe Today contributor) writes over at his own Astroengine blog about how extraterrestrials might have DNA that’s similar to ours.

At Alice’s Astro Info, there’s a call for scientists to work in astronomy-related fields.

At the Lounge of the Lab Lemming, we learn that Asteroid 2008TC3 is now the Almahata Sitta meteorite. That’s what happens when you go and hit the Earth.

The Chandra Blog asks, is it easy being green?

Out of the Cradle has a review of Moon. I really want to see this movie.

The Spacewriter has the beginning of a two-part series called, “If it Bleeds, it Leads“. Why can’t astronomy get any love from the mainstream media? Oh right, that’s why we’re blogging.

The Space Cynic notes that the Pentagon is running war games that look at economic conflict rather than the traditional guns and bombs variety.

Beyond Apollo looks at the post-Skylab missions study (1971).

Kentucky Space has this video from the Emerging Commercial Applications for Small Satellites Conference.

Space Video of the Day has the unaired pilot episode of Star Trek.

The Meridiani Journal has a view of the next objectives of NASA’s Spirit rover: Von Braun and Goddard.

Centauri Dreams sends in Friedwardt Winterberg on Starship Design; an article based on email excerpts from the man whose work on fusion ignition forty years ago played directly into the Project Daedalus starship design that emerged in the 1970s.

Discovery Space has the creepiest space photo you will ever see.

Starts With a Bang thinks you should know more about colliding dark matter. I agree.

Next Big Future has an interview with Tom Shelley, VP Marketing at Space Adventures.

Astroblogger reports on the discovery of comet C2009 G1 in images from he STEREO spacecraft, possibly the second time a comet has been found first in the STEREO imager.

The Planetary Society Blog has an update on some Mars weather.

FlyingSinger discusses learning to operate a simulated shuttle arm after meeting an astronaut who’s an expert in the real thing.

21st Century Waves has a list of space-related predictions made by the World Future Society.

Nancy Atkinson at the home port of Universe Today had an exclusive interview with Kris Koenig, the producer the IYA PBS documentary “400 Years of the Telescope.”

I believe Stuart at Cumbrian Sky speaks for all of us when he says, “Go Spirit!“.

9 Replies to “Carnival of Space #98”

  1. Awesome Carnival Fraser! Nice to see the party taking place on the Universe Today again 🙂 Thanks for linking to my post, I’ll be spending the afternoon reading everyone else’s entries!

    Cheers, Ian

  2. Blimey, I need to stop clicking on links in the comment boxes, I’m feeling a little queezy… CAPS+red-print+crazy-ranting = headache

  3. Er I don’t see an image #98? Is image #96 what you mean perhaps?

    PS I am guessing

  4. mm-
    Mouse over the picture and you’ll see it says “The creepiest space photo” and then in the text, click on Discovery Space’s link that says “creepiest space photo,” or read our post about this Chandra x-ray image of a pulsar. We do put in captions for every image, but our publishing software has a mind of its own and doesn’t always do what we tell it. It frequently likes to leave off the captions. That’s kind of creepy, too!

  5. I hear you, Ian. The GhostNASA site was funny enough (and an eyestrain, too) but the link to Time Cube by Dave Finton made my head explode! Pseudo-science sites (PESWiki and Thunderbolts) and NO-science sites (i.e. Time Cube) do seem to be proliferating. Maybe Salacious is on to something.

  6. Oh man some of the never before seen (by me anyway) black-and-white segments of “The Cage” are a howl. Spock looks like he just graduated high school!!

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