IYA Live Telescope – UT Reader Requests

Article written: 8 Apr , 2009
Updated: 24 Dec , 2015

The IYA Live Telescope broadcasting on “Galactic TV” has been busy fillling your requests and we’re ready to bring your first photos up on-line for you. We hope you had a chance to follow your object for several hours in the remote telescope today! For Universe Today readers Astrochick and Vino? Come on inside… Your requests have been fulfilled and your images are waiting!

Alpha Centauri for Astrochick

Alpha Centauri for Astrochick

Eta Carinae for Vino

Eta Carinae for Vino

There’s still plenty of time to place more requests, so just add them on at our IYA Remote Telescope Request Page and we’ll get ‘er done! Enjoy!

4 Responses

  1. Vino says

    Thank you so much UT and the IYA telescope team…It looks great!!

  2. Member

    you’re welcome, vino! it was caught after a brief rainshower so there were some high, thin clouds illuminated by the really bright moon last night… but, by golly! it’s still there!

  3. Vino says

    I am not much of an observer but more of a theoritician…so is it not possible to see the nebula of Eta Carina with telelscopes from ground?

  4. Jon Hanford says

    Although I’ve already had one request honored (IC 2062 – MANY thanks), I’ve yet to see a request for 47 Tucanae = NGC 104. That should really look impressive in your current imaging setup. Good luck & clear skies!

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