Podcast: How Old is the Universe?


We did a wildly popular three part series about the center, size and shape of the Universe. But every good trilogy needs a 4th episode. This week we look at age of the Universe. How old is the Universe, and how do we know? And how has this number changed over time as astronomers have gotten better tools and techniques?

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How Old is the Universe? – Transcript and show notes.

3 Replies to “Podcast: How Old is the Universe?”

  1. Did you figure out what the book was called?
    “6 basic numbers” or something…
    I was curious about that, and would love to have a look at it.

    Another thing that I thought about during the show was; (and are probably a bit off topic, but) – isn’t there a way to find out how many generations of stars our solar system are made up of?

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