Astrosphere for July 13, 2007

So much news, so little time. Here’s what’s new and cool around the astrosphere today.

First the photo. This is the Eagle nebula taken by forum member seeker372011

Next, if you haven’t seen already, we’ve got a cool new logo on the Bad Astronomy/Universe Today forum. Visit this link, check it out. You can even see some alternate designs that were developed. Thanks to Doctor Know for all his help.

Astroprof is working his way through the 7 wonders of space exploration. Here’s Mariner 2.

Scientific American has an interesting story on how smog might create beautiful sunsets. But that depends on the colour you like.

Popular Mechanics talks about how the private rocketeers got real.

Derek Breit from the International Occultation Timing Association wanted me to inform everyone that they’ll be having their annual meeting on July 20-21 in Pasco, Washington.