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  1. how i wish every body in my country thats Uganda could read this.thanks alot for the info boy the wierd press has been running this planet.x story for a couple of months now. its very absurd for the poor populase out here to always be feed with lies and dooms day junkie
    God bless am gonna let my pals know how so flase the tabloid was.
    am so very proud of you guys thanks alot for i trust your credibility

  2. Sorry Ian, I might be being pedantic but:
    “… in the current geological location of Iraq.”
    I’m sure you meant
    “in the current geographic location of Iraq.”

  3. Thanks for stating the obvious. If this IRAS observation foudn an infrared object which could be that close, wouldn’t we have been able to confirm or refute this with Spitzer by now?

  4. Thank you for putting together the article, Ian. Very thorough, not that I expect it to convince any “true believers”.

    I was somewhat shocked by the sheer volume of anti-scientific comments on that last thread to do with the Mayan calendar and 2012. I guess in some ways it’s encouraging that they are at least coming to this site and will be exposed to some of the real wonders that the universe has to offer through your fine reporting (much more compelling and exciting that making things up as you go along, if you ask me). But it’s still a little depressing that people are so easily fooled by lies and half-truths when there is so much good scientific information available at their fingertips.

    Planet X is the perfect example. As Ian clearly states, arguments for its existence can only be sustained by extreme cherry picking of historical data. It seems to matter not one whit that 99% of the data clearly refutes the existence of Planet X, they will always take that one last smidgen of uncertainty (which always exists in science) and blow it up out of all recognizable proportion so lona as it suits their needs.

    Ironically, there is a much more plausible story they could spin about a disaster happening in 2012. What if those fabled Mayan astronomers spotted a long-period comet or asteroid and, using their “advanced mathematics and mystical knowledge” discovered that the next time it returned (in 2012) it would score a direct strike on Earth? That would fit all the requirements they seek, and allow them to continue to argue that the comet/asteroid is still too far away to be detected.

    But, I guess, that explanation is simply not fanciful enough. It’s just too boring and mundane (like most of the rest of reality, apparently). Rogue alien plants and “Earth Changes”, whatever the heck they’re supposed to be, are much more sexy and exciting, even if there isn’t a shred of credible evidence to sustain them.

    To, thanks again, Ian. Putting together something like this isn’t a 10 minute job, Marshalling all the facts and putting them together into a readable and easily understandable article takes a lot of time and effort. (Certainly a lot more time than my ramblings on the comment threads take!).

    Keep up the good work.

  5. The other thing that’s sad about all this belief in Planet X, Roswell, the Face on Mars, Area 51, and other conspriacy theory nonsense is that it diminishes the colossal achievement of landing another spacecraft on Mars — i.e. Phoenix, later today.

    If you believe that the U.S. government already knows the truth about aliens on Mars and here on Earth and is in possession of highly advanced spaceships and anti-gravity drives, then it’s way too easy to trivialize the prospect of a successful Phoenix landing (I hope!) in the icy wastes of another planet and, consequently, the years-long effort of the hard-working and dedicated team of scientists who put it all together.

    And that is just sad.

  6. Uranus was also experiencing orbital perturbations, and on the discovery of Pluto in 1930

    Nope. It’s not my turn do utter the immature Uranus joke.

    But shouldn’t that be Neptune that was experiencing orbital perturbations in that sentence?

  7. Excellent article. A Google search will confirm the sheer mass of ridiculous claims made without a shred of evidence (or to be more precise, a shred of scientific method used to interpret the evidence)….and Planet X is usually one in a constellation of false claims. Keep up the good work.

  8. Well..
    Richard Dawkins explained very well why people are so prone to believe rubbish.. they are trained to do so, from very early age…

  9. Thank you for this great article on Planet X, Ian. Like a lot of other readers of Universe Today, I’m sick and tired of the conspiracy theorists and their various intellectual perversions, especially those having to do with Planet X and the “end of the world in 2012.” The New Age crowd gets all the glory in the MSM, while the science that refutes their idiocy is relegated to a back page or a mere mention on the Internet. Keep up the good work — we need people like you to keep showing the world just how stupid and intellectually dishonest (not to mention utterly ignorant) the New Agers really are.

  10. Come to think of it, why hasn’t SOUTH PARK done one of their inimitable satires on the New Agers, Planet X, and the 2012 hysteria in general? Somebody want to write them and suggest it? (Me, I’m chicken — I *never* have any luck with such letters.) They did such a good job on Scientology, I’m sure they could do one equally as good on this topic.

  11. Toutatis — “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has feathers like a duck . . .” New Agers are people who have voluntarily surrendered their common sense and intellectual acuity for feel-good (or feel-bad, take your pick) notions that support a worldview which is, to say the least, about as contrasurvival as you can get. Now, what would *you* call that?

  12. Nibiru will be a great movie idea!
    Title: Armageddon 2
    Cast: Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman!

    Good job for the people making up this story, i like it =D

  13. Only 12 comments so far? Where are all the morons at, saying things like “This article is stupid. There isnt a shred scientific evidence. Planet X IS REAL. Open your eyes” etc etc..

    Great article Ian. Ive been listening to this doomsday, mayan calander, planet x crap for about a year now. And these same idiots (yeah I called them IDIOTS), are the same exact people who are trying to proove we didnt land on the moon.

  14. Oh Ian, now, you know better than this don’t you? Or have the aliens completely washed your brain from their base on the moon (which is the excuse I tell my kids to use at school tho so far none have dared it)

    Of COURSE Planet X will ‘hit’, of course it is looming, closer (dun dun) closer (dun duN) closer (dun dun DUN) because Planet X is, well, to see a world, you have to have a World View, and Planet X is a World View. Trust me, I’m one of the original tango partners for Ms Nancy and the sci.astro invaders that would regularly taunt the too-serious-for-their-britches astronomers in residence there. You simply cannot talk about Planet X without impersonating Rod Serling, it is that simple.

    Put another way, I like to quote Carl Gustav Jung in his introduction to his wonderful book on UFO’s, CG says that whether or not UFO’s exist (and are extraterrestrial visitors) is not not nearly as interesting as why so many people BELIEVE and WANT to believe that they are.

    So too with Planet X. The Avenging Angel, the once and final solution to those worst fears of zeitgeistmovie.com and healthfreedomusa.org and just about everyone else standing ‘powerless’ in the path of some real or imagined alt.conspiracy juggernaut, all of them SMACK, set right in an instant.

    It is an appealing notion, you have to grant them that 🙂

  15. Great article, Ian! My only quibble is that I think you are too soft on the conspiracy angle: hundreds of thousands of people all across the world would all have to be of the same mind about keeping Doomsday a complete secret for it to make any sense. It’s several orders of magnitude more implausible than moon landing or 9/11 conspiracy theories, and those don’t even have a leg to stand on.

  16. There is something that’s going to happen on December 21st, 2012: The winter solstice.

  17. Conspiracy theorists are all collaborating against us in an effort to make us question the value of logic and abandon reason for mass hysteria based on hyperbole and conjecture. Aww crap, who’s side am I on?!

  18. Lol, the advertisments at the top of this page. One actualy said ” Planet X/ Nibiru found”.
    I think its funny that an article about debunking planet x is getting paid for by websites that promote the conspiracy of planet x.

    Im sure its googles fault. You should probably put a stop to that Ian.

  19. Thanks for promoting scientific fact over fantasy. The whole planet x thing has been starting to worry me!

  20. To Emission Nebula:

    Well if you insist on calling them idiots then please do but I don’t think calling names helps convincing others of the truth. Would you listen to a plausible argument being made if you had been called an idiot before? As I said: fears about Nibiru are understandable even if they are totally irrational. We have to make an effort to convince people with scientific facts and not by calling them names.

  21. Zeb, I could be wrong but I don’t think there is such a thing as a winter solstice, I think you meant winter equinox.

    Great article, thanks

  22. excellent article!
    but something HUGE is going to happen in 2012…the alignment of the sun and earth with the centre of the galaxy right which happens only once in 13000 years I believe?
    Could you expand on that please and tell us what would and could happen in the heavens and on earth…scientifically of course 😉

  23. TV Science actually had a phase of popularity, but unfortunately many those shows have recently fallen back into their former pseudo-scientific habits. Why watch TV if you can read sites like this?

  24. As the X-files T shirt says ….
    I want to believe !
    People have an innate desire to believe in something .
    Most of us here choose to believe in science, some of hold religious beliefs as well.

    Compare how popular TV Drama is compared to TV Science and you get your answer as to why people want to believe in conspiracy theories.
    Especially when they are “Backed Up” with a little bit of Pseudo Science.

    The best answer is promote science and the development of inquiring minds.

    This is certainly what I aim to do on my site askthescienceguru.com , its all about finding the balance.
    Understanding that we are capable of reason yet driven by emotion 🙂

  25. This article is stupid. Planet X IS REAL. Open your eyes , there is documented proof and videos to correlate such evidence. Writing up a article with nothing whatsoever to back up ones view is in itself quite absurd. 2012 will be a new era, no doomsday, no destruction, but a new beginning of great change.

  26. Good article, no scientific proof of a Planet-X i agree, although i have tried to read about it. I think its important to keep an open mind on all subjects especially where the governments are concerned. After all it isnt easy to dismiss things like the Doomsday vault in norway or the vast underground bases whitch have been built since the 1960’s. Maybe they do know something? the Planetary alignment of 2012 could be very significant and we only have to look at the condition of our dwindling eco system and north pole to see evidence that we could possibly be in for one hell of a ride up to and beyond 2012.

  27. Oh and could anyone give me the reason why the new Mars polar images are in black and white? now that does seem odd!

  28. Something really with happen December 21st 2012, namely what happens every year, the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

  29. I’m much more interested in what will happen on December 24st 2012, ’cause that’s my birthday!

    Great article though, keep up the good work.

    TV Science actually had a phase of popularity, but unfortunately many those shows have recently fallen back into their former pseudo-scientific habits. Why watch TV if you can read sites like this?

  30. People should look to the North and South of Earth and await the inevetable. Wobbles and tilts. Where will you land when it happens, with two poles running round the Equator and all that water. If we could go back in time and ask Noah, probably water would not move as much as land would no matter what speed the Earth shifted. Perhaps global warming would prevent the poles shifting and killing a fair portion of humanity, animals included. Check all the funny magnetic rocks scattered all over the world. Could the scientists debunk a theory such as the one cataclysm here and now, or should we start buying boayancy aids. Sea shells on top of mountains, lost civilisations, Mayans included. Stardate 2012 log out now.

  31. Please check the replies as it looks like it took 55 minutes for two people to write the exact same words, how freeaky is that, perhaps it’s a conspiracy.

  32. Dang, and I thought the Brain Crane was surely one of those Planet X Aliens!

  33. I wanted to join in for the discussion on 2012: No Doomsday, the first string of comments peaked my interest and it appeared to have a progressive direction…but when I noticed how tiny the scroll bar was on my browser I knew it was not a good sign.

    Not being baptized and given the choice to find my own answers to the universe from my parents, religion has been something I have sought to understand my entire life and how/why an individual would give up their freedom in favour of blind faith.

    Like many I have been doing a lot of research about this topic, but I fell into from reading actual history and most of my sources have been books. Not the internet. Books. I’m sure the doomsday types are wondering what a book is right now, or ha they may be google searching youtube for the answer.

    I tried to read as many of the comments, but it really hit low levels of social interaction and literally wound up being nothing more then name calling, judgemental ignorance, and basic gutter trash logic.

    I think only one person actually gave a source for what he said, the egyptian tool guy which I actually found kind of interesting. He was accused of photoshopping his images and making it all up of course.

    After everything I read I think this whole conspiracy phenomenon needs to be judged from a different perspective: religion.

    In my eye faithless mind I see no difference between “cultists” or “christians” or “muslims” etc. Its all just blind faith to me, something that I have never understood and I hope I never will.

    Cheers, thanks for the great read. 🙂

  34. Carlos said:
    “This article is stupid. Planet X IS REAL. Open your eyes , there is documented proof and videos to correlate such evidence. Writing up a article with nothing whatsoever to back up ones view is in itself quite absurd. 2012 will be a new era, no doomsday, no destruction, but a new beginning of great change.”

    You did not back up your own conclusions with any evidence, either. What kind of great change? The dawn of a new era where people no longer have to back up their claims?

  35. I see all points you have offered but things in space can change in a blink. What some think they know can easily turn to the unknown! I am not saying Nibiru will destroy everything or that there is even a planet-x but your writing like your words are final…”It is by logic that you prove but by intuition that you discover. Imagination is more important then knowledge. Knowledge is limited, Imagination encircles the World.” Albert Einstein

    The fact that we have known all this information on pulsars and then bam we find out something new, one of them are locked in orbit, this is just one example. Any past writings on this unknown topic could possibly be wrong without any data to back these theories means this is all talk and nothing more. People will always have stories and an imagination, once we have proof then people will say oh ok. But until then don’t be so judgmental to the people who have the imagination to think for themselves. And when has the Government been completely honest, when? Thanks for the post Ian.

  36. “It has been tracked by infrared observatories”

    Could the infrared signature be that of a Dyson Sphere ?
    That’d be a lot more exciting than anything else.

  37. I personally would love it if someone created a t.v. series out of all these nutty conspiracy theories, would be a great show to watch. I really would love to see the nibiru episode. Not to mention all the crazy talk about the denver airport’s underground research labs manned by those crazy grey aliens. Damn good t.v., sci-fi channel anyone?

    Thanks for the debunking! 🙂

  38. i agree with you, if an object in space moved from 50 billion miles away to 7 billion miles away in an 8 year period between ’84 and ’92, and logically it would still be accelerating as it continued to approach the sun, it should have reach us and destroyed us by 1995-98.
    Clearly, it didn’t and clearly they are not the same object. Nevertheless, that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 still frightens me.

  39. More then ten years ago, my sister and I watched a program on Discovery Channel about Dec. 21, 2012. A nice family was enjoying a pre-Christmas dinner when suddenly, the tree fell over, the cat went nuts and attacked the mom, and the hot waffle iron leaped up and attached itself to the Dad’s face. A stick figure deer became alive and attacked the little girl. My sister and I had tears of laughter streaming down our faces.

    Supposedly, animals and machines will rise up against their owners just as the Mayan calender runs out. If you think this is going to happen, you’re an idiot.

  40. 1st to Ian, thanks, great research, great read.

    This Marshall Masters and his crap started to worry me a wee bit 😉 Well,
    We, the carbon copies, are what we are, fallible humans, equipped with lots of creativity, fantasy, etc.
    I, admittedly am a great fan of good SF, the foreteller of things to come…. Arthur C. Clarke, Heinlein, Herbert, etc.
    We are in for a collision some day ahead in the future, thats for certain. So in order not having to wait 8 Million or so years lets get at it and produce a TV series and/or a movie about all this entertaining crap. ha. From the proceeds we build a half assed spaceship with Holtzmann Drive and get the hell out of this crazy place…. Wanna a join the club?

  41. I’m with you IKE:) Everyone who wants to do this, should donate to IKE and I. Let’s get this ball rolling, and get out of this place!

  42. Hi Ian I am shocked.

    This was such a nice and scary story.
    Why did you take the magic away in such a cheapo way ?
    I know you can build fear very well playing with stereotypes.
    So why did you choose to abuse the nice doomsday pattern and now hop on the train of the deniers.

    You can do better. Play with the fears straight as I like it from your articles and dont hide in denying the armageddon by dark matter, black holes and colliders.

    your dissapointed fangirl Bellinda

  43. Intersting article, but the ancients, such as the Mayans, already knew about Uranaus and Pluto. White men confirmed what they said to be totally true, when the technology allowed for them to liteally see it, and then believe it, rename it, and call it a brand new discovery. Kind of like the Americas were discovered.

    They claim there is another planet, or a crossing planet, “planet X” which will enter our system or be seen. Also NASA hides tons of stuff from us, I wouldn’t doubt that they would do so in this case regarding a planet X. Just my two cents. Good article though.

  44. A great article!

    But I can tell you the REAL reason Nibaru won’t plow into the inner solar system on Dec. 21, 2012. My buddies living at “the pyramid complex” near the Face on Mars at Cydonia have a big euchre tournament scheduled for that night.

    They’re not going to let ANYTHING mess with that.

  45. If this is really going to happen, then I won’t get to see the New Horizon pictures of Pluto. Hey what if Pluto is planet X? It might crash into the Sun making a supernova that destroys the entire universe!!!!
    And yes I’m making fun of the dumb whackos who believe this shiznay!

  46. Kevin.
    I am ignorant.. so could you please explain why you think Mayans knew about Uranus an Pluto? and, most importantly, where is the evidence of such knowledge?

  47. well written. It’s sad to see people believe in things that are so easily debunked. But it is a real shame when people take an easily refutable idea as an excuse to marginalize other possibilities, be them fantastic or mundane. I guess I’m just saying don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  48. You know the math is just not there to explain a Planet X some 7 billion or more miles out there, that is going to be here in 4 years.

    Yet our fastest rocket powered probe ever launched, New Horizons is going to take over 10 years to travel half that distance to Pluto.

    Therefore such a planet would have to be going more then 4 times faster then New Horizons, a feat not possible for any known planet, or star by less then extra ordenary means.

  49. Quite interesting how ‘Voyager’ confirmed the writings of Sitchin, that being detailed descriptions of the outer planets. Those descriptions are in his book, “The 12th Planet”, published before “voyager” made their observations.
    Interesting how archaeologist today, are finding ancient ruins of cities, in locations written about in Sitchin’s books.

  50. Yes Planetwatcher..
    And that means, that such an object is not and can not be in orbit around Sol.
    Which means, even IF it is now approaching Sol (I would like to see this, really 🙂 , this will be the first and the last time.

  51. It seems that both sides of this issue are somewhat reactionary and believe what they want to believe and look for evidence to support it. The debunkers are generally more virulent and that should tell you something about who are the most reactionary toward the possibility of major Earth changes in the near future.

  52. Ron,
    It is not the issue of belief… It is the issue of reliable evidence.
    There is none that support or even suggest the existence of planet X so far. Especially not in old scriptures.

  53. The big problem all of these space conspiracy and doomsday cultists have is that while they claim knowledge and evidence, they can never back it up. Ever. They have nothing that makes sense or that can be measured, quantified, or reproduced. And when you call them on it, then they say, “Oh, why don’t you open up your mind? Science doesn’t have all of the evidence.”
    Sure. Science does not have all of the answers. Not yet. But over hundreds of years, science has discovered the universe as we know it. Amateur astronomers get this, but most others don’t — up until the early part of the 20th Century, the universe was not known. Galaxies were not understood as galaxies before Edwin Hubble’s observations. The scale of the universe — the size and distance between objects — was really unknown. Only in the last 50 years of human history have we truly begun to understand the universe as it really exists. And since so few people take the time to study and understand, they fall back on an ancient human trait — belief in charlatans.
    Ancient civilizations with advanced knowledge — that would be cool, huh? Except that nothing like it has survived. Maybe we’ll uncover some amazing new ruin someday. Maybe. Someday. Until then, show me the real evidence.

  54. whoa……..

    cool articles…….

    thanks for putting the articles together ian….

    save my time when on browsin

    it kinda gives me inspiration and idea for my writings….

    also it helps me answer my little brother question about the doomsday and planet x thing…

    once again, great article and thank you cuz ur article kinda gives me inspiration.


  55. “Ancient civilizations with advanced knowledge — that would be cool, huh”
    when you look at the obsession that ancient cultures had with precession and the lengths they went to express it be it through geographical or astronomical alignment, or through the vehicle of myth you would be hard pressed to deny their possession of “advanced knowledge”. I offer this link to the curious.


  56. Jason, this is just coincidence..
    Even today when the information exchange is instant, we are not doing anything in unison..
    Lets be real.
    What makes you think there is any substance to any of this? I know it is easy to just point to a link..
    What I want to see here is much more.. I want to know why people believe in this, what is that convince you it is worth thinking about it (apart from pure amusement and pass time)?

  57. There will be no problem with NIBIRU due to its stable orbit around the sun.
    NIBIRU IS the planet referred to in writings concerning the NEPHILIM and the Elohim of the old testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls refer to the ANUNAKAI who were ancient gods of the Sumerians and were recorded as having a reptilian resemblance by some.
    The Nephilim controlled their puppet leaders at different locations around the earth , including all the Pharos of Egypt
    Nibiru does come close to earth periodically every 20,000 to 30,000 years and we will receive our periodic visit from the Anunakai but NOT in 2012 … so ENOUGH about that stupid date !
    What I think is , that too many humans have a guilty conscience and are so obsessed with the predictions of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce and the bible and such that they really need to … get a life !
    The complete solar system is in harmony and 2012 is just an insignificant date
    and will pass calmly just as the year 2000 passed with nothing unusual happening.
    The Anunakai punished the inhabitants of earth in the past for their own purposes but that problem was sorted out and dealt with once and for all … Sodom and Gomorrah and the flood and all that sort of thing.
    The sky is not falling or going to fall.

  58. Pavel,
    I still fail to see why the plane X must exist..
    Please show me exactly where and how in your explanation follows the existence of planet X …

  59. I disagree with you Ian and with most of the naysayers: there must be some truth to Planet X despite all appearances to the contrary.
    Denying so lightly its very existence is ignoring the considerable research done by Zecharia Sitchin, and the fact that this planet was venered in babylonian times. Besides it’s also mentionned in the Old Testament under the name of ‘Olam’.
    Mr Sitchin thinks it’s a real planet (he told me so in a letter), but in my view it could as well be a giant artificial body because it’s difficult to conceive of such a planet with intelligent beings on it in the cold recesses of our own solar system, if his Annunakis theory is correct.
    I propose to everyone to really keep an open mind, because I’m quite sure that we hvn’t seen the last of Planet X.

  60. Hi Patrick,

    I do see what you’re saying, but surely for a credible theory about Planet X appearing in 2012, there needs to be some shred of evidence.

    As I’ve outlined above, the key pieces of astronomical evidence (i.e. the 1983 and 1992 NASA observations) are wrong. Even the doom-and-gloom “Planet X and How to Survive 2012” series of videos (http://yowusa.com/planetx/2007/planetx-2007-08b/1.shtml) by Marshall Masters propagates this inaccuracy. There is no modern-day evidence for Planet X. Historical, biblical and mythical explanations may be out there, but this in no way proves the existence of Planet X today. If it’s there, where is it? (And don’t use the government conspiracy line, it’s getting tired.)

    I actually really want to know about this evidence Planet X supporters keep bringing up – but so far, nothing has been brought forward. And by evidence I mean actual scientific reasoning, not “because Zecharia Sitchin said so”.

    Cheers, Ian 🙂

  61. Hi Adam, I’m not too sure what you are getting at with that argument, but this isn’t a lesson in keeping an open mind. I have no agenda, I’m not protecting any agenda, I’m simply dredging up any science on the Planet X speculation.

    You say Troy was thrown in the “myth” category, but after a long search, new evidence came to light, proving the existence of the civilization. Much effort has been put into trying to find Planet X, but nothing has been found. This is the consequence of rigorous scientific study. There are more minor planets out there, sure, but none of them match the description of a long-period brown dwarf bringing doomsday to our doorstep.

    This hunt has been going on since before the discovery of Pluto in the 1930’s, now we are lucky enough to have advanced technology to help our search for Planet X. Still, we have found nothing out there threatening Earth.

    I am far more concerned about the agendas of the doomsayers who have a book to sell. You’ll find at the end of any doomsday trail comes the promotion about a new book or DVD. Usually with a rigorous scientific study, the trail ends with a scientific journal publication (whether it be peer reviewed or not). There is no paper out there detailing the scientific discovery of evidence for Planet X.

    I have a very open mind, but I also have a strong belief in seeing the wood through the trees; take a step back and overview the subject and you’ll find Planet X is pure fantasy.

    Cheers, Ian

  62. Hello Ian ,

    The problem with producing evidence regarding really ancient ocurrences and actual ancient peoples, lies in the method of LABELING them.
    Ancient time periods e.g as the list of ACTUAL KINGS goes only back so far in time and for any further back in time they refer them to the age of GODS AND HEROS and heros and no real respect is rendered.
    An example of this arrogance is TROY which was considered by many to be fiction … Until it was found by an AMATURE archeologist with an OPEN MIND.
    Now the planet Nibiru and the ANUNAKI and the DEAD sea Scrolls have an ancient origin and so they like the JOURNEY OF GILAMESH must also be fables according to prejudiced methods of reasoning . This BIGOTED thinking led them to believe that the Anunaki and Gilamesh were of the god’s and heros category.
    With all due respect then , maybe they are only conjectures that they actually were Kings and not merely IDIOTIC Gods created in the minds of those stupid hunters and gatherers who existed way back then.
    Are you really sure and have PROOF that the people eons ago were only hunters and gatherers.
    Human arrogance is continually being exposed e.g in our conceptions of the intelligence of ANIMALS.
    In some sense , the professors can’t bring themselves to consider animals ..even their own pets as having intelligence and also their EGOS would be crushed if evidence were found that eons ago these ancient peoples were really NOT just hunters and gatherers.
    If it were found that Fido was really smart or even smarter and just manipulating his master for security reasons , their masters would be crushed and devastated..
    Many boundaries are continually being pushed back and everyone likes to have an inferior to kick around so one must understand the mind set of PHDs who have degrees in the SOFT Sciences like politics , Economics ,Archeology etc i.e , those where political judgement calls and not HARD science take over. Too much of these Phd’s (GURU’S) time is spent in protecting their turf .

  63. Good article.

    I take no stance on the issue because it can’t be proven beyond any doubt to exist or not exist, just enjoy reading speculations like this.

  64. Hi Geof,

    “If something were to come around and cause all this destruction, doesnt that mean that it has happened in the past to some extent? And would that not show up in geological history?”

    Well, this is my question too. The thing is, as we have little clue about the orbital period of Planet X (although many of the doomsday websites point to various legths of time between orbits), they point to big Earth events like the extinction of the dinosaurs, the Maunder Minimum (linked with the Little Ice Age, sunspots etc), documented increases in meteorite impacts etc… but there is little evidence pointing to any huge geological upheaval (in the last million years at least).

    I too would be interested to hear of a periodic date that represents each orbital pass of this hypothetical planet.

    Cheers, Ian 🙂

  65. PURE BUNK1 Thanks for the history of NIBIRU, never understood it b4. As I pointed out, though, there is some scientific evidence to support the Mayan date of October, not December 2012. Fun to talk about. How about doing one on the magna pool under Yellowstone?

  66. We talk about science? Ancient Sumerians 5800 years ago knew abot solar system!!! We stil debute abou how many planets are in solar system!!! What about Mayan calendar? What about Bible? What about Iching? I dont want to believe either but … You all shold consider this thopic from diferent aspects, not only astonomical.
    Sorry my bad english.

  67. I really enjoyed this article. I have often wondered about all of this 2012 talk and honestly have never had a bigger sense of dread for mankind. But I, like many people who do not research the facts believed whatever they were told on a whim. I also think people like to believe this stuff just like we like to see a car crash or some other example of destruction.

    I have a question though. If something were to come around and cause all this destruction, doesnt that mean that it has happened in the past to some extent? And would that not show up in geological history? There would have to be some sort of evidence for this occurring before. I could be totally off. Just my thoughts.

  68. The human rase is very arrogant. We think we know everything. Well we dont. The more we research the more we see how much is out there we dont know. And we allways waiting for a hard evidence to believe in something and as always untill this hard evidence come it will be too late. Anyway: “Ke sera sera”, what will be will be. Let the games begin.

  69. As a lay person who knows very little about astronomy etc. I became interested in this subject after logging onto Google earth to view the stars. When I found a blacked out area I became curious as to why. This in turn led me to many different sites talking about Planet X. (the blacked out area was where this object was supposed to lurk). I wish this issue could be cleared up for me as trying to get to the truth is driving me crazy.

  70. Ian,
    OK I think it’s time for a basic review here:
    1. An ancient civilisation of human beings not from Earth is supposed to have existed.

    2. They were said (by Sumerians, etc) to dwell on a mythical ‘planet’ called by various names located in our own solar backyard, with an elongated orbit which should bring it back near Earth sometime in the near future (but no one knows when exactly).

    3. The existence of that object has not yet been proven astronomically speaking.

    4. The Mayan calendar stops in 2011 or 2012, and no one knows why.

    5. Some have made a connection between this calendar and Planet X, where there might be none at all unless Mayans knew of its ‘existence’ and knew that it would come back in 2011 or 2012, but in that case, how did they know that ?

    6. Since the so-called ‘Nephilim’ or ‘Annunakis’ beings did not reveal their secrets, we are left in our ignorance and speculations.

    7. I have studied the works of Zecharia Sitchin because he is the only one to have done this sort of original in-depth research, but I admit that I do not always agree with his controversial ideas, especially the question of what Nibiru is exactly: a brown dwarf ? a planet ? from ancients witnesses it seems to be a real planet with 4 satellites.

    8. However it’s obvious that no intelligent world could have evolved on a very cold icy planet with such an impractical orbit. So we are left with a mystery, if there is one.

    9. I propose that Planet X could be an artificial planet, a Dyson sphere or whatever, and not necessarily spherical in shape. By artificial I mean it could be part real planet and part construction, or a complete construction although such a thing may seem totally impossible today.

    10. Being a ufologist since a long time for me it’s obvious that UFOs do exist, and that they are ‘coming from somewhere’ !

    11. The next big question for everyone interested:
    Is there a connection between this hypothetical Planet X and the continuous presence of UFOs in our skies since millennia ? if X doesn’t exist, then from where do they come from ? Eric julien has offered that they come from just anywhere because they use space-time distortions to travel very fast.
    We don’t have enough informations today to form a precise judgement on all these questions, but I agree that it’s a very fascinating subject.
    Patrick Moncelet

  71. Pavel,

    Since you are from Slovakia, have you ever heard of the famous ‘Moonshaft’ which may prove to be an ancient construction deep inside the Tatra Mountains ? and shaped like a moon crescent hence the name.


  72. Shamus Says:

    “Zeb, I could be wrong but I don’t think there is such a thing as a winter solstice, I think you meant winter equinox.”

    Shamus, there is a winter solstice (think: sol (i.e. sun) stice ( as is stasis; or stands still). The sun stands still in winter at its most southerly point (in the northern hemisphere) before beginning its rise to the summer solstice. The equinoxes, (in the northern hemisphere: vernal = spring and autumnal = fall) occur between the solstices when day and night are of equal length ( about March 21 and Sept 21).

    Perhaps the most sad thing about the fantasies concerning 2012 is that focusing on this imaginary Armageddon insults the true wonder on the Mayan civilization. (Think, what is the latest date of any calendar produced by our civilization? Whatever it is, does it portend some cataclysmic event or just the end of the most distant date thought likely to be useful by the printer of the calender?)
    The true wonder on that civilization is found in their architecture that spans many thousands of years: as unique and spectacular as any Greek or Roman architecture: their ceramics were made in a large variety of forms and decorated with complex scenes. The Mayans also designed works of art from flint, bone and shell, along with making decorated cotton textiles despite their lack of many advanced technologies that would seem to be necessary for such constructions. Their mortar consisted of crushed, burnt, and mixed limestone that mimicked the properties of cement and was used just as widely for stucco finishing as it was for mortar. The Maya were resourceful in harnessing energy, creating amazingly sophisticated works of art and engineering and sustaining a civilization for approximately 1,500 years.

    Why do so many small people belittle such an amazing people by making up silly stories when they could truly honour them by learning about the Mayans?

  73. I agree with you Adam: first the fact that astronomers have not yet discovered Planet X doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, and second what they need is more rigorous observations and better telescopes and instrumentation, along with luck and intuition.
    If it’s really ‘there’, we’ll find it sooner or later.
    If it’s not there, then at least we will have tried, but in that case how to explain those ancient references ?

  74. Ian ,

    You misunderstood my last statememt.
    I am commenting , about the modern day archeologist’s and other non hard science professionals who are the leaders of their field and have the power to stiffle the opinions of younger professors in their field.
    Pure Mathematics is probably the only real bedrock field where opinions do not rule and the final proofs of the conjectures reign . Sometimes the proofs are difficult and it may take some time for it to be accepted as a finalized proof. It only takes one counter example to prove the theorem false.
    Applied mathematics as applied to Physics may not be capable of describing the universe or even of modeling things like the orbit of planet X … being as how the laws of physics don’t even explain the discrepancies mentioned above.
    Just as Godel’s incompleteness theorem put limits on what true theorems in number theory we can prove , it is my opinion theta there is probably a limit on what we are capable of proving in applied physics as well .
    So if we cant find Planet X it doesn’t surprise me and it wouldn’t surprise me that Nibiru – planet X exist or did exist and Gilemesh was a real Sumerian King and did actually go on a journey looking for the cure for aging from the Anunaki or that ancient advanced civilizations were here eons ago.
    I only state that everyone who writes books , magazine articles gets paid for it and sometimes they are only giving their own opinion on issues.
    Take Zecaria Sitchin for example ,
    he is only expressing his opinions on what the ancient writings on stone , papyrus , monuments , pillars, stellai , walls etc may mean.
    You and others in the Science fields are interpreting and expressing your opinions as to what the data from the latest scientific tools means to astronomers , cosmologists, physicists . All I am saying , everything is open to question unless it is in the field of Mathematics and has been proven.
    In the field of physics problems arise when going from the microcosym and on to the macrocosym where there are strange new forces to deal with. The laws of Physics and constants such as the speed of light or the acceleration of the galaxies and even the Pioneer spacecraft may VARY beyond certain boundaries.
    So, the hard sciences ( except for Mathematics ) are not so precise after all and just maybe Planet X or Nibiru are an enigma as yet to be explained by science.
    Maybe you don’t have the proper measuring instruments to locate Planet X due to its composition or something … maybe its made of dark matter.
    Even Einstein was unsure about the gravitational constant .
    Its good to have a foundation, be it religious or otherwise , but to scoff at opinions of others concerning witnessed events such as UFO sightings or write off ancient history as myth is foolish and like …. burning your bridges.
    It is my opinion that we will never understand the “Mind Of God” as Stephen Hawkins and I don’t think he really meant it literally.
    I have an opinion that Space Elevators have only a small chance of being built successfully.
    I believed in my mind that we might go to the Moon someday but it was only when I saw it live on TV that I believed it in my heart … but I never scoffed or sneered at the idea.
    I believe in my mind that we will go to Mars someday and establish a base and colony there, but it was when I saw the recent photo taken by the MRO of the Phoenix spacecraft and its parachute descending to the surface of MARS that I believed “it will not be that hard” .

  75. To Pavel Smutny. Could you please send some research file you send here in Slovak language to my e-mail adress. I would like to show them to my friends. I’m Slovak from Serbia. My e-mail is [email protected].

  76. Ian, Thank you for opening this door in a thoughtful and unprovocative manner. We can stand in any one place in todays world and turn 360 and see things that are wrong… don’t make sense… are down right evil. It is no wonder that we grasp for those things that will perhaps smite this evil. I myself know too little of science and astronomy to do more than observe… but it bothers this observer to note one of your responders comparing this discussion to the events of 9/11/2001. Having read everything that I have been able to find on the subject it is obvious that a handful of Arabs carrying boxcutters did not destroy ythose towers.. not to mention #7… not to mention pentagon… Then move on to the facts of Patriot acts 1 & 2 and the Warner defense act plus the reems of Executive Orders that are in effect… This all leads this Sovereign to be living in not a state of paranoia but true and justified fear…

    Planet X ?? Who knows for sure as of now and it is interesting to consider… but it is fact that the Third Reich had nothing on the present (Fourth) regime and the future sure looks grim… Yours in Liberty, Doug

  77. This is Nibiru. Yes, I am a planet. And yes, I have the internet, and yes it is connected to the earth. I still use a 56k, but it’s super fast, cause I’m like the only one using a phone line for internet still. It’s pretty sweet. It’s like fiber optic speed yo. Anyway, I totally exist, and I’m totally on a crash course with earth. So, see ya soon. Oh, and Tom Cruise and his followers will all survive, because I’m gonna send like a spaceship with some reptilian aliens and junk down to pick him up, cause he’s like awesome. Right?

  78. Oh shiz, I totally forgot. My brother Unicron might actually have to step in for me on December 21st, 2012 cause I’ve got this appointment scheduled with my urologist and you wouldnt believe how hard it is to get an appointment with that guy, so I might miss it. But don’t worry, if I can’t make it, Unicron will be there, and he might not crash into you, but if he doesnt, he’ll just eat earth. So don’t fret my pretties. Your day of reckoning is looming, or something.

  79. On 6/1/08, The Blessed Mother told visionary Gianna Sullivan Talon near Emmitsburg Maryland that a period was comming when we would see two suns in the sky and that bad weather and destruction would shortly follow. I had no idea what two suns meant until I googled it and got to “Planet X” theories. I would like to add this to your information because I would doubt that the Blessed Mother would predict two suns if it were not possible. Go to the Foundation of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary and look for the link to the lastest message. I hope it is not true, but am more concerned that it is now that I am finding some real scientific principles behind the prophecy. The apparitions to the visionary have not been supported by the official church because hints of this prophecy have been dropped since 1990. This latest message says that the two suns will appear soon. Good Luck to all if that happens. Jack

  80. Ok i have a short and sweet message not sure if anyone else has stated this but im going to anyway. IF the supposed Planet X will somehow disrupt the orbit path of earth and cause mass chaos i saw a link up there showing its wacked out orbit dont you think it would get thrown off by the dosens of other space debris/ larger rocks and planets a little bit to be completly unmoved unharmed untouched seems pretty out of this world to me

  81. I can’t get over the sheer arrogance of some humans to think of the existence of our fledgling race as so significant and pivotal with regards to cosmic events. This planet has existed, more or less intact, for over 4 billion years. To think that in the insignificant amount of time that we’ve become able to scientifically detect and predict celestial-body impacts that something will now happen to us is nonsense. I’d sooner expect to see a nuclear mutant blue whale swim up the Ohio River in search of half-eaten candy bars than worry about Planet-X zeroing in on us just because we can appreciate it more than a lifeless planet. Don’t flatter yourselves, worriers, your not that important.

  82. hello now i dont know what is going to happen if anything is to happen.

    I dont believe that a planet that is passing through neptunes orbit wil have much of an influence on Earth at all. Come on its only about the size of saturn (or so ive been told/read) and jupiter is closer and much larger and that has never affected us, neither has saturn. this whole “planet X” has my husband freaked as he believes it. there is a video on Utube apparently showing what the world will look like post 2012 dec 21. i want to start Vet School in 2010, but my husband wants to be in a different city building a bunker as he has been pulled into believing this B***S**t! its crap as far as im concerned, but there are so many jerks out there trying to make people freak out about it.

    I live in Gisborne, New Zealand, we are the first city in the WORLD to see the sun. prior to new year eve 1999, there was this same hysteria about a comet hitting and destroying everything, or some other catastrophy occurying. i was young at that time and we and celebrated New Years Eve, and hey no comet, nothing same as every year. and winter/summer soltise (depending on where u live.

    nothing is going to happen to the magnitude that is predicted. i think maybe something will happen. i believe the mayan calendar but dont think its the end of the world, but just their calendar.

    I plan to live my life as normal. nothing can be predicted for, no one will know what will happen.

    anyways it meant to happen on dec 21 2012 so is that dec 21 2012 for Us in NEW ZEALAND who are almost 24 hours ahead of some of the USA, or 21 dec 2012 for london or america??

  83. Just one simple question about Nibiru.

    Zecharia Sitchens books date back to the 1970’s, were now in 2008, so why is Nibiru not known in the public domain if its not real ?

    Why no TV Programmes made about it ?

    Why no newspaper reports about this big hoax ?

  84. I’m betting that if this rogue celestial body really does show up on cue, ol’ Sitchens will be just as surprised as I’ll be. And pissed off too, since it’ll mean the end of a long, lucrative enterprise selling snake oil to the gullible.

  85. wouldn’t it be nice is someone well-placed within the intelligence community came out with the truth about all this? Afterwards, he could fall on his sword, write a best-selling book, or appear on late-night TV as a religious leader for all I care, but it would be novel to hear some unadulterated truth just once. The closest thing to truth you have now is to watch what our leaders are doing on their own behalf. Bush has acquired a huge estate on the high plateau of Bolivia – or is it Paraguay? What does that mean? Maybe he plans to dump Laura for one or more of those Andean beauties. Maybe he has the hots for a llama. You just never know what he picked up at those secret Skull & Bones rituals. Or maybe there’s a Planet Niburu and he knows or suspects it won’t hit Paraguay. Or Bolivia. Or whatever.

  86. Very good article.

    I too like to keep an open mind and dialogue about all topics. I am a space enthusiest so I mostly prefer those topics.

    I do have a few questions that I have been pondering.

    1. If our sun did have a companion brown dwarf that was on a long eliptical eccentric orbit and let’s hypothisize it formed around the same time as our sun; would it now be a cold and very dim object 5 billion years later? Brown dwarfs can be observed hundreds of trillions of miles away orbiting other stars with optical telescopes, so the scientific argument for why Planet X is fake is that we should be able to see it since it would be billions of miles away (tremendously closer then the ones we look at through telescopes). But as brown dwarfs get older, would they not get dimmer? Sure Infrared telescopes would still pick up their heat.

    2. I have been confused why the South Pole Telescope was built and installed in a very inhospitable place and a very difficult one to get to as well. The scientific reason for the SPT is to conduct a survey to find several thousand clusters of galaxies, which should allow interesting constraints on the Dark Energy density and its equation of state. Could we not have sent this telescope to the north pole reagion in Alaska and have gotten the same data? There is likely a political reason so it in no way proves a planet approaching from south of the ecliptic, but it still bothers me on a certain level.

    So in conclusion, I have no evidence to believe Planet X is real, yet I do believe that a very old dim brown dwarf could be a difficult object to spot, so oculd there be one orbiting our sun? I can not dismiss this idea no matter how hard I try.

  87. The idea that Earth has been visited by aliens at some point in the distant past is not a new one. Erik Von Daniken first touted the theory in his book, The Chariots of the Gods, back in the 1970’s. Many people’s first introduction to this concept has been via Von Daniken’s ideas.

  88. What are you trying to cover up? Alien giants used to live on the Earth and they came from Nibiru. I’m sure they still live there. They WILL come back in 2012 and fight in the battle of Armageddon. Wormwood will hit our planet and kill many.

  89. Thank you for your article. BUT

    Many years ago when people talked about UFO, I always laughed at them because I only trused scientific aticles like yours. In 1997 when I was watching hale bapp comet, I saw two UFO which moved in a zig zag pattern with a very high speed. I did not believe my eyes. But when my grandmom which was standing near me, confirm those object, I couldn’t move for 10 minutes and my whole life changed. I was a mechanical engineering student at that moment and later I study Phd of biomechanics.

    Sorry but I am sure somthing is wrong in the this world.

    Are all these subjects are fake?

    The disclousure project,
    Face on mars,
    Nasa STS-75 misson,
    Phil Schneider,
    Global warming,
    My own experince about UFO,
    and so on?

    There was a small question in the front of me: What were those object I saw in 1997 and after 10 years of searching and talking to many people, Now

    There is a big puzzle in the front of me, which can be solved very simple by a conspiracy theory.

  90. My question is since Ian is typing about how there is no evidence, why is there all of a sudden all these proofs it is possible and likely, but yet Ian has not replied to any of these posts in the last 2 weeks… why would he not refute this stuff as well. I am a person who investigates everything for myself, but right now I am curious about how credible Ian is as a source if you stops reading and replying to such an important heated discussion. I guess I will just keep working on rockets for my corrupted, lieing government.

  91. Nasikabatrachus – You should learn more about 9/11 FACTS before making comments on them.

    Don’t bother me with the facts, my mind is already made up.

  92. I’m not convinced either way just yet but it is pretty strange how they built that underground “seed” storage place lately. Not to mention all the oberservational equipment.

  93. To Rocket Scientist:

    I haven’t been checking too regularly, but I thought I’d post a note in response to your message on the 16th.

    I have been very interested in hearing any evidence at all for the existence of Planet X. Nobody has posted any evidence for the existence of an astronomical body that could be described as Planet X.

    Now, I am not saying ancient civilizations were wrong to believe in Nibiru, I’m not saying anyone should change their views if they really do believe 2012 is the end. In none of my articles or recent interviews have I dictated what people should think.

    The point of “2012: No Planet X” is to examine the evidence that I’ve seen printed on a vast number of websites, videos and books about the 2012 Doomsday event. I’ve done nothing clever, all I’ve done is to examine whether the IRAS 1984 object and the “NASA announcement” about a massive object in 1993 are one of the same thing. The are not, in no way could they possibly be related if they did exist.

    I am a scientist, a solar physicist, and no, that does not give me any credibility if I were to rant about archaeological evidence, or religious reasons, or spiritual belief in the existence of Planet X. Believe it or not, from an astronomical point of view, this article was very hard to write as it was almost too easy to find the holes in the doomsayers “facts”. I would love to do a follow-up article on the astronomical evidence for Planet X, but I really have a lack of material!

    I’d love to know what I’ve missed in the above thread, but there has been no mention of any astronomical proof for the existence of Planet X (as far as I can tell!).

    I think someone mentioned the South Pole Telescope (SPT) as a reason to be worried and that it was actually a tracking station for a massive body coming our way. I looked into this, and I could find no reason why people have jumped to this conclusion. Yes it’s remote, yes it might be considered to be a strange place to stick a telescope, but the science it is doing for the Southern Hemisphere skies is truly amazing. I might even run an article on this project at some point as I think it’s awesome.

    I actually worked with the EISCAT radar system in the Arctic in 2002, and many people believed that system wasn’t used for studying the ionosphere, it was actually to superheat the atmosphere to release ULF waves around the world (apparently it has something to do with mind control?). That was fantasy (and I can say that as I was there) and my logical brain tells me the SPT worries are also fantasy.

    I hope that shows that I am still paying attention, I am actually still very interested in the 2012 theories and another article is on its way soon 🙂

    Best, Ian

  94. To scrambled eggs:

    I haven’t created a website to disprove someone’s theories or beliefs. I have written one article highlighting the inaccurate (and outright wrong) “evidence” for an Earth-killing Planet X. Remember, Planet X started out for a search that ended up with the discovery of Pluto. It is the Planet X-Nibiru connection that is nonsensical.

    It looks like doomsayers who have a book to sell will try anything to scare people, but I wish they’d do some more research before quoting “evidence” that is flawed in so many ways.

    If you want to believe that in 2012 Planet X is coming, feel free, but don’t close your mind to rational, logical arguments against this unlikely event.


    Ian 🙂

  95. It’s funny that u would make a website just to disprove someones theorys or beliefs. So, since u have no proof otherwise, let people believe what they want. What if ur wrong and these people who once believed decided to change their mind becouse of u and died when they might have had a chance to prepare themselves? If planet X is real, I can see why government people and others might keep it a secret. A number of reasons. One being (obviously) global panic. Two, people all on the governments ass wanting to know what they r gonna do about it, (like we have Superman waiting for the check to clear before saving us). All I’m saying is let people believe what they want. Anyway, nothing I read in here would make me believe there is no planet x, my mind isn’t persuaded that easily. I take all information I get and make my own deduction from what details calaborate. And so far, I’m almost convinced there will be a large rock of some sort coming around the year 2012. Try researching more and using ur own imagination, intelligents, and facts before knockin someone elses beliefs.

  96. I’m not a scientist, nor am I knowledgeable on a lot of these “facts and theories.” But I have read just about all of this interaction. This is what I do know.
    The Myans may be an ancieant civialization but there calnder is very complex more accurate than the one we use today. I feel the myans with their limited resorces understood our galexy better than we do with all our advanced technology.
    Man has always been apt to try to destroy what it doesn’t understand. which puts us farther behind in understanding then ahead.
    Man doesn’t ever want to admit that the generation before them might have understood more with less. We’re egotistical beings.
    Planet x may be out there and may even enter our inner solar system in 2012 but that is alot of space to cross to affect our atmosphere here on earth.
    My concern about 2012, if anyone has accurate information. Is this the year the earths axis is suppose to change. My understanding, and I don’t claim to know, I am asking, the earth rotates or spins like a top. and every so many thousands of years (I beleive it is something like 725,000, years)
    its axis begins to shift. I have concerns about this. I am terrible at surfing the web. looking for information on this led me to this site.

    Just my point of view….. I do believe there is life out there beyond our planet. Again egotistical to think we are the only living things in this vast….vast space.

  97. ok, how about the proof dinosaurs went extinct almost instantly, and the whole world flooding, in this instance Moses gets a heads up, Why haven’t we found the link between us and the primate?The Mayans beliefs. Most of the religions all over the world have a belief of a big change happening around 2012. Most of them also believed they talked to their Gods, who came from the sky. I know aliens and “Deathstars” are a bit hard to swallow. But think about it, how did the Mayans know so much about space? They were tought by smarter beings. And was it them that believed their women were “attacked” by dragons w/ light coming out of them? Most of the mythical beings, dragons, leprachauns, The Devil, are all aliens. It’s when you take ALL these things and put them together that you realize something is going on. Open your mind, Ian

  98. Hey scrambled:

    You have some valid points, and believe me, my mind is well and truely open. Human history, no matter which culture or civilization, is littered with dragons, leprachauns, ogres etc… but these are myths and stories, pure and simple. As for aliens, it would be nice if we could pin myth on the intervention of ET, but alas, there is no reason for us to believe this is the case. Usually, the simplest answer is correct; the simple answer to many of the doomsday stories I’ve heard and read have no foundation in science or logic. If however, I am wrong, I’ll apologise for my shortsightedness on 2013 (if I’m here that is).

    These are my views and opinions, backed up with science fact. There may be a host of spiritual, religious or mythical reasons for the end of the world in 2012, but I’m not disputing them.

    Cheers, Ian

  99. Hi Ian;

    Thank you for the well researched and informative article. Most of the replies were as expected, although some where amusing and thought provoking. I did breathe a sigh of relief after being pounded for hours with doomsayer, “end of world” explanations of Planet X, your article certainly nudged me to put away that shovel.

    On the other hand, when one considers the knee jerk reactions your article alone elicited, it is no wonder certain scientific discoveries are treated to a degree of “Cloak & Dagger” and other tactics to maintain secrecy from the general public. With so many zealots out there, I can not imagine what sort of chaos would ensue if, for instance, a pyramid or some other archaeological ruin was in fact discovered circa 1968 on the Moon, later on Mars, hinting perhaps that our existence was not unique in the Universe, or worse, the possibility of some extraterrestrial ancestry !!!

    As you, I also keep an open mind, I have seen things I can not explain, and things such as “Crop Circles”(I read your blog on those, very interesting) which keep my hopes up, that hopefully there may be someone much smarter than us, who(keeping my fingers crossed) may intercede, that we may survive this technological puberty we currently live in, all in one piece. BTW, I thought about those crop circles, at least they are here and can be examined, one possibility is some bored engineer with access to a Satellite based Laser is just playing “SpiroGraph” and giving us all a run for the money, the symbols so far seem to be human conceived, besides, I just don’t think Aliens have that much of a sense of humor, if they really wanted to mess with us, they would just appear randomly over our cities or do those same designs on clouds ???

    …but back to Planet X; Even if there would be some celestial body heading our way, I am certain scientists around the world would unite to devise some plan for altering it’s trajectory, as they probably do when they find anything on an intercept course with Earth.

    I choose to live with a great degree of hope shared by visionaries such as Gene Roddenberry, that eventually we will evolve into a great brotherhood of Man and will work together for the benefit of Mankind, as one unique species on Earth.

  100. Re: Slighty Informed, Last spring, 2007, I recieved an e-mail that said that the earth’s axis shifted some 26 degrees in december of ’06. Suffice it to say I took this with a bucket of salt and went on with my life…June 21st and the sun was …in-fact… not where it is usually ay at this date… amoung the many hats that I wear, I am a farmer and take note of such things. I then went back to the web site… Divulgence.net … and reread, interesting stuff and while this may not be germane to this discussion, it is something that I have seen with my own eyes and therefore do not need to take anyones’ word.
    In Liberty, Doug

  101. After reading every post on this message board and feeling increasingly more worthless as the bar scrolls down- I add only this: I’ve been obsessing over 2012/planet x lore for the last couple of months with a mixture of horror and curiosity. Just as RolliPolli said above, the universe is incomprehensibly massive, and our species (even with the help of current technologies) is not capable of accounting for all the events taking place around us. The Mayan predictions intrigue the hell out of me and I believe they may actually carry more weight than modern knowhow. Their predictions of lunar and solar eclipses thousands of years after their passing still hold up, this to me is evidence that merits paying attention to what they said, not to say it means we’re done in 2012, but if their track record concerning other cosmic events is that good, I am certainly not casting out the possibility. Also, nobody seems to be mentioning the black hole recently discovered near the center of our galaxy within the last several years – i would appreciate it if IAN could elaborate on this topic. This ties into the 2012 Mayan doomsday prediction where a “dark rift” is to align where the haven of evil resides. When the sun moves to the center of the milky way, who knows if this black hole will play hell with cosmic forces at work, for all we know this could be the body that contributes to pole shifting and precession cycles. As I end my meaningless contribution to this board, know that i’m not nearly as well read as the authors of many posts here. I’m a wondering human mind COMPLETELY open to any theory proving or disproving all 2012 sh*t. I feel that if humans continue to debate and discuss, then the fire of humanity will never cease to die even if our worst fears are confirmed- keep posting! Thanks again ian for providing a great platform for the 2012 debate. In closing, one interesting piece of Planet X research I found stated that it can already be viewed by telescopes and sometimes by the naked in only the south pole for now (which would back up the SPT consp. theory) and will be visible to the rest of the world in mid ’09 as a large red star not previously seen. As it supposedly approaches it gets larger and larger until it would appear as a red moon size object in the sky (could be associated with the two suns skyline mentioned above). That being said I’ll be watching the skies particularly close during the coming years. If anyone wants to bash, back-up, bull-sh*t, or comment for the hell of it i’ll be checking this site for the next couple of weeks. LONG LIVE THE FREE HUMAN MIND! NEVER KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT IN FEAR!

  102. WOW, I have only recently come across this whole “planet X ” thing and don’t pretend to know anything about it. But much of what I have read (including every post on this thread) leads me to one thing. If it is coming…there isn’t much we can do about it. On the religious side of it…if you have led a predominatly christian life and followed those 10 commandments…you are one of the ones who are supposed to be “saved”…If not…then it doesn’t matter where you bought land, or dug into some mountain…you are in trouble. On the historical side if it…if these ancient societies knew of a way to stop this vicious cycle they probably would have thrown us a clue on how to do so…but it seems to me all they said was…”uh, here it comes, good luck!” Scientifically…This universe is huge…how the heck do we know what goes on out there…I just think you would have to be small minded to think that nothing will ever happen to our spec of dirt in the sandbox of this universe…and pretty egotistical not to believe it just because you haven’t seen it…We are a miricle…And I am going to live out my life believing this and thanking who ever it was that gave us the opportunity to live…(God-Aliens-or who ever)…And if this 2012 thing happens..so be it, I will deal with my fate as it is handed to me…If it doesn’t happen…then great, I get to spend a few more years with miricle that I helped to create…My daughter…. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  103. Hi maybe too smug:

    A black hole is believed to reside in the centre of the Milky Way, but we are nowhere close. That will never be a problem to us on Earth. I think what you are referring to is the passage of the Solar System through the “galactic plane” (basically aligning the Sun, as viewed from Earth, with the galactic centre). Again, there is no reason to fear this, there is much debate as to what this actually means. Apparently the Mayans knew about this galactic alignment, but on an astronomical basis this is a benign event (just a curiocity). There are most certainly spiritual or religious reasons why this event might be significant, but from a physical perspective there is nothing to worry about.

    To Azure Crystal: Thanks for your perspective, really appreciated. I believe in keeping an open mind, but keeping things logical. The crop circle article I ran on my blog was purely out of interest, and as I couldn’t explain it (at the time) I voiced some of the mainstream theories about crop circles. Whilst the circles are almost definitely manmade, I was blown away by how the hell they accomplished something so complex. As it turned out, I generated some lively debate about the real source of these designs. It was a learning experience!

    I’m glad these articles are proving valuable to people, I just hope that I’m providing an alternative to all the fear generated by the doomsayers out there.

    Thanks to all, I’ll hopefully have time to read and reply to all your comments in time 🙂

    Cheers, Ian

  104. Ian is working 4 the government, to cover up the real facts, so keep on believe there is not a heavenly body not headed towards the inner core. I’m warning u.

    aka MABAS

  105. Hi There, thank you kindly for your article on 2012. I do have some questions and things I’d like to say with regards to this matter. It seems odd that the calculations with regards to perturbation of the orbital tracks have stopped, with so many unexplained things – like Dark Matter, surely we should (as a human race) be willing not to down our tools when we do not reach a conclusive answer (we may verily stop trying to understand the complexities of darn Matter/energy all the same. It is interesting to note that the Hindu religion, has a term for 2012 – 21 dec, it’s called “The day and night of Brahma” in short – this is the period when 1 day and night of God comes to pass – it is also notable that the time frame spoken of – with regards to 1 day and night of God coming to pass, equates the legendary period of 3671 years (same as the suggested orbital time frame for Nibiru around our own sun. What about all the Cuneiform scriptures from the Sumerian civilization, the Long Count calendar and not to mention a host of other related prophecies regarding the same space in time. There is so much to look at – I do not mean to be offensive towards any person or group of people, but it seems that there is much more to this year, day and month – than only NIBIRU, there is much evidence from other places that point to same given times and dates. I hope and trust your readers will follow those up in there own time.

    Again, thank you for your article…
    Warm greetings from South-Africa
    Andre 🙂

  106. Its end of the world in Decemer 21 2012 so for me i will be an astronaut to pilot a big spaceship carrying tons of WMD and hit that planet X (just like what they did at armageddon they block the asteroid) so for me i will marry tommorow June 30 2008 so we can spent 4years ahahahahha end of the world !

  107. To Astronaut,
    Grow up. This is a site dedicated to intellectual thoughts, ideas and theories. So, if you don’t have anything worth reading, don’t post. You too, Rudeboy, also, is that some kind of ego trip to make your alias MABUS, Nostradamus’s name for the next anti-christ?
    To Asure Crystal,
    You mentioned something about the reaction people would have to finding civilizations on other planets nearby. I can’t remember the heading but, I watched some vids on youtube where a guy points out ruins on Mars from pics taken by NASA that for some reason, the governments, NASA, whomever, don’t want to release to the public. To Ian,
    Maybe you could explain why different civilizations all over the world have a very similar doomsday prediction for the same time period without ever meeting each other to colaborate stories.Even if it isn’t a big rock, why do so many have the same story?

  108. Hello Ian,

    Thank you very much for your thread. I am very glad someone such as yourself, a scientist, who’s job it is to learn and inform people would discard such ludicrous prophecies.

    Good job posting such brilliant work, have you ever considered writing a book on this? As you may know, by reading the Mayan Prophecies thread comments, I have OCD and it is nice that an intelligent person such as yourself informs the paranoid people such as us on this topic.

    I’m not saying at all that I believed in these prophecies, but I have OCD, and it gets the better of me sometimes. Anyways, though many people may not like you for doing it, (Such as History channel and their show, Discovering the Past) I honestly believe you should write a book on this. You will make money for informing people of the truth, and the web is so large, not enough people will find this!

    You are an excellent scientist and one of the few writers left that use common sense.


  109. nibiru, something so huge that it will kill us all simply by flying by. but if it were that big and dangerous then we would b able to see it for ourselves. and if we could see it for ourselves there would b no questions about it.
    nibiru part of the babylonian religion so this rumor was started by the babylonians. thats all i kno on that subject. but again if something so big was only 4 years away from us we’d see it and there would b no ifs, ands, or buts.
    i read some where that ppl predicted nibiru to originally pass by in 2003, but since that didnt happen they have to set another doomsday date. and when that doenst happen they’ll set another.

  110. “nibiru, something so huge that it will kill us all simply by flying by. but if it were that big and dangerous then we would b able to see it for ourselves. and if we could see it for ourselves there would b no questions about it.”
    i goofed, i meant no questions about whether or not it exists. just to clarify what i was getting at is all.

  111. the problem with society today is that basically one person could give an opinion on what they think is going on in uninformed situations, and we will automaticly take it because of the lack of information we want. this is how all these rumors and conspiracies begin and spread in the first place.

  112. Ian. good discussion. one way to prove or disprove a large body coming towards us would surely be for an independent body of scientists to have access to the south pole telescope or is that too simple a solution to the problem? Governments have only themselves to blame for people being scared as their insistence on “secrecy” for our own good is a very bad policy, I for one don’t like being treated like a child . i would agree that people may take it “badly” if it was proven there might be a problem but i have to believe that the vast majority would calm down after the initial fright. I don’t believe we need a “nanny” government. My point is establish the facts and then there is no need to guess.

  113. Well here is my input:

    Thank you for the article Ian, very informative!

    Anyway, Doomsday??? Why are there people out there that insist the world will end? Not just the planet X therey, but shouldn’t we have been destroyed umpteen times over with all of these doomsday dates that have been lurking around???? 1997, 1999, 2000, 2006, and now 2012????

    Anyway, suppose planet X does exist, and that its orbit is approaching our earth, doesn’t mean it will hit us, look at ancient sculptures, created by the ancients, they have carved pictures on them with the night sky, and they have carved planet X there as well, so obviously from planet x orbit, you could see it in our sky, so maybe they thought it was some mystical force, as it was something they have never seen before!!!! So maybe in 2012 we will encounter the same view, i feel sorry for those who will hid in bunkers, as they will miss a spectacular view. Also if a planet was going to hit earth, i think hiding in a bunker wouldn’t help you!!!! What makes you think that will save your life??? The obvious approach would be to fly into space, but anyway we are not going to get hit by a planet!!! Although if the planets orbit comes close to ours, then yes we will experience some changes on earth, because of the gravitational pull, just like the moon effects our sea, the planet x would be similar, just maybe more dramatic!!!

    I hope i am making seance? Also yes why do people want to make something into a conspiracy theory? Look at 9/11, why can’t people except the fact that it was just terrorists, and that they wanted to hurt the west, but no that’s not good enough, the government was hiding the fact that they put the terrorists up to it, oh and to top it off, there was UFO sightings when the tower collapsed!!! Every simple historic event will have a conspiracy theory behind it, because people like drama!!!!!!!!!! like the mars landing, historical event, but now its been turned into alien life forms use to be there, and that the government are covering this up too! I mean the government is covering a lot of things up, they must be extremely busy!!! Not concerning themselves about poverty, and terrorists, and global warming, oh no, just concerned about covering up major events so the public won’t find out!!!!

    Planet X, will not hit our earth, but my come close to our earth one day, and cause some global changes, if this planet did hit our earth all those thousands of years back, then i don’t think we would be here today, i don’t think a planet that size would only take half our planet, if a planet that size crashed into our earth, our earth wouldn’t be here today!!!!!!!!!

    Hope that made seance in a rambling sort of way!!!! lol


  114. Yeah, even though the Egpytians were perhaps the smartest people in the history of the Earth, they couldn’t possibly comprehend the ideals and mathmatics that the White Man has to offer, like, an inaccurate calander, or arrogent “Scientific” facts that belittle the great accomplishments they have made.

    The Myans where the Egyptians that sailed to the Americas. They were just as smart, and I strongly believe their facts over the facts of the ignorent, highly conceited scientists of today.


    And as for having all the facts availible to the public, if you search the coodinates where Niribu is suppost to be, you will find that on both Google Sky and Microsoft Telescope, the exact same area is blurred out.

    And somebody ought to tell that egotistical bitch Emily to shut up . those exclamation marks are makin’ my head hurt. You can’t make a point by makin’ stuff up as you go along and ending like this!!!!!!!!

  115. Well, I read all your dimwitted comments and my answer to you all is put your heads between your legs and kiss your asses goodbye. Your ignorance tells me you’ll be the first cry and the first to unfortunately die. That’s the problem with humans, their afraid to believe in what is real and what they cannot control.

  116. All you people talking about how the “Mayan calendar will end in 2012” need to do some actual research. The calendar actually predicts what we would consider to be BILLIONS of years into the future, separated by eras of change. We are supposedly entering an era of change according to the calendar, not a doomsday end of the world thing.

  117. I love this site and have enjoyed this topic,but there is a English phrase that somes up a lot of the posts here,.What a load of Boll–ks.

  118. hey listen ian your research is much

    appreciated. but listen if your going to use the

    Bible for specific text read this in

    Revelation “NO MAN WILL KNOW THE DAY

    OR THE HOUR” so the phyco liberal

    scientists spreading this bull should just t

    take all this crap and shove it up their ass.

    but good research man!

  119. I have “survived” many Armageddons in my life and I’m used to it. I noticed that this time though the panic is bigger- probably because we are all connected through internet and the gossip flies so fast. If this time it will happened I will be happy and honored to witness it if not… oh well I will live my life- which is exciting too;) Don’t worry people- after all you don’t know when you will die so be prepared just in case.
    P.S.: I would worry more about the fact that Senate approved surveillance bill and that telecom companies are protected from lawsuits. That makes me feel more uncomfortable then planet x.

    Thank you for the article.

  120. I am a strong believer of God and whatever is intended for our fate is accepted. But the fact or shall we say heresay from this Planet X or Nibiru is totally scaring everyone.
    Humans are humans and whatever you do with them ,their fear is overflowing whenever we’ll say “End of the World ” is coming..

    It actually really caused panic to some of my friends who are working abroad when knew that ,they decided to at least go back to our country so for the last couple of years they will be spending their lives with their families.

    See , though this news is a fact or fiction or shall we say a discovery, it’s really destructing everyone. So ,whatever this discovery is, we need the truth.. and to those who are believing that this marks the end..please… it’s only God who knows everything.. and it’s only evil who is just making out all these fake issues..so drop the issue for this end and start praying and accepting Jesus Christ as your savior..!!!!

  121. You are very lost indeed. From the moment you started thinking about this you already decided what side you were going to take. A human of true intelligence would not take a side. To choose a side is to conclude. Yes, you could be right, or you could be very wrong. You seem very conditioned. Your mind is stuck in the typical set pattern of conditioned reaction to certain words such as “Conspiracy Theorist”. You, like a lot of other heavily conditioned humans, ridicule “Conspiracy Theorists” without even asking yourself why? I’ll tell you why, because all through your life you have been conditioned by many types of media and of course through false, empty education, to react in a way they wish you to react . The truth is, you are very far from free. Your mind thinks it is free, but it has actually been “programed” to accept one type of reality. For instance, you think red is red, but maybe red is blue? The only reason you think red is red is because since the day you started learning you were told over and over again by your parents, by your teachers, that red is red, that you are a “human”, that this is “normal life”. That a tree is a tree, a bird is a bird, and so on and son on…. Thus you became another of the sheep. Brain washed by the brain washed. “Who is the more foolish, the fool? Or the fool who follows? If I put a new born baby into a concealed room with no contact to this world, and I told it everyday that the color we call “Blue” was not blue but was red, it would grow up believing that to be the truth…. This child would walk into the world we know thinking that we were all mad. You hold onto your “stock of reality” as your truth, when really, it is all made up false knowledge. You keep yourself locked up in the mind prison that has built itself around your mind during your growth to who you are now. After reading this I already know your reaction will be irritation and aggression to my words. That has happened because you are fearful. Fearful and lost. I can only hope that you will wake up and realise that ervetyhing you konw is worng… ervetyhing you see as turth is illsuoin.

  122. ^^^^^ he is on the money there,

    we simply do not know,

    IMO–> My moneis on the Mayans,

    They had a higher knowledge of this than we do now. Nibiru & our Galaxy alignment are just part of the bigger scheme.

  123. Ok, let’s be real folks…you can not dispute that something may happen, on the very day oh so many people long dead have said it would. If there is a planet x, Nasa would not disclose any evidence of its existence, because that would lead to a breakdown of society as we know it. The governments ( of all nations around the world) would not care if billions of people died because they were not made aware, because this planet has way to many flesh bags as it stands.

    If there is something out there, a planet x we (the sheep) will not ever hear a word, or be given a shred of evidence, at least not until they have their own plans in full throttle. These are the only facts we can trust in this whole debate about planet x, and these are facts because we witness this every day. Nasa will not share anything that proves a doomsday in 2012, anyone with any sense would come to this very logical conclusion instantly.

    I for one do not believe in planet x, or a doomsday in 2012, I for one believe we will learn a lot about life, and how we came to be leading up to 2012, for I believe what is coming is nothing to fear, but to welcome and embrace.

  124. Well, for 1, 95% of the world population believes in a higher power, like a god, without any proof at all. So i guess you are saying that only 5% of the people on earth are rational correct?
    Science would have us believe that we are at the center of the whole universe. How absurd is that? it is the same scinece that evolves with understanding. Remember all those who would be killed for thinking the earth was round and not the generally accepted flat theory.
    Science proves over and over and over many time how they contrdict themsleves with new technology.
    You have to ask yourself this.
    How did egypt built pyramids that we can not replicate today, we can not even make a small scale nearly as acrate as they did, so did they build it, if so where did they get hundereds of thousands of slaves and how did they lay a stone every 3 minutes non stop for 20 yesrs.
    How is it that the myans built a claendar that is the most accurate calender ever build and we will not see one more accurate.
    How? They must have been pretty darn smart.
    You are right just trust scinece, eventually the stupid science will catch up and we find all the scientist with the pants down.
    Plus the societies of old had no reason to lie about these things unlike the leaders of today who mandate lies as policy.

    Thing is corporation earth wants us working to the very end so we have no time to get prepeired. Really we are just prepairing the shelter of our leaders helping them gather resources and such.

    Why is it that scientist are so arrogant that they actually believe that they are the foundation of all truth. Just cause it can not be logically explained dont mean it aint real.

    The leaders of the world are afraid of something they know nothing about, but i bet you they think “” oh no, if this happens then we are discredited””

    scientist make about as much sense as hitler praying at the wailing wall. They are just way to arogant, do you believe in GOD? they dont, becasue they can not stick a probe into god and prove it is real. That same concept would have love only being a figment of our imagination, becasue we can not prove love, but i think e all know it is real.
    before microscopes were invented, some believed that there were tiny micro organisms, and they were laughed at until it was proven, so scinece is like a child that never grows up but takes in all the lessons and eveolves to new stupid throties.

    REALLY , they claim to know the size of the universe. Becasue they can measure so far in one direction and so far in the other. That is until 3 months later when new lenses are built and they can see even farther. but everytime, they change their story we are supposed to accept it as fact. right.
    Ill stick my faith in the dumb as indians and myanz, beside i will always take side with those who were suppressed. Remember the spanish conquest. God loving catholics destroying a race of people simple becasue they dont believe the crap that the white man was feeding. I am white, and i hope niburu comes and the message is, that whites are wrong and have corrupted everything and that the whilte sckins shall not be saved from any pending doom. Im not afraid of death like these scientist are.
    TRhey know deep inside something is comming, but they are ego afraid, afraid that someone will laugh at them,. All ican say is if you believe in science, then you completly missed the whole point to existance

  125. Its elementary …. particles i.e….
    but it seems there is no end to trying to see and understand the mind of GOD and quite foolish and egotistical to assume you can , but not really foolish to speculate on it for the fun of it or just for the Hell of it.
    Bedrock is an asymptote never to be reached but only to approach at an infiitesimal but unreachable distance which , it turns out , is a huge gap from the final truth because whole universes just may coincide within themselves and other dimensions.
    … perhaps NIBIRU as well.
    Once again, many of you miss the point including Ian .
    God or Mother Nature or the Force gave us our small brains and their power of comprehension so perhaps the only ones who can tune in to these other dimensions are the Psychics or the PURE Mathematicians … but most probably not the applied practical ones who can not even comprehend Godel’s Theorem of Incompleteness or even speculate on the Grand Theorem of Universal Incompleteness for which Homo Sapiens has not been given the password to comprehend. Our brains are not equipped to understand BRANES or String theory or M theory except maybe for a few as yet unknown Alien ones amongst us.
    Analogy comes to mind ….We had Electrical Engineers who could analyze our fire control electronics and they gave a COOKBOOK class to Technicians to trouble shoot the system and find 99% of the problems .. but since they had no understanding of the BEDROCK of it were quite helpless in solving that 1 % so they had to turn the problem back to God .. the EE who in some cases for that other .01 % had to turn it back to the Super God the PURE MATHEMATICIAN.
    ZECHARIA SITCHIN speculates and all of you speculate about the Anunnaki and the Nephilim and Nibiru and the Planet X but try not to be so sure that something is or is not possible because you don’t have the password to the BEDROCK Vault of Ultimate Knowledge and you are at the COOKBOOK level of understanding.
    Don’t even assume you can teach an animal the cookbook levels of comprehension or diagnosis and that is all the animal will be capable of understanding because your Dolphin or Dog or Monkey may have the password…..

  126. Oh man! No doomsday on Dec 21, 2012? I already planned on taking that day off work to have a end of the world party. Way to blow my plans scientist guy now I have to go back to the grindstone on Dec 22! Dang it!

  127. Wow! Some of you people should really double check you spelling before posting ( I’m looking at you Godel Anunaki) What the hell are you yammering about anyway?

  128. So we all gonna die =3
    This planet x is gonna shoot through our solar system and boom us all?

    Sounds fun, ill bring marshmellows ^___^

  129. Like Generation “X”, Planet “X” will be a huge disapointment.

    Listen, we could crunch numbers and try and decipher some old cartoon from a failed civilisation till our faces turn blue. but the fact of the matter is that we don’t know crap… We suck…. Nothing any one person has ever done or said ever amounted to anything worth while. Look around, you know what I am saying is true…
    Columbus thought that he was in India, Albert split the atom and now look at us. We live in fear of our fellow man. Affraid that we will destroy one another, we build bigger better death machines….
    What about religion? That frame of mind is so old school……. What, you need to worship some dead or made up entity/Idol to feel like you have a purpose? You as yourself can’t figure it all out, so, put your faith in a book or an ideal that leads you to what? The fact that your life, outside of loved ones, really meant nothing… Even the so called greatest people who ever lived according to you as a flea infestation we call the human race all died. and the legacies that they left behind have been perverted and or destroyed by the ever stupid us….
    So keep on keeping on and waste our precious little minds and time on what in the end really amounts to absolutly nothing..
    Not one of us here reading and responding to this thing has no freaking clue as to what is going down….

    We figured out how to fly
    we figured out how to ride the radio waves
    we figured out how to kill a lot of people really quick and cheap
    we figured out how to create misery with a dollar (in god we trust)
    We figured out how to send moving pictures into space and bounce it down into our homes but we send the wrong pictures
    we figured out how to communicate globally but we don’t know how to say hello, lets be friends..
    I figure that we figured out nothing.

    What do you figure?

  130. Where did this whole doomsday/Mayan theory come from in the first place?

    The only thing I have ever read, in translation of, which is also not understood, is that the fifth age of the sun will end, and the sixth one will begin.

    What happened at the first age?
    Five ages, is something like 15,000 years.
    What happened 15,000 years ago is what I would like to know. I also see other people saying that the winter solstice of 2012 is a grand planetary alignment, what does this mean? As close as it can get. While others say the year is wrong and it’s actually 2007, what is that about?

    Why can’t NASA just give us the straight facts to this long debated, never ending doomsday day.

  131. From Wikipedia:
    Planet X

    Origin of the search
    See also: Discovery of Neptune
    In the 1840s, the French mathematician Urbain Le Verrier used Newtonian mechanics to analyse perturbations in the orbit of Uranus, and hypothesised that they were caused by the gravitational pull of a yet-undiscovered planet. Le Verrier predicted the position of this new planet and sent his calculations to German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle. On September 23, 1846, the night following his receipt of the letter, Galle and his student Heinrich d’Arrest discovered Neptune, exactly where Le Verrier had predicted.[6]

    There remained, however, some slight discrepancies in the gas giants’ orbits. These were taken to indicate the existence of yet another planet orbiting beyond Neptune. In 1906, Percival Lowell, a wealthy Bostonian who had founded the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, started an extensive project to search for a possible ninth planet,[7][8] which he termed Planet X. The X in the name represents an unknown and is pronounced as the letter, as opposed to the Roman numeral for 10 (Planet X would, at the time, have been the ninth planet). Lowell’s hope in tracking down Planet X was to establish his scientific credibility, which had eluded him thanks to his widely derided belief that channel-like features visible on the surface of Mars were canals constructed by an intelligent civilisation.[9]

    Lowell’s first search focused on the ecliptic, the plane encompassed by the zodiac where the other planets in the Solar System lie. Using a 5-inch photographic camera, he manually examined over 200 three-hour exposures with a magnifying glass, but found no planets. At that time Pluto was too far above the ecliptic to be imaged by the survey.[10] After revising his predicted possible locations, Lowell conducted a second search from 1913 to 1915. In 1915, he published his Memoir of a Trans-Neptunian Planet, in which he concluded that Planet X had a mass roughly seven times that of the Earth—about half that of Neptune—and a mean distance from the Sun of 43 AU. He assumed Planet X would be a large, low-density object with a high albedo, like the gas giants. As the result it would show a disc with diameter of about one arcsecond and an apparent magnitude of between 12 and 13—bright enough to be spotted.[10][11]

    The little black book of 646.34 G1657L 2007
    Washington local and seas 641.59797 Se4856W 2008

  132. waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…. this is really amp. i loved to read scientific articles and even conspiracy blogs……..but i really enjoyed reading all the threads in here aside from the fact that i have a second thought about this thing…….but i think i figured out that all scence on america’s most watched tv program the X-FILES and the SPACE ABOVE AND BEYOND was all about PLANET – X…….so i think a MARVEL COMICS
    made a anime show called X-MEN in tribute to CAPTAIN PLANET….lolz… so all i can say if its real or just a prediction…..lets our powers combine EARTH,FIRE,WIND,WATER,HEART………when your powers combined Im CAPTAIN PLANET – X…………

  133. Whether Planet Nibiru is coming or not we will soon find out, i enjoy studying this subject and whether it\s true or not it is entertaining…personally i think it is true however in recent findings by people saying that Zecharia Sitchin’s translations of some of the Sumerian texts are incorrect i am not sure what to think anymore…deep in my heart i hope it is untrue as most of my relatives in Finland will submerged underwater and well a lot of others shall die, but right now im going to say that Planet Nibiru is infact real! That we were genetically engineered to help speed up our evolution thanks to those beings on Planet Nibiru as well as the best thing that come from this…everytime this planet passes us (3600 years) the beings from it give us more and more knowledge as they experiment more on our race…if this is so then maybe we will learn some crazy info in the next few years to come…it took us 2 000 000 years to go from people without tools to using them, then within 50 000 years we land a man on the moon…impressive.

  134. Follow me on my quest of self realisation:

    Step 1: Do you believe for fact that alien “greys” landed in what’s known as Roswell?

    If you answer yes, then continue. If you answered no, type “John Lear” into youtube, which will lead you to another guy has been abducted (“pulled”) and has remarkably retained 95% of his memories.

    Assume that alien “greys” did land in Roswell. You assume this as fact (for sake of argument).

    Now lets continue.

    2. The video’s I saw mentioned that, although hard to swallow, we are a form of experiment. The grey’s want us to evolve, but we have been unable to do this for repeated attempts.

    We are at a stage we have been at before, (supposedly we have been wiped and started again many many times). The interesting thing is the ‘wiping’ corresponds with changes in the earths magnetic poles. Anyway more on this later.

    3. The abductee (can’t remember his name), has been pulled for many many years. The remarkable thing is he has retained his memory. Anyway, he says the Grey’s are interested (in what was communicated to him) in the earths environment. He says (which I may believe) that the greys showed him portions of the future, where he saw our evolved state after a major environmental disaster.

    The greys wanted us to evolve and join the galactic society. Anyway the interesting this is, he was warned of major environmental change that would kill of most of the human population, and thereon major evolution of our race would occur.

    Now the reasons for the govn not telling us about planet x (if it was to come into our solar system, remembering it wont actually crash into earth, but it will interact with our sun causing severe storms and solar flares which would cook our oceans and such). are:

    1. mass panic would evolve
    2. people would ask why it was kept from them
    3. there is no way the government can stop it

    Point three is an interesting one, which explains the construction of many underground complexes (survival for the selected few), and the collecting by both greys and humans of every seed.

    In addition to point 3, it could be the govn can’t because of some ‘deal’ or relations with the greys who want us to evolve (for their own selfish reasons probably).

    But anyway. I can tell a lot of the people who have posted here have not seen many of these videos on youtube.

    My thoughts before I saw these videos were that: sure there could be aliens out there, it’s a big universe. But I didn’t think they had been to earth (too unlikely).

    Now my view has been challenged by people on the inside who know. I can and have changed.

    Keep away from the nuts, the two I have seen are not and I believe them. It’s just interesting how everything ties in.

    For example: previously I thought the greys would protect us from any form of planet or meteorite as we are effectively their cattle.

    But now, from the abductee he said a major environmental change will kill off most of the human race (as he was told). It makes sense as their highest agenda is to see us evolved (possibly to enhance their cattle).

    Meh anyway. Check out John Lear and the abductee who has frequently (and until this day) interacted with Grey’s, to a point where they can trust him (with some things). I just can’t remember his name, but if you type in John Lear you will find it, it’s like a radio interview for hours and hours.

    Do this please. Don’t dismiss this as crap until you’ve heard them both. I could only give a spotty recollection of what I have heard.

    Anyway, not sure about 2012, only heard about it a few days ago, and seemed to tie in with the intentions of the greys and the construction of vast underground caverns and collection of species by the government. As a fail safe, just encase I’m sure.

    I’ll point you guys to a site that the people are incredibly serious about this, to the point of people already have built bunkers and are planning.

    Just remember, I want to survive. Don’t let your stubbornness stop you from at least checking out what I said. It sounds remarkable, but if you can accept the first point (Roswell) as fact, the rest becomes plausible.

  135. no, we did too much on earth, why its been said God will destroy earth and rebuild it again.The bible said that.I think nibiru is connected to God’s vengeance against evil. Do you remember that evil sacrificed Jesus Christ. Jesus said when he returned, you will not find no place on earth to hide. Be prepared! oh not yet.Either you support planet X or not. Why don’t you guy get a break for just three years and three months, till 2012,at this time there is no room for conjectures.every one on the planet should know nibiru, planet x is coming. doest it make sense? no more arguing for now.my faith is there should be in the near future a great tribulation , pain and calamity as prophesized in the Bible.Father martin malachi from vatican understood that ,as he said the thing that is aproaching us will be of a great import in 5 to 10 years.if you don’t believe in the bible please say so.ok . May God bless his children and punish the wicked and evil!Bell has sound. Enough is enough!

  136. Well I don’t know about 2012 and Nibiru…time will tell on that one…but Astronaut Edgar Mitchell did throw a large wrench in the works with his revelation that ROSWELL was real!.. That there has been a coverup about it for over 60 years…The alien visitations are real. When someone like that says it.. I BELIEVE IT!

  137. I think it’s just silly for people to think that we’re all going to die in 2012 because of a dirty ball of ice billions of lightyears away. I mean, you should not worry about a little comet hitting Earth, when it’s not going to. It’s definitely not going to go even an inch into our Solar System. Why? Because the Mayans were ancient people, and perhaps didn’t have the right tools for an accurate astronomy study. The only things that are going to happen on December 21st, 2012, are my birthday in fact and the winter solstice. Ralph, I believe it if a person’s telling the hard truth, but I don’t believe everything and anything, including this “Planet X” nonsense.

  138. Thank you Amber… You sure did clear up any questions I may have had about all this planet x nonsense… Perhaps you and Emily can join hands and have a seance and feel better together …and while we are at it don’t forget that the Constitution is a ‘Living Document’ and that the International Bankers really do have your best interest at heart… Welcome to the NWO and I hope the flood does come and clean this place up… again… Yours in Liberty, Doug

  139. This is an interesting feed, the majority of ‘opinions’ expressed very conservative and prosaic but none-the-less very rational. I’m very much interested in all aspects of science and follow advances and ideas with zeal, however, scientific evidence for intuitive feelings will always be lacking. Everybody knows that the politicians in the governments are lieing. It’s a given. It’s what politicians do. It’s their job to get into power by lieing to the people, promising this, that and the other which will never happen and once there to subjugate the masses through fear. All conspiracy theory just presupposes lies and there are plenty of them. Lies get you thinking why….. It’s playground stuff. It’s social. If you don’t believe in conspiracies then I believe there is a vital part of you, a vital sense in you missing. If reason is what you believe in, look for the people who have the reasons for doing things. I will defend the conspiracy theorists although to be quite honest I’m fed up of hearing about conspiracy theories. It’s old news. It’s boring. It gets me down. The latest lies reinforce the same old apocalyptic beliefs.
    p.s. One thing about the Mayan Calendar theory is that it gives one hope, hope for a better future free of tyranny. Hope is important. Please don’t rubbish those who cling on to it.

  140. Have any of you heard of Garabandal. Look it up and you will find out what is going to happen in 2012. there will be an awaking but it wont be a time of joy. it will be a time of sorrow when each and everyone of us will see our souls as God sees them. the prophecies of Garabandal are to happen with in the next few years so this strange event that is mentioned in Garabandal could in some way be connected to this great event that we are all debunking here. 2012. may not be a planet X event but a God event.

  141. hey ,
    if the pyramids and stonehindge and all those older than old monuments are over 3600 years old but are still aligned with the stars, wouldn’t that debunk the theory that planet x knocks the earth off its axis and creates polar shifts every 3600 years….just a thought

  142. Science. It’s not about you or your ideas. It is about investigation of events and objects or processes.

    Give us science and we can go from there. However, if they don’t want us to know, they will try to confuse. If it is or not is not is really based on past evidence, if there is any. Some say yes, others no. However, the Sumerians were an intelligent people and more sophisticated in understanding. Our current ways are lacking their
    knowledge, tools with the science. We are arrogant and prideful with our thoughts that we know more than they. Really? Do we, are we so sure? I don’t think any government would reveal such, even if it were true. You’re on your own no matter how it goes or is revealed. Point I,m making, no matter what you believe this earth isn’t forever. It will be destroyed as planned. People will never except it till it is happening. Then they will curse God.

  143. Science. It’s not about you or your ideas. It is about investigation of events and objects or processes.

    Give us science and we can go from there. However, if they don’t want us to know, they will try to confuse. If it is or not is not is really based on past evidence, if there is any. Some say yes, others no. However, the Sumerians were an intelligent people and more sophisticated in understanding. Our current ways are lacking their
    knowledge, tools with the science. We are arrogant and prideful with our thoughts that we know more than they. Really? Do we, are we so sure? I don’t think any government would reveal such, even if it were true. You’re on your own no matter how it goes or is revealed. Point I,m making, no matter what you believe this earth isn’t forever. It will be destroyed as planned. People will never accept it till it is happening. Then they will curse God.

  144. Hello Ian

    What a great article! Brilliant; piece of work; very well done!

    I only heard this morning that some of my relatives were heatedly discussing the reality of the ‘Planet X’ business this weekend all getting very depressed (note that the main protagosist believes the fairy tales of David Icke; enough said!).

    I am now engaged in science education (www.dr-mark.co.uk), and obtained a Phd from Universoty College London in Planetary Science (1993-1996), so I think it fair to say that I know quie a bit about the known science of the solar sytem. Yet has any of this lot given me a call to discuss the possibilty of the alledeged doomsday ‘Planet X’ winging its way towards Earth right now? Not a word have I heard.

    My conclusion: people will believe what they want to believe, regardless of contrary evidence.

    Anyway, again, a brilliant article Ian – I shall endeavour to steer people in your direction if they are genuinely open-minded enough for a more rational scientific argument against this ‘Planet X’ nonsense.

    Best wishes


    Dr Mark Biddiss

  145. Mr. O’Neil, thank you for compiling this article and citing your sources.

    I’m what some of your respondents like to call a “new ager,” who only recently heard of the Planet X theory. I exposed myself to some of the written support, and found that its premises, if true, were somewhat empty. I needed to know if there was anything more to it, and if the premises would hold up to scrutiny.

    I came across this article which was carefully researched and respectfully presented (unlike many of your respondents’ attitudes). I promptly researched your sources and found them to be credible and verifiable. Even if I assume the possibility of conspiracy at high levels, which I’m, by the way, quite ready to do, I don’t believe what little has trickled through that can qualify as evidence merits the level of belief that is being presented in the potential Planet X flyby. My conclusion, therefore, is as was yours; that I’m not ready to get behind this one.

    To some of your respondents, I wish to thank those who’ve attempted to restrain their denunciation of people like me who are open to ideas that are out of the mainstream, or haven’t been adequately addressed by scientific inquiry. Your courtesy is much appreciated. Some of you even attempted to defend us, and for that I’m grateful. As for the rest, your own assumptions about people like me are wholly unfounded, unresearched, unsupported by scientific evidence or observation, biased, offensive and mean-spirited. You’re exemplifying, in your denigration of my exploration of truth, the very same behavior and lack of standards that you claim I and those like me hold to.

    I perfectly understand if you wish to denounce those poor souls who write and publish books fully elucidating events with facts that are supplied from their imaginations or re-engineered quotes. This practice is despicable, if not sad. But, why speak out so vigorously against the readers who wonder if there’s anything to it?

    I agree that we, many of us, are looking for something more. So are scientists. I’m not a scientist, and almost every time I want to read a newly published study, I’m asked to pay upwards of $25 for 14 pages of poorly written research (unintelligible). That doesn’t include viewing the feedback that comes from the scientist’s peers that would clarify what is and is not supported by the research. If science were more transparent to laymen, open to observation by ordinary Joes, like me, I can assure you that there would be a host of people watching it like a great TV show. Not all of us, I’ll admit, but more of us. We’re kept out, forcibly, unless we go back to school for a degree. Our only inlet is what others report, in magazines, newspapers, on TV or in blogs like Mr. O’Neil’s. We can only know, therefore, what has been filtered by others and we never know what filtering they did.

    The same is true of most of you. And so, instead of creditable and trusted sources, we have our heroes and charming faces. We have those voices we most like to hear from. If more of you spoke with courtesy and consideration as did Mr. O’Neil in this article, I think that more of us would come back into the fold, the more commonly accepted world view. We’re creative thinkers, many of us, and it’s easy for us to imagine conditions and situations in which things get lost, glossed over and hidden. Most people under 60 haven’t even ever suffered under the kind of massive events that severely detracted from our ancestor’s lives, and it’s all too easy to forget how delicate is the balance of our survival on this planet.

    Thanks, Mr. O’Neil. My mind stays open, and I’ll keep an eye on the skies, but I’ll not encourage speculation into the concept of a countdown to Planet X.

  146. Thanks Ian, your article sparked off an interesting thread. I heard about Nibiru some months ago, and I still have no idea what to make of it. From a scientific point of view, however, I cannot agree with your conclusion “that the Planet X arrives in 2012” is total bunkum.

    The absence of evidence doesn’t make an event like this impossible, it just indicates a low probability. A low probability does not prevent any event from happening, this is what we might have learned from Chernobyl.

    Unfortunately science has to use a language which has a structure quite dissimilar to “what’s out there”, and especially Aristotle’s Law Of Identity and Law Of The Excluded Third make it difficult to express any interesting knowledge.

    I was a bit amused to read some Dawkinists here. Instead of finding out about the structure of the universe, Dawkins (and his often fanatic, even fundamental followers) knows for sure that religion is evil and invests his time to demonstrate the bullshit that is produced when scientists still put Aristotle on a pedestal, and ignore 2500 years of scientific advance.

    So I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread with Alfred Korzybski in the back of my mind, reminding me that the verbal level, on which we act here, is an abstraction, and that the word is not the object it names, and the object is not the event it participated in.

    Dr Mark, please take some time to find out about General Semantics, before jerking of in hubris about a PhD in planetary science. It is very telling that you consider one of your friends as no valid source of information because “he believes in David Icke’s stories”. I, for one, can not regard your opinion as useful, as your obviously feeling happy in the Aristotelian trap you’re in. If you conclude from one attitude to a certain topic (which you most likely just objectify as ‘conspiracy’) to the validity of information about another topic presented by the same individual, you act out prejudices, but you’re displaying the use of scientific thinking.

    The information available about Planet-X is simply insufficient IMHO to come to a definite conclusion. Our solar system is large, and we don’t have the tools (yet) to investigate thoroughly what’s outside of our planet.

    Western languages have a structure that have Aristotle’s errors build in (or rather, Aristotle found out about this structure and mistook it for the structure of the universe), and this circumstance has impeded scientific progress in the last 2500 years. The errors of Euclid and Newton have been corrected, even though this fact seem not yet to have pervaded the minds of most scientists.

    The mayan language differs structurally from Western languages, possibly it belongs to those languages that have no verb for “to be” (Aristotle’s Law Of Identity). If their language reflected the structure of our universe better than ours, their knowledge about the universe can easily have exceeded our. Their precise calendar indicates have can’t be as dimwitted and primitive as Mel Gibson wants us to believe.

    So I can’t simply assume that just because the Mayans came up with some of their ideas long before the European, it has to be just “myth”. But then, I happily admit that I havent studied the Mayan prophecies (or however this 2012 idea is called), so again, the lack of information makes any conclusion pure guesswork.

    Anyway, although I lack sufficient information for a good guess, I’m not worried too much whether Nibiru or Planet-X arrives or not. If it happens, it will have most likely an impact that a single person (or family, or small group) can’t handle anyway. Plus, like in the Simpson episode, at some point the celestial object could be spotted with the naked eye, which leaves enough time to panic,

    However, I’m quite glad to know that in recent times no observations were made that could provide evidence for the existence of whatevaumightcallit, which lowers the probability for such an event a lot.

  147. Guys,

    Recently the second in Charge of Nasa went out to site visits on the Mayan pyrimads….Why…if these guys are crazy…why would an Nasa do this……guys its our nature to be afraid of the unknown……be openminded
    Research, research, research…….

  148. thanx for the read 😀

    i dont know where i stand on this subject at this time and all but i cant say it wont happen cause then i am sure it would and if i was to say it is going to then it wont lol

    but what i am trying to say is any thing is possible in this world

    if someone would have told me 20 years ago that i would be on google looking up about planet x i would have told them they we’re out of their minds

    but 20 years later here i am so really who’s to say whats going to happen just live each day the best you can and make life the fullest cause tomorrow might be gone and it might be still the same

    thanx again sorry about the rambeling and all

    hope everyone has a great day and make it a full one *rock on*

  149. I agree with similar posters above me.

    I won’t totally dismiss something I can’t see. I instead look to see if the topic at hand is remotely possible.

    Is it possible our sun has a companion brown dwarf? Yes, most stars we see in the sky are double or triple star systems.

    How is it possible this object exists and supposedly will pass the ecliptic in 2012 and we can not see it? Well we have knowledge about brown dwarfs from observing them around other stars, but most of them that I could find info on are fairly young. What would happen to a brown dwarf as it aged? Would it get dimmer and dimmer to the point of it almost giving off no visible light, only heat? That seems to me to be logical. A brown dwarf is a failed star. It tried to light it’s fuse, maybe even had a spark for a short while but it fizzled out. It’s light would die like the slowly dieing embers of a fire. The fire is still hot, but no longer giving off light.

    Well it would still be visible to infrared telescopes, right? Yup, but those are space based and run by governments, it is concievable those governments would withhold this info for whatever their resaons would be.

    I will continue to have an open mind about this and continue to look for answers.

  150. well there goes my book. damn. and there i was planning how i would spend my planet-x made millions 😉

  151. …i agree…

    because of the pictures and everything

    & someone told me that even the ones

    in the churches like priests know

    that but they won’t tell because

    they don’t want the people to panic…

  152. what does it matter if the world end’s? it’s a weird thought but so what. i’m pretty much waiting for it to end. i’m here at the age of 17 believing i’m going to die by the world ending not by an illness or accident. i’m fine with it. who cares.

    if something is to happen in 2012 think how everyone would be the day before the 21st… news on the street waiting to see what’s going to happen, people hiding in they’re basements, people traveling to the middle of nowhere etc… i’ll be watching tv with my friend or sleeping in my bed with my cat or out in the streets shopping and bam! that planet hits. we’re dead. oh no! whatever.

  153. Your argument, then, isn’t that there are no undiscovered planets in our solar system, but that there is no evidence either to support or refute the idea of “Nibiru” entering the inner solar system in 2012 specifically?

    I think it is ridiculous that people feel the need to not only ignore the possibility of a large object coming into close proximity of our planet, but to resort to ridicule and open mockery of those who are open to the “Nibiru” theory as a possibility.

    Our collective human knowledge of the universe is extremely infantile to the point that extrasolar planets were nothing more than theory as recently as 20 years ago. It is foolish to assume that we know enough about our cosmic neighborhood to feel safe.

    I’m not saying that there is a planet on its way toward Earth. I am saying that you have failed to prove that there is not. What you have proven is that two unidentified objects found almost ten years apart are different objects, or at the very least, an object capable of changing mass drastically. And you have proven that neither of those objects are going to collide with the Earth in 2012.

    I liked the article, but I felt it lacked a significant amount of research into what the “Nibiru” theory actually is. In the end, it really is entirely speculation. However, your theory that it is “bunkum” is speculation as well.

    It is precisely this kind of shoddy research that is so infuriating when attempting to have an open scientific debate. I’m not saying that Nibiru is coming, but it is a possibility. There is no need to argue with that.

  154. first of all … Heywood Jablowme – LMMFAOROFF… nice…

    i will say nice article.. this is the first one I have seen taking the other side of the coin.. but honesly still isn’t enough to persuade me but the evidnece on teh otherside isn’t really eched in stone… errrr…. maybe it is… bad choice of words i suppose… I digress..
    One day we all die.. fact of living.. if it were to all come down on 122112… i just want to be with ones I love.. we’ll watch from the front row because I just don’t know that life will be worth living after something quite so tragic… I will say I think that the Mayans were on to something.. don’t know if we have translated it properly or not… wouldn’t be the first time.. ie.. the bible… man is too corrupt and greedy… we twist things to favor ourselves and to keep the powerful in power… and the sheep steady grazing… The leaders will hide info from teh masses teh same as your supervisor hides things from you at work… just get you producing the way he/she wants you to… just imagine… the super tells you some really bad new about the company… you’ll find work elsewhere… if you are smart.. but they don’t do that because they want you performing your duties just the same as you always have…. no one will know the truth until it slaps us in face… I’m not a very religious man but I agree with my wife on this subject… The Bible says that no man will know the day

    thank you

  155. i
    cant say anything

    because im feared to write

    and i would believe that something would happen in ………


  156. Ian, My appologies…

    Sind… if you hurry you may be able to catch up with Emily and Amber as they are probably still holding hands at the seance and singing Kumbya… !!

    Since March I have seen two unmanned surveillance vehicles fly over my property… looked like a cross between a cruise missle and a buzz-bomb… Canadian border.
    In Liberty, Doug

  157. I want everyone reading this to goto google earth and click on the star gazing button. Go to the lower left area of orion, make the pointer at …. Dec -6 02 03.62 RA 5h53m33.69s and zoom in. Take a look at what is there and draw your own conclusions based on that.

  158. sorry, put the pointer to Dec -604 00.24 RA 5h53m48.35s. I would also like to mention that I have no idea if Nibiru will be around in 2012. What I do know is that if it was gonna be around I would think that the government would take some sort of steps to keep it in the dark. Imagin if they came out tomarrow and said, “in 2012 2/3 of the worlds population will perish and the way of life as we know it will change forever!” what would happen? Rioting, looting and so forth, it would litterally be hell on earth. So, before any of you dismiss this as untrue maybe all of you need to look into this a hell of alot more than you have. It seems that many of you beleive (some) science that preeches evolution and has absalutly no evidence whatso ever, rather than the sumerians, myans and egyptions whom all have records of “fallen angels or gods as they called them”. Also look at the greek gods then look at the sumerian pictures of the gods they saw, they look a hell of alot alike and I think passing them off as myth is silly WITHOUT looking into it as much as you possibly could. Sorry for the spelling, I know I am not even close to a perfect speller.

  159. Honestly i do think this is a long shot. I have hard time believing planet x exists however i’m open minded and will not deny it. This will totally throw all the religious freaks out now wouldnt it? lol From memory planet x was called the destroyer in the bible.

    Also for the ones thinking even if it did come near us.. it wont make a difference.. lol it doesnt have to hit our planet dead on. It only has to come near us to make a large difference. I mean take a look how far the sun is from our planet.. it also makes tides (just like the moon that is very close to us). Gravity in a global scale is a scary thing.. more so than any natural disasters we’ve faced yet (recorded in the modern books).

  160. in reply to atanasov.
    As far as throwing the religous freaks off- no way this confirms many parts of the bible. This would make non beleavers-beleavers! This would be all the worst parts of revolations, as well as the plagues in egypt, as well as noahs flood. Talks about the fallen angels in genisis. Read up on sumerian history, They had record of the annunuki (however this is spelled) which means, those from heavon came to earth. These beings had wings which i guess in our world is pretty common huh? Oh, wait no it isn’t, that would be what we normally call an angel which we ALL know these are gods side-kicks. The sumerians had record of two different types of beings, The serpent looking sort of reptiled being,(which we all know how the bible refers to satan) and the winged people which were called the annunuki. Do your research, all of you before you post a comment about Nibiru that says something silly such as the last guys did.

  161. DJ Sashii wrote….
    May 25th, 2008 at 4:23 pm
    Nibiru will be a great movie idea!
    Title: Armageddon 2
    Cast: Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman!

    Good job for the people making up this story, i like it =D

    signed your pal,
    tom cruise

    (that comment only made me wonder if dj sashii was tom cruise spelled backwards.. and upon further review, its not)

  162. Guess we’ll find out in about 3 years….hate to be on the other side of that ‘I told you so’….makes me want to ask for a ‘money back guarantee’ for all of the books and videos these planet x sites are selling.

  163. Great article! Now here are some of the Biblical predictions in regards to celestial bodies inflicting damage on the inhabitants of earth in some future date – Planet X, who really knows???

    The lion has come up from his thicket, and THE DESTROYER of the nations IS ON HIS WAY; he has left his place to make your land a waste. Your cities will fall into ruins without inhabitant. And it will come about in that day, says the Lord, that the heart of the king will be dead in him, and the hearts of the rulers and the priests will be overcome with fear, and the prophets with wonder. Jer. 4:7,9

    O daughter of my people, put on sackcloth, and roll in ashes; make mourning as for an only son, most bitter lamentation, for suddenly THE DESTROYER will come upon us. Jer. 6:26

    THE DESTROYER shall come upon every city, and no city shall escape; the valley shall perish, and the plain shall be destroyed, as the LORD has spoken. Jer.48:8

    Fear, and death, and the net, are come on you, O people of the earth! If you are terrified and run, you will fall into a pit; if you crawl out of the pit, you will get caught in a trap. The sky has split apart like a window thrown open. The foundations of the earth have been shaken; the earth is shattered, ripped to pieces. It staggers and shakes like a drunkard or a hut in a windstorm. It is burdened down with sin; the earth will fall, never again to get up. On that day the LORD will punish the powers in the heavens and the kings of the earth. Isa. 24:17-23

    I looked and saw a great earthquake. The sun turned as dark as sackcloth, and the moon became as red as blood. The stars in the sky fell to earth, just like figs shaken loose by a windstorm. Then the sky was rolled up like a scroll, and all mountains and islands were moved from their places. Rev. 6:12-14

    “Immediately after the distress of those days
    ” ‘the sun will be darkened,
    and the moon will not give its light;
    the stars will fall from the sky,
    and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.”
    “At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn. Matt. 24:29-30

    They come from a far country, from the farthest part of heaven, even the Lord and the instruments of his wrath, with destruction for all the earth. Send out a cry of grief; for the day of the Lord is near; it comes as destruction from the Most High. For this cause all hands will be feeble, and every heart of man be turned to water; Their hearts will be full of fear; pains and sorrows will overcome them; they will be in pain like a woman in childbirth; they will be shocked at one another; their faces will be like flames. See, the day of the Lord is coming, cruel, with wrath and burning passion: to make the land a waste, driving the sinners in it to destruction. For the stars of heaven and its bright armies will not give their light: the sun will be made dark in his journey through the heaven, and the moon will keep back her light.
    And I will send punishment on the world for its evil, and on the sinners for their wrongdoing; and I will put an end to all pride, and will make low the power of the cruel.
    I will make men so small in number, that a man will be harder to get than gold, even the best gold of Ophir.
    For this cause the heavens will be shaking, and the earth will be moved out of its place, in the wrath of the Lord of armies and in the day of his burning passion. Isa. 13:5-13

    “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. Men will faint from terror, apprehensive OF WHAT IS COMING on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. Luke 21:25-26

    And I saw the Lamb break open the sixth seal. There was a violent earthquake, and the sun became black like coarse black cloth, and the moon turned completely red like blood. The stars fell down to the earth, like unripe figs falling from the tree when a strong wind shakes it. The sky disappeared like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved from its place. Then the kings of the earth, the rulers and the military chiefs, the rich and the powerful, and all other people, slave and free, hid themselves in caves and under rocks on the mountains.
    Rev. 6:12-15

    When the first angel blew his trumpet, hail and fire mixed with blood were thrown down on the earth. A third of the earth, a third of the trees, and a third of all green plants were burned.
    When the second angel blew his trumpet, something like a great fiery mountain was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned to blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.
    When the third angel blew his trumpet, A GREAT STAR fell from heaven. It was burning like a and it fell on a third of the rivers and on a third of the springs of water. The name of the star was Wormwood, and a third of the water turned bitter. Many people died because the water was so bitter.
    When the fourth angel blew his trumpet, a third of the sun, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars were struck. They each lost a third of their light. So during a third of the day there was no light, and a third of the night was also without light. Then I looked and saw a lone eagle flying across the sky. It was shouting, “Trouble, trouble, trouble to everyone who lives on earth! Rev. 8:7-13

    And at the sounding of the fifth angel I saw A STAR falling from heaven to the earth: and there was given to him the key of the great deep. And he made the great deep open and a smoke went up from it, like the smoke of a great oven; and the sun and the air were made dark because of the smoke. Rev. 9:1-2

    These are just some of the prophecies in the bible indicating the inhabitants of the earth will suffer future death and destruction from celestial bodies approaching the earth.

  164. Dear Ian,

    A quote from Mr Albert Einstein for you to think about:

    Science without Religion is Lame
    Religion without Science is Blind

    (‘Religion’ = belief/spirituality)

    Planet X or no Planet X our ‘advanced’ (?!!) society needs to change the way it ‘logically’ interacts with the world around it.

    Bright Blessings

  165. i think that thew planet will not end and that the planet x is proberly some wifes tale
    because there is no proof for this happening

  166. This is a very good article, and I commend Ian for laboring through the research to show more of the science is behind “Planet X”. Glad to hear the world is not going to end in three years.

    After reading some of the other posts on the subject, there seems to be a very potent feeling of “Thanks for exposing the lies of the conspiracy theorists”. I wanted to point out something that gets me though. When I first encountered the possibility (or call it fantasy if you like) of a “Planet X” careening toward earth, about wreck havoc on our way of life, I noticed that I suddenly became more excite (albeit worried, but also excited). I regard most of this stuff with a grain of salt, but there’s the part of me that thinks:

    “Holy crap! The world could end in three years!”

    Then I read some more, and when looking at the further evidence that this is not the case. Astronomers are still not sure what it is, then I notice a kind of let down.

    “Crap, well I guess that means I go back to work tomorrow.”

    It seems that part of the excitement about the “conspiracy theories”, is because they appeal to the sense of wonder in our human nature. They seem to take all this stuff people hear about going on in the “scientific community” and make it, well… sexy… to the rest of us. And the idea that the government is covering things up isn’t too much of a stretch because… well… Watergate for example! Things have been covered up before, why not with with “Planet X” or “The Bilderberg Group” or “The New World Order”.

    And check out the production on that video! Hey guys, check this out before the boss get’s back! Have you heard about this? I knew they were covering something up! That explains why my taxes are so high! I’m going to buy his book! I hope it’s got lots of pictures, because between getting this presentation ready for tomorrow’s meeting, and getting the kids to softball practice, I don’t know when I’m going to have time to actually read it and think about it critically! MY GOD, DOES MY LIFE SUCK OR WHAT! Good thing it’s all going to end in three years!

    If life is just boring and stressful, then we find out that there’s life on Mars, suddenly the world changes! There’s life on Mars! Maybe they’ll visit! Maybe we could live there someday!

    Then we find out: yeah, that life on Mars? Actually it’s just bacteria… well it might be… actually the results are inconclusive, and no we won’t be visited by aliens or going to visit any time soon. Back to cleaning toilets! Or processing tax forms or whatever you do.

    I’m not a scientist, and frankly most scientific journals I’ve struggled to comprehend make my eyes droopy. What frustrates me about so much real science is that, sorry to say, it’s so UN-sexy, unless you are a scientist and that’s what turns you on. But there has to be a way to make the REALLY important and life changing scientific discoveries meaningful and exciting to the rest of us, and not have to sell books and videos!

    People look for something meaningful in their lives (if they are not spending most of there time just trying to survive). I’m glad the world isn’t going to end in three years… but a little disappointed at the prospect that life will go on as usual.

  167. Very interesting indeed, interesting how these sites gets all the so called info, guess computers along with some basic graphics knowlegde can go along way.

    Also noted these other sites wants you to subscribe so its money driven and for that they should be locked up I kid you not as I ahte people who are weak, thick, dumb, idiots and then change whats not real, simply putting it they are cons for which I believe in terminating

    Lets say 2012 does come about or another year, so what then prehaps it might be a a good thing, humans have one agend or should I say those that have powers in turning economies around and controliing lives that a brutual end will be welcome, you for the normal man death would be swift where as the super powers will build super buildings to save them but it will be in vane as natural is so powerful that their safety will be extended for a short while, when thats breached it will be a slow deaf, slow moving lava enters super structure comes to mind and there is no escaping that.

    Just what I wish would happen but its not…but we are overdue a massive challenge, when and where is anyones guess

  168. Nice, very Nice!
    First I would like to condemn all the people who think things like this, and then the people who don’t know anything about it and say they do.

    I have been looking into this for a very long time now, because of my flatmate who is a hardcore Christian mentioned it. I, an Atheist, (yeah not a good mix =P) have googled this so many times and %95 of the “reports” are made by a Christian website…the other %5 is either a mistake by google or sites like this actually doing something about these people!

    Now I do not mean to target an American, but a lot of these weird theory’s do come from America. An example of this, and again someone not understanding what they are saying is in this clip I found on Youtube
    I would encourage people to watch the whole the thing without falling over laughing. Basically this woman finds a rainbow in her sprinkler and thinks it is because of “Metallic Oxide Salts”…or bad oxygen or something.

    This is only showing how people can see the media, and try to make something of it themselves and then make a whole theory off the top of their heads, using words that sound “cool” and then make others believe them. ( The same as the Bible)

    If this woman had gotten this video put on something like a Christian or Greenpeace site, who knows what may have happened!
    I recently saw one site where one person tries to prove the 2012 with mathematics, using “their own” algorithms and was as I later found out, a High school drop out…now I know a High school drop out cannot make a claim predicting the future of the Earth, and “Planet X’s” using Thermo Dynamics…That just doesn’t make sense

    Anyway, Ian Nice call on the whole thing

  169. I must ask the question: How did a great article by Ian become a forum for a Christian bashing session?
    So sad!
    Anyway being a follower of Jesus myself and a lover of all things science, I and many of my kin take exception to all of these doomsday predictions by so-called Christians. The bashings we don’t mind so much. It keeps us honest.

    Anyway Mark 13:32 Jesus tells us:
    “But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.” – Not even Jesus knows.
    So if anybody says that the end will be on this or that day, they are not from God irrespective of under whose banner they claim they proclaim the supposed truth.
    The Truth about the end time is:
    Mark 13:31″Heaven and earth will pass away, but My (Jesus) words will not pass away….33″Take heed, keep on the alert; for you do not know when the appointed time will come.” – NSV
    My or your time might come minutes or even seconds after I press the submit button. Think on that and whether you will be ready for whatever follows.
    In the meantime, enjoy the pure science of the universe.
    Christianity nor Islam nor Buddhism nor any religion is the way.

  170. My point here does not attempt to verify nor dispute the Nibiru theory – my point is only this…..everyone who has posted an opinion thus far has only proven one thing. That there are now, have been, and always will be, things in this universe that we may never understand. And the reason we will never understand the infinite, potential possibilities in this universe is due to your lack of abstract thought and imagination. Thank god for people such as Einstein, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Divinci, and so on. Because they too were considered to be crazy in their own time, only to be proven later that they indeed know something that YOU did not. It’s the closed minded, absolute approach you all stand by that i find most offensive and disturbing. You are the same people that accused Newton of being a witch. It’s not about Nibiru, It’s about opening your mind to knew thoughts and possibilities. That’s how we evolve, that’s how any living creature evolves. otherwise we remain stagnant and life becomes mundane. And one other point, religion was created by man, and man by nature is flawed. Open Your Mind! It’s amazing what’s out there when you look for it! Find your own answers and stop listening to other ‘men’. PEACE! 🙂

  171. They all laughed when Noah said the rain would come. No one was laughing when the rain wouldn’t stop. They said the world was flat. They actually believed that sailing to the end of the horizon… their ship would fall off the end of the “flat” world. They laughed at any talk of sailing around the world. But when it was done, they all shut up; marveled, and started listening. What’s my point? Most things unknown or unheard of would naturally strike most people as absurd… until the unknown manifests itself. The warning was given, but the masses waived it off. But when the absurd became reality, it was already too late.
    I try to keep an open mind to the possibility of things that are unknown to me because life is full of surprises. Our understanding of the unknown will remain limited as long as we continue to depend on evidence as acceptance of existence ( if we can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist). We can’t see the life force inside of us, but when one perishes, the living witnesses are aware that something is missing from the lifeless body. Does a blind person from birth know for sure that there are people different from each other in skin color, or must they accept this as truth because someone with sight told them this? I’m saying this to say that before we dismiss this whole “Planet-X ” theory as nonsense simply because no known evidence supports it, we need to maybe try to focus on the evidence of things not seen through the eyes of the blind one and keep an open mind. There’s always the possibility of,… what if?

    …Just food for thought.

  172. “not know the day or the hour” – but what about the year and the month? What does the original Greek say?

    Many people talk about the complex Mayan calendar. Betcha many of you have not even seen it, or examined the process by which archealogists determined it WAS a calendar. It does not look like one, by our conventional standards (more like an intricate set of pictures).

    So, I would like to see an exhaustive description of the “calendar”, clarifying how they came to see it as a calendar, and how it actually works. Before I give it any credence for having prophetic powers.

    What bothers me more, though, is the Sumerian relic in Germany which shows the solar system and ten planets surrounding the sun, something Europe did not discover until a couple centuries ago. And the Basel wood carvings from the 1500s showing an incredible celestial event. And the Phoenix lights.

    Planet X sounds like the name of a vamp 60s C movie, so not too worried there.

  173. please explain this then … why has google sky blacked out this region of space?

    5h 53m 27s,-6 10′ 58″

    check it for yourself

  174. I watched an Tri-angular flat black_ silent flying craft float over my house in 1994. I am a carpenter, husband_ and a father of six children_ not a top level official. and that is the truth.

    Nice artical good job of calming my fears_ but i still saw the object.

    somthing is a foot

  175. Oh _ i forgot I also believe in Jesus as the Son of god. Funny how the first entry just makes me a look strange if I share that with any one……. but, the confession of faith in Christ will get me thrown off most web sites..
    what is harder to believe?

  176. hi been reading some of your comments out there and wow some things really do blow your mind don’t they.
    its interesting to see how some people slate others just because they have a different viewpoint. Just a thought but wouldn’t it be more rational if we could all have a sensible debate on these matters. I’ve known a little about this Planet X story through various websites though what is true and what isn’t i honestly don’t know but what amazes me is that so many so called adults slag each other off instead of sharing and discussing what is going on in the world.
    Now i’m only a newcomer to all of this but i’ve watched quite a lot of stuff through the internet about conspiracies, government corruption, alien ufo’s etc. Now i can’t say that i know the truth because i’ve only scratched the surface, but wouldn’t it be nice to see mankind having sensible debates about these things.
    Lets mention planet X again, OK there has been a lot of speculation on all fronts about this subject and certain individuals see fit to slag off people who happen to believe this story. Well to be honest i truly don’t know what the real truth is i’m quite in awe with most of this at the moment but i’m also open minded to other people’s point of view.
    Someone mentioned that these believers are amongst the group of people who really think 9-11 was a conspiracy, well i don’t know but lets take a look at the death of Princess Diana was it an accident?????????
    Don’t want to get too deep but what about area 51, we know it exists??????????
    The moon landing who know’s, flags waving about when there should be no wind?????
    Photo’s taken by who???????????
    As i say i’m new to this and the information out there seems to be endless who knows what to believe but i wonder if some of you out there who say that believers suffer from biased or selective thinking are not being biased and selective yourselves, now i’m not saying that you are wrong i’m just saying that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.
    Maybe some of you would like to check out people like David Ike, Michael Tsarion, Stewart Swerdlow, Jordan Maxwell, Anthony j Hilder and i’ll let you find others through their websites.
    Now i’ve gone through a lot of their video’s it all seems fantastic to me but it’s also made me open my mind to all the infinite possibilities that lie before us.
    I’m not going to take sides
    , but i’d like to say that it would be nice for us to have sensible speculation on matters that may or may not be true.
    I would like someone out there to converse with me so i can maybe get a little more insight into these matters.
    Thanks to all for what i have read so far, even though the slaggings wern’t called for in my eyes. We are all entitled to our own point of view, as one writer said it would be better if we were to discuss things rationally

  177. hey new to the sight and this discussion btw but one interesting thing i noticed Ian is that a lot of these doomsayers say you will be able to see planet X Nibiru in the sky by aprox mid 09 uh if you will be able to look up and see why would the goverment cover it up and if we can see it that soon we will have 3 years to prepare even it it is coming!! so until i can see it with my own eyes i have to say i agree with Ian but with 3 years to prepare what does it matter people??!!

  178. Hi
    I just read about all of the postings on this site and i came to wonder why i would spend one hour+ on reading about such a far out theory when i could do other useful things. The answer must be that it has got a lot of the elements that triggers human fascination. There is simply no end to the angles you can view this from. Religious, historical, political, scientific, humouristic, psychological etc. When someone write egypt or maya i go “wow its old cultures with mysterious messages.” When someone write solar system or galaxy I get great pictures inside my head. Its like a journey in and outside our world to all times.
    Why believe that dooms day is nearby? I think it is right as one wrote that you can actually wish for it. If my unique self has to go everybody must follow.

  179. Good point Blood. Just living got pretty mundane since humans ovecame pure fight/flight mechanics for survival. So, humans invented drama in all the worlds forms of story and complexity of civilization. Meanings through pattern and patterns through meaning to add zest to the daily grind. Its a recursive pattern but it has its limits (some limits have been found). Pattern Anayisis (sciences) job is to explain these limits and interactions using tools that can reproduce patterns to a certain degree of accuracy. Everyone else just makes up whatever they want 🙂 Patterns of Planet X just does not fit within the realm of supported analysis.

  180. Hello all yall i’ve been following this up for awhile now and what is the truth we will never know cuz of the goverment as you all know… so yeah forget all what you see and not what you hear cuz what you see is more less than what you hear! keep that in mind….

  181. hey kennyf4life, read your article and i like the way you put across some of your views. It’s quite amazing how many people need physical evidence before they will believe what is out there’ especially those who feel the need for the the so called proof to come from ” Official Sources” when mankind was told the World was flat, anyone who said different was classed a fool and laughed at, imagine their faces when it was proven to be round. What about Noah, they all laughed until the Flood came. Jesus was supposedly the lowly son of a carpenter but look at his following now……… His own people laughed at him, stoned and Crucified him yet his is the largest Religion in the World.
    Even in this present day most people laugh when a person comes along and tries to help mankind to follow the right path, especially if they are poor nobody’s. ……WHY, when Jesus was supposedly the son of a lowly carpenter and has the largest Religious following in the World must we expect a Messiah or Great Leader to have to come from a Wealthy background. As for the Planet X theory i agree with you when you say we need to keep an open mind i mean look at 911 or the death of Princess Di’ what’s the real truth there, and therefore what is the REAL truth about Planet X. Do some of us really believe that if such a supposed tragedy were to befall the Earth our self appointed Masters would actually tell us the truth or work at saving theirselves first. Check out the stories of all the Underground Cities supposedly being built all around the World, what are these for and why. Howcome they are not ” OFFICIAL NEWS” when they actually exist.
    Just a little more food for thought…………….
    Why do so many people who try to tell us the secrets about our Governments Die Mysteriously, why have so many people been visited by the men in Black Suits and told to “SHUT UP OR ELSE”. Why is it that the Missiles in the “Star Wars Project” are actually pointing at the Earth instead of into Space, or are we actually Prisoners on our own Planet.
    What we need to do is to listen to each other and learn from one another because we may all have a little piece of the puzzle which can be brought together and maybe then we just might be able to get close to the actual Truth.
    Just because something is said to come from an ” OFFICIAL SOURCE” Doesn’t mean it’s the TRUTH…….

  182. Anyone interested in finding out what’s going on with 2012

    check out:


    this shows that numbers affect people not nature

    this shows that 2012 obsessions and 9/11 obsessions are connected

    this shows that the calender changing in 2012 is the western one, but only in its indirect affects

    all natural / cosmic / galactic / universal disasters are rejected by the theory

    this shows that fears about the end of time/world are actually fears about the end of the year.

    Blue Electric Monkey

  183. Ja, well no fine…..
    Is there a big scary monster planet inhabited by lizard people?
    I dunno……
    Are there extra-terrestials?
    I dunno……

    Most of all of this stuff written here I do not know much about, but there are a few things I do know. I know that big shiny thing I see in the daytime is the sun, I do know that, that smaller silvery thing I see mainly at night is the moon and all those twinkly little lights are the stars.

    That is about as much as my knowledge of the heavens go. I also have this ability to be quite aware of my surroundings and my memory seems to allow me to make fair judgements of what goes on around me. I notice when summers seem drier than previous ones, I notice when some winters are wetter than others. I am aware of this world we live in. An interesting thing I also notice is that a certain bird would build its nests in the trees overhanging rivers or streams, and some seasons the locals will go down to these streams and notice these birds either build high or much lower and in this way they would make a relatively good guess about the coming rainy season. Now if a simple bird only about so high can make this vast scientific ,and mind you accurate mathematical decsion based on what? I dunno, and a dog jumping to catch a stick figures out all this quantum physics and trigonometrical equations to anticipated the arc the gravitational thrust etc all of this in an instant. Why because we, that is us ignorant idiots, who have no scientific background or acquired mathematical theoritical knowledge, be subjected to such ridicule?

    I read your article Ian, yes you have researched it and I am not in a position to fault it.
    As far as the Sumerians, the Aztecs or the Tree jumbers in outer new guinea or some island in the pacific are concerned some stuff happened here and some stuff seems to happen after certain cycles even if it is not in recent memory these things happen!
    The sumerians and the Aztecs actually kept records of these events written in the style of how they communicated as you guys do today, you guys use scientific jargon and words that I would not use on children but you say these things to explain to other guys like you what you mean. So did they!
    Now the ego warmers, the “new” high priests of today, the “scientists” or some nerdy little fellow you subscribes to Science weekly because he can use the word Quantam in a sentence debunks what an ancient civilisation actually recorded just because he believes they were long haired skirt wearing farmers, come on man!
    Is there a planet X? I do not know
    Is there a planet of the crossing? I do not know
    The aztecs believed it
    The sumerians believed it
    The egyptians, the babylonians, the Indians, and some other fellows who lived long ago speak about these things, but we us bright new worlders, we trust science dont we? Science will show us the way……..

    Rather than debunk ancient myths and legends…lets re-look at these stories, lets actually try to understand what our ancestors were trying to say to each other, then we might be able to understand this universe and our place in it!

  184. you see my theory is that why does the gouverment lies to us its note like every bodys going to panic i think sooner or later something like this is going to happen and than again my mom all ways told me that the goverment will not tell any thing about planets because hes afraid of what might happen to him but i not shore a bout that

  185. hey look on the bright side, its only 4 years away…. so lets just wait and see lol. even though there will be some crap claiming *miscalculation itll be 2024….ect* at least we get a decent movie plot out of the deal. that should be good lol

  186. thank you. my friend has been telling me about nibiru and youtube is not an equitable source for correct information. i showed him your report and he is still skeptical. but i really didn’t belive in nibiru in the first place. so thank you alot for the great evidence and killing the believers of this engaging topic.

  187. Watch this amazing video about dooms day and please leave a comment about the video here and on the website! Go to:

    You cant even decribe this video with words…

    Famous quote:

    “Its hard to wait around for something
    you know might never happen
    but it’s even harder to give up
    when you know it’s everything you want.”

  188. Hi Ian,

    I love the debate you’ve inspired and think its great you are someone with real facts and major reassurance!

    Now can you tell me where I might find myself a solar physicist? … for more than just debates xx

    I would love to date someone who could tell me all about the universe but just don’t know how to go about meeting someone like that.

    Not sure if I should even be posting this in the debate… if not, sorry!


  189. Let’s consider this subject in the philisophical sense. Every culture has their beliefs, faiths, saviors as well as a “last day” that we all will one day face. As a Christian, I am of the belief that regardless of what becomes of this Earth, my soul will be saved. Am I perfect? Of course not. I wake each day with negative thoughts about how screwed up this planet is. Then I begin to think…you know, the planet is as beautiful as it ever was. It’s the occupants of this rock in space that I grow weary of. I know not to judge others, but I can definitely disagree with their actions.

    Every so often, another claim of the “End” comes down the pike. If God judged the populace numerous times in our past, why should we not think that He’s capable of doing it again. Let’s look at the world today:
    – thousands starve daily worldwide
    – thousands of abortions occur daily ( not to debate abortion, but those that have or plan to abort an unborn child need only to ask one question: Would God approve of this abortion?…you all, in your hearts, know that answer. It’s not political, it’s not a “female” only issue. Remember. ” Thou shalt not kill.”
    -deceit is rampant in government. ( I suggest that we all look for the word “incumbant” on the ballot, and regardless of party, vote the other way.
    -radical Muslims killing innocents for “Allah” and for the virgins on the “other side”.
    -economies crumbling worldwide
    -the U.S. is as guilty of the sins of this planet as any other nation ( I am an American…and proud of it ). We are huge hypocrites. We won’t buy from Cuba because they’re “Commies”, but we import, borrow and support China ( Communist ) like there’s no tomorrow ( “One World Government” – another debate ). Why is that?
    -moral-less TV that have no shame. Was the world a better place when the morals of “Andy Griffith” and “Father Knows Best” were broadcast in the 60’s or now when “Dirty, Sexy Money” and “Desperate Housewives” rule TV of today?
    -political correctness makes everyone liars.

    If 2012 brings the next “biblical event”, then there’s not alot anyone can do except to try to make sure your soul is prepared and try to prepare as many souls that you care about as well. When the news shows nothing but murders, rapes, abductions, war and Jerry Springer, maybe it IS time to start again.
    I “DO BELIEVE” that something is about to happen soon. Not because of what I hear, see or read, but because of what I feel inside. Any reasonable person should be able to just “sit back” and look at this place we call Earth and say, “God, this is a screwed up place!” If you were a peaceful alien observing Earth secretly from space, they’d probably say the same thing. Six billion+ souls. 6,000,000,000+!! If the worst case scenario happens and Nibiru / Planet X / Dwarf Star causes the calamity they expect, 4,000,000,000 will perish ( 2/3 population ). Think about that! My open-minded, “conspiracy theory-loving” bloggers better get our spiritual affairs in order. What if…what if.

  190. so then what should we do? dig a whole and burry our heads? should we stop working and live every day to the fulliest. Like Y2K what will happen on December 22? I do agree, get your affairs in order but i will not believe that if the end was coming we would be wasting Billions on an election. We would be building a great space ARCH.

  191. I dont know why eople keep thinking it’s the end, but the strangest thing about all the comments i’ve read here in the past two hours or so is, i googled treasure hunting in ohio…how the hell did i get here? GOD i hate the internet !!!

  192. Conspiracy theories and doomsday predictions are often prevalent when a society has hit the skids. People distract themselves with this sort of thing. Sadly, there is so much worse going on in the world that we should be worrying about instead of some maybe/maybe not doomsday scenario. If you want to throw some religion into it, why not Christ’s admonishment that we won’t know when it hits, so we’d better just live the best way we know how, caring for our neighbor, until it does. Stop worrying about “the end” and start worrying about what you can do in this moment, for humanity. Thanks for keeping things honest.

  193. Watch this outstanding video about planet x/ dooms day and please leave a comment about the video here and on the website! Go to:

    You cant even decribe this video with words…

    Famous quote:

    “Its hard to wait around for something
    you know might never happen
    but it’s even harder to give up
    when you know it’s everything you want.”

  194. Dear videogamegeek,

    Good video. Monuments like the Easter Island heads (do they all face South? ) could have been created to let future generations know, that once there had been a civilisation there, and that we are not the first.
    The heads always gave me the impression that we should be vigilant, and keep watching. Stonehenge is close to where I live, still not clear on that one, but strikes me as something to do with, energy and / or communications. Anyway, Doug Yurchey is worth a read re the Grid, which Stonehenge etc could be part of.

  195. i am niburu. i have returned from my long jounrey on the confines of the world where the windows of earth look out into the deep void. i have returned to feast on your flesh and whip your hides with radiation from my many flares of solar! bow before me and tremble under my girth! you can run and hide but oh ill find ya and ill get ya… i might not kill ya but i will melt most of your body off. I AM NIBURU, lord of idiots. cya soon! KISSES!!!

  196. Hi. Unquestionably, I’m an amateur astronomy enthusiast. I’m hoping you can tell me what is the latest info regarding the phenomenon the IRAS sighted in the early 1980s, and what is the latest info regarding the phenomenon the IRAS sighted in 1987? Has NASA or any other astronomy organization pursued a positive identification of what those phenomena are, or is there so little concern for what they are that they have since been disregarded? Also, please verify my inference from your article that the “wobble” of Neptune, Uranus and Pioneer were anomalous or non-existent from the start. Thanks for any help 🙂

  197. Just a clarification,

    Emer Says:
    June 21st, 2008 at 7:26 am
    “……….. is too far away from the sun to support photosynthesis.”

    Photosynthesis does occur without sunlight such as at thousands of feet of depth under the surface of the ocean near hydrothermal vents. This has given hope of finding lifeforms under the surface of planet’s waters.

  198. Yea, thanks a lot. I was using the Planet X doomsday Dec 21, 2012 to get laid! If word gets out that it’s not going to happen, I’ll have to come up with a different angle. 😛

  199. I do have to argue some of the things here that you have said concerning Nibiru 2012. I have done a great deal of research on this, especially with the Sumerian stories and how they relate to possibilities of today.
    But before this, let us go with sceintific fact that backs much of their other claims. First off, science now believes that Earth was struck by another celestial body which created the moon. The Sumerians told us this 6000 years ago. Nasa confirmed the colors of the outer planets in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The Sumerians gave us this knowledge long before Christianity existed. Pluto was discovered in the 20th century. The Sumerians knew of it 80 centuries earlier. Sumeria was also the birthplace of our units of mesurement, our knowledge of astronomy and astrology. We still use the Sumerian clanday, just with different names.
    Given all this, it would seem that the Sumerians, the first recorded civilization on our planet, seemed to know as much as we do know, just minus our technology. So where did they learn all this?
    They say they learned it from the Anunaki, a race of people that came from a planet other than ours and was highly developed. Conisdering that we now only know things about our solar system because of our advanced technology, and most people believe that life most likely exists on other planets, this does not sound like a far fetched story.
    Now, as for a planet X coming at us to wreak havock…
    There is a great deal of proof, from cave paintings to magentic stones that have a reverse polarity to what they should have, to show that something has flipped our planet on its axis in the past. We have ocean floor sea life on the top of high plateus and mountain peaks far from any ocean. Only an event like a flip of the axis would dredge up the ocean floor and send water high enough to reach these places. Out in space there is proof too. Uranus is tilted so its poles face the sun, not its equator. It is the only planet that does. Something had to flip it that way. The only thing that could is a very large celestial body passing close enough that its gravity effected it. Then there is the asteroid belt beyond Mars. Is it just a strangely unique spot in the solar system that was just fortunate enough to be the cumping ground of enough rock to make a large planet? Or, like the rings around the planets, was it formed from a cosmic collision? The Sumerians think it was, and they think Earth was the planet that made it. And since they are profoundly correct on so many other things, it is at least worth consideration.
    Finally, in relation to 2012 and Nibiru, there have been photos floating all over the internet about a strange object seen near the sun in the extreme lower hemispere. Having a friend in Argentina, I asked him to go to the southern tip of his country, and take a look at the sun as it sets. At first he told me he saw nothing. But several days later he phoned me, freaking out about a “mini-sun” just to the right of the sun. Something about a 16th the size of the sun that rises up just a bit as the sun sets, and disappears quickly as the sun sets. Taking the information he gave me, and running it past some astronomer friends of mine, it placed it in the vacinity of the constillation Virgo. So I went on Google, Microsoft and Wikisky, because they all have very well made space exploration map programs. What did I find? Nothing. Well, not totally true. I found the area of sky I was wanting to look at had a black box over it. EACH site had this. However, Wikisky put a transparency over it, rather than completely blocking it out. If you zoom in….you see a very large, round object underneath it.
    I am not saying that we are facing doomsday on Dec. 21st, 2012. What I am saying is that such a scenerio is indeed possible, explains many things from both now and stories from antiquity, and someone or something is making companies that map space hide areas that have strange things going on in them.
    Search for your own answers. Don’t take my word for it. But as for me….I’m preparing…just in case.

  200. lol people wake up: the world was supposed to end during the great depression, and in 2000. BUT WAIT WERE STILL HERE!!!!!

  201. Watch this outstanding video about planet x/ dooms day and please leave a comment about the video here and below the video leave a comment! Go to:

    You cant even decribe this video with words…

    Famous quote:

    “Its hard to wait around for something
    you know might never happen
    but it’s even harder to give up
    when you know it’s everything you want.”

    WARNING: what you are about to watch is fact not fiction!

  202. Watch this outstanding video about planet x/ dooms day and please leave a comment about the video here and on the videogamegeek website! Go to:

    You cant even decribe this video with words…

    Famous quote:

    “Its hard to wait around for something
    you know might never happen
    but it’s even harder to give up
    when you know it’s everything you want.”

    WARNING: what you are about to watch is fact not fiction !

  203. Watch this outstanding video about planet x/ dooms day. Please leave a comment about the video here and on the videogamegeek website! Go to:

    You cant even decribe this video with words…

    Famous quote:

    “Its hard to wait around for something
    you know might never happen
    but it’s even harder to give up
    when you know it’s everything you want.”

    WARNING: What you are about to watch is fact not fiction!

  204. Watch this outstanding video about planet dooms day. Please leave a comment about the video here and on the videogamegeek website! Go to:

    You cant even decribe this video with words…

    Famous quote:

    “Its hard to wait around for something
    you know might never happen
    but it’s even harder to give up
    when you know it’s everything you want.”

    WARNING: What you are about to watch is fact not fiction!

  205. Watch this outstanding video about planet x/ dooms day. Please leave comments about the video here and on the videogamegeek website! Go to:

    You cant even decribe this video with words…

    Famous quote:

    “Its hard to wait around for something
    you know might never happen
    but it’s even harder to give up
    when you know it’s everything you want.”

    WARNING: What you are about to watch is fact not fiction!

  206. Watch this outstanding video about planet x/ dooms day. Please leave a comment about the video here and on the videogamegeek website! Go to:

    You cant even decribe this video with words…

    Famous quote:

    “Its hard to wait around for something
    you know might never happen
    but it’s even harder to give up
    when you know it’s everything you want.”

    WARNING: What you are about to watch is fact not fiction!


  207. Planet X is out there. It’s real. It’s heading toward us. It’s the return of the planet with the civilization of beings that provided the engineered DNA stucture in all earthly human beings. Ref. Lloyd Pye’s info.

    We live in a “world without end”, so there will be no end. BUT, there will be a massive kill-off and huge rearrangment that most of us won’t survive.

    Many will survive. Are you prepared? OR will you live in denial and let it happen to you?

  208. To quote ChrisX;

    Are you prepared? Or will you live in denial and let it happen to you?

    End Quote.

    This tells me 2 things. First, all the people who believe in Planet X / Nibiru will seek shelter in whatever. Probably underground bunkers. Right, if a planet crosses at a distance of the moon to earth, what do YOU think will happen. I’ve read that there will be massive earthquakes, tidal waves, Superstorms, my personal favorite, the earth will stop spinning, and so on.

    All over our planet are vault lines, thus making an underground bunker pretty useless since they will collapse in the Earthquakes.
    Shelters above ground will either be flooded with water or destroyed in a superstorm, thus rendering them useless aswell.

    If the earth stops spinning around, we’d loose gravity, ppl will go around floating, wich could be usefull when doing your shopping, no more heavy lifting 😛

    To all those who don’t believe all this will come true, well, meh. It’s the only thing i can think off right now.
    But anyway, i’ll probably will not be talking to you on Dec 22 2012 since most people are in their bunkers / hideouts.

    Oh, one more thing, all this preaching about the NWO (New World Order) is making some simple minded, narrow visioned ppl scared. All this talk about Doomsday, does the same thing. Thus making you part of the NWO, Congrats and welcome to the club.

    STOP BEING DENSE and live your life. IF Doomsday is comming, there is no stopping it, there is no survival. But then again, this world should be dead about 74 Trillion times by now. All cultures talk about Doomsday as if it’s something bad, it’s not. It purges all life and starts over.

    NOW STFU AND LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT!! See you on Dec 22 2012.

  209. A skeptical friend sent me this link; he states that he does not like the end of the
    world scenario. I guess he never read the Old Testament, including Joshua Chapter 10.
    If it can’t happen, why is it in the Bible? If it is not happening now why are there photographs?
    If it is not happening now, why is the Sun behavior following the PX theory and not the solar
    scientists theory of us being in a sunspot maximum? If it is not happening, why does the Earth
    not get warmer from CO2? If it is not happening, why is the ground getting warmer as the core
    heats up. If it is not happening, why are cranes toppling over, why do compasses need to have
    north reset constantly? If it hasn’t happened before, why are huge areas of Earth comprised of
    layers of rock standing vertically instead of horizontally? If it is not happening, why are the courses
    of the moon and the sun through the sky showing aberrations?

    When people talk about pole shift, which is admitted, they seem to omit the fact that it takes a large
    body to affect the sun and the earth. They deny all the cataclysm histories of all the oldest civilizations.

    When people look to put an idea down they select one naysayer and quote him endlessly. There
    is no thought that calendar errors moved the actual date to July-August 2010. They dismiss
    penguins migrating en mass to the eastern tip of Brazil. And of course a dimensional change for the
    entire planet cannot even be discussed by these people, let alone extraterrestrials or extraterrestrials
    from a large planet in a huge egg shaped orbit around the sun. I don’t know what they make of the
    Sumerians calling earth the 7th planet [because they came to it from space]. They do not understand
    that the Olmecs and the Mayans wrote of cycles going forward and backward for eons of time but
    did not write of after [2010] because the 4th dimension cannot be described from the 3rd, and thus
    history stops. And they will not consider open alien contact after [2010] because “they” do not exist.

    I don’t know where this author gets the idea to put Dec 2012 together with Planet X,
    but he does and then explains why scientific evidence shows that is neither part is true.

  210. I am not saying I do not believe in possible destruction and chaos of the earth. I am aware that the universe is one hell of a meat grinder that we are ripping through everyday. My boyfriend who is a complete science nerd came and told me tonight about how he watched this youtube video all about planetx a 5 part segment. IT was all about 2012 and the end of the world. It was frustrating to hear this so I came inside to find out more. I’m glad I found this site. However, I must say that through hearing about this whole planetx thing I do know I’d like to learn more about survival and man I need to get into better shape cause shit can hit the fan at anytime and no matter what it is from global warming to “planet x” its good to be prepared to ward off chaos. But personally, I’m more concerned with Jupiter lighting up.

  211. Just a sec. They used an infrared telescope and saw this “planet”… How do they now that it’s red if they used infrared technology… It makes no sense… And if it orbits every 3600 years, that means that it’s appearance is a good thing… The last time it was here, the Mycenaean civilization was at it’s peak (in 1588 BC the planet went by, and Mycenaeans flourished between 1600 – 1100 BC)… This Planet X is pure crap founded on blurry images and people who just love being scared and stupid… Mayans predicted a lot of things that happened… So what, so did Nostradamus, and he predicted that the World will end in 3797… You can believe that to!
    Great job for this!

  212. Jupiter…as per Arthur C. Clarke…2001 Space Odessey. Having chosen to write both his scientific knowlege and theories, in Sci Fi genre, one wonders what he may have known re Jupiter.

  213. thanks. this article really cooled me down. i was panicking about this though it’s 3 years away

    okay typing halfway just happened to come across this guy’s reply

    “Just a sec. They used an infrared telescope and saw this “planet”… How do they now that it’s red if they used infrared technology… It makes no sense…”

    well you see, the object doesn’t have to be red. it can be red, blue, green, or multi-colored. most importantly is that the larger the planet, the higher the gravitational pull, which means it’ll pull earth towards itself and destroy it with any elements found in it, or by simply colliding. okay end here for this

    read another article written on 2003, and it says 20 years ago infrared technology is born. 20 years before 2003 is 1983, the 1st time “planet X” is spotted. birth year of infrared is the year it spotted planet X, how can they be so sure? maybe the system’s corrupted? or that there’s some kind of mistakes made by them? or simply a sphere of pressure, vibration or something else that’s so great that infrared mistaken it as an object? i believe no 1 actually used an optical telescope so powerful that they can see planet X with their own eyes? or did someone actually do it? that, enlighten me

    43 billion miles=8 years
    then how long does it take to travel 7 billion miles?

  214. it seems to me with all the activity in antartica, with silent scientists from america coming and going to the new radar, the red dwarf visiable down there, bunkers being dug out in every country, israel doing the most, it just seems to me that something this way comes.

  215. Something I read about the forthcoming digitizaiton of television broadcasting that might excite the conspiracy theorists: it’s being done to give “them” definite control over what “they” want us to see, and what “they” don’t want us to see through analog airwave interception. It seems the corrupt elite are going to put us on our knees begging for mercy from Jesus or some other supernatural being by projecting “it” to us digitally. Be good little sheeple 😉

    P.S.: The author has not responded to my questions after 13 days. Perhaps he is researching his answers, but it’s never a good sign when questions are ignored.

  216. I have only one question to ask. I think SCIENTISIS actually all agree on the same answer. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DINOSAURS? I guess it is a little far fetched to imagine and end to all human life and the dinos probably were drinkin coffee and smoking a cigarette when a large rock or mass of ice penetrated earth’s atmosphere and ended their several million year party. Well I lied….I do have another question. Have humans really only been here a mere 10,000 years?

  217. Humans think they are so smart. Humans have too many hang ups and hold too many grudges to last a significant amount of time in this universe. Not nearly enough evolution has occured for humans to be ready for what’s in store next.

  218. http://www.forbiddenarcheology.com
    Nothing like being led around by the nose by your own government and the world’s corrupt elite 🙁
    For anyone who had a difficult time tracking down the black box at
    here are the coordinates:
    Right Ascension = 5h, 53m, 42.0s
    Declination = -6 degrees 0′ 43.9″
    I’m not going to say it’s Planet X/Nibiru, but I’d definitely like to know what’s behind that black box!
    I skimmed around the sky map, but I could find no other black boxes.
    I smell a rat!

  219. Just about two years ago many didn’t believe in the effect of global warming and called it a conspiracy. Now the evidence of warming is so overwhelming that no one thinks that.

    In the month May of the year 2009AD the planet Nibiru will be visible in the northern hemisphere.

    Nibiru is part of Sumerian history and the book Genesis of the holy bible is sumerian history. Human beings are genetic variation of primates and designed for specific purpose. The masters who left the humans here on earth without the supervision will return. This very fact shouldn’t upset you if you have been a rational, independent observer of history of mankind and have not dismissed many clues as simply a joke becasue you refused to take time to do research in fact finding and verification mission yourself.

  220. i realize that the human race is a fearful lot…always has been. i also realize that many people are gullible. and i realize that some unethical people make money off of fear and ignorance. noone can dispute this. but i also realize that people like to hide from the truth when it scares them. people often refuse to see it when it is right under their noses. so i dont think we should be so fast to laugh at possibilities that some would call conspiracies. human history is full of documented conspiracies that were not realized until after the fact…

    we also know very little about space comparatively,except we know the earth has been hit several times by objects from space as well as solar flares and different types of radiation. when we take this into consideration,its not so insane to suggest that the summerians might have known something that was later lost by war,raids,or the simple passage of time.

    anyone who claims they “know” something will always do this or never do that is a fool who is begging to be proven wrong.

    believe whatever helps you get through your day,everyone does. but science and history can tell you that it is only a matter of time before the earth is put in danger….again.

  221. Hey Ian
    You should keep these threads coming the kinds dedicated just to this kind of thought. Conspiracy Theories and alike..
    Really I’ve never said anything on this topic of Planet X because this is the one I hope you guys get right. But just reading the different views of people and there beliefs its great to see how affected our daily lives arer by a theory, I even saw a guy blame you for all our deaths if Nibiru were true.
    You need your own Secret Service dude!!

  222. PLANET X IS REAL!!!

    the grey zetas will arrive in it, and feed your brains to the zombies.

    Buy lots of guns, or if you don’t have much money, just use your dimensional warp generator to leap to Mars, but beware of the giant martian spiders [discovered by NASA, bur is a secret].

  223. Wow — this thread is still alive?

    In the month May of the year 2009AD the planet Nibiru will be visible in the northern hemisphere.

    In the month of May of the year 2009AD, when the planet Nibiru will, once again, fail to be visible from either hemisphere, BelieveNibiru (or one of his/her fellow true believers) will be back here to claim that they really meant March 2010 or something, and that this time there is no doubt that they will be proved correct.

  224. HOLY CRAP!

    It’s like someone put out a sign:


    After reading this, I’m drowning in logical fallacies…

  225. If Nibiru does make an appearance, make survival suits out of foil and duct tape. Nibiru’s inhabitants will realize your power and intelligence then thoughtfully shoot themselves in the head leaving Earth and Nibiru as a dual planet. Hey, NASA needs to get ready because it’s gonna be the closest foreign body besides the Moon. We can schedule vacations to Planet X!

  226. “Holy Crap” is right!!
    I am amazed that people today with so much knowledge at their disposal can actually believe in a bunch of Mayans, who first of all ripped the live hearts out of their own people’s bodies to make rain. I think the Mayans eventually figured out that rain was a natural phenomenon and that those really smart guys were killing them off and there would be no more Mayans left if it continued.
    What exactly does that say about their calender? Can anyone honestly tell me that anything written by them can be considered true?

  227. The most important thing about all this discussion is that we do need more observations. Not just in Antarctica but, in Canada, Africa, Alaska, anywhere and everywhere. Because we already have proof of the destruction a large rock can do to Earth. If it happened once there is a very good possibility that there is another rock out there that has Earth’s name on it.
    From a young age children should be taught about astronomy and the importance it has in our future. Hopefully there will be a new generation of people who will be looking out for the “Big ONE!”

  228. Soooo I entered the coordinates for “Planet X” on Google Sky and it said “No Result” and on Wikisky it sent me to an area in the Orion constellation. Either it’s complete b.s. or the right ascention and declination were wrong.

    How can people get all “the planet x people are going to come here and kill off 2/3 of the world’s population” when there’s no hard evidence available for all to see of the damn thing existing? Even in the one in a million trillion chance that this stuff is true, how can we predict what happens? What if these things are crusaders for the little guy and they get rid of the corrupt jackasses running our countries and corporations?

    We have no idea and I’m not going to lose sleep over this. Neither should anybody else. Live your lives as you do, deal with things as they come and just try to be a good person….it’s all you can do.

  229. How can the world end…….If Chuck Norris still lives? He will just round house kick the earth back on its axis. Doesn’t get more scientific than that.

  230. @ Paul: That’s right. Because when Chuck Norris does push ups, he doesn’t push himself up, he pushes the Earth down.

  231. “What if these things are crusaders for the little guy and they get rid of the corrupt jackasses running our countries and corporations?”

    To elaborate on this, I was trying to say that maybe if we were created by the supposed beings from Nibiru, they might return to find their creation has been corrupted by greed and a general lack of compassion. To right that wrong, they may take out all corrupt leaders leaving us behind to govern and employ ourselves te correct way.

  232. This planet is not going to hit us. I do believe that something like this, if not Nibiru itself definitely has the propensity to destroy us, possibly by it’s gravitational pull. What keeps me open-minded about the destruction of our planet is the fact that Earth has been hit by devastating meteors in the past, and the recent fact that Earth is being bombarded by concentrated cosmic rays from a source who’s mass is 4X as great as Jupiter. I do believe that this dark planet that we all are arguing about will show it’s face, and that day will indeed be.. interesting.

    To everyone out there:
    the next time you’re outside, look up. Question your existence and your surroundings, that’s why they’re there. Nothing is finite, and I do believe that whatever is going to end civilization will, and there’ll be no way for humankind to be prepared.
    That’s life.
    I’m not cynical. heheh

  233. “Aliens” aren’t causing this mystery planet to drift towards us.. (if it is, at all.)
    This isn’t some ticking time bomb that ANYBODY left behind for Earth, exclusively.
    This is a huge chunk of mass that is governed by the same “laws” of physics as any other celestial body in the universe.
    And to say that it doesn’t exist, or that it’s impossible is a direct contradiction to the foundation of everything scientific that humans have built up.
    If it’s out there, it can hit us. If an orbit of 23,000 years or more can be proved; I’m not sure if it has or not, then this Planet X will most definitely make a close call with our precious Terra.
    I’m somewhat ashamed that this whole matter got mixed up with conspiracy.
    We all live on the same Earth, and nothing productive comes out of arguing against the fact that this planet is out there and can possibly destroy ours, and neither do benefits come from arguing for this PLANET. This isn’t some hallowed angel or fairy tale or devil we’re dealing with. This is a sphere of dirt or gas or rock or whatever. It doesn’t even matter. If this planet is out there, it needs to be treated as a possible endfactor to us. US. Not a particular side of the fight over something that is undeniably one of the most important things in the world to be fighting over.
    Science allows for a yes or a no answer to matter, and it’s every single person’s responsibility to discover this answer. Without preconceived notions , too, I might add.
    I’m 14 years old.

  234. ~~Eric Near Buffalo Says:
    November 21st, 2008 at 10:12 am

    We’re all so glad that you could get so theoretical and use such eloquent language in your explanation.~~

    Why thank you Eric, glad you approve of my eloquent language, because some people can be such jerks when you use language they deem offensive.

  235. 1) Look at the origin of the date. It’s the locus of Terrence McKenna’s Time Wave Zero of his Novelty Theory. He picked the data somewhat arbitrarily and then promoted the idea that the Mayan calendar ended there. McKenna was a genius manipulator of media, and he’s almost created Time Wave Zero by originating this meme.

    2) The idea that the Mayans could predict eclipses, galactic alignments, and so on does not come from archaelogical or historical evidence. It comes from folks like Eric von Daniken and Jose Arguelles spinning elaborate theories to make the simple complex or obscure. The idea of Mayans making amazing cosmological observations and so on is an elaborate construction of a cult-ish press devoted to these notions.

    3) I’m not worried about the world ending in 2012. I am worried about end-of-the-world obsessed people making life miserable for everyone else as they run around freaking out about the end of the world. If they think the end is coming who knows what damage and violence they might cause?

    4) And as many have pointed out, the bible says don’t believe anyone who knows the time of the end, they’re misleading you. So why are so many people who clearly are religious and study the bible freaking out about this date? They’re doing the exact thing they’re instructed not to.

    I think this is McKenna’s last laugh. He was an intellectual trickster and a brilliant theoriest, and by pulling off this chaos, he’s proved his theories about the nature of human experience.


  236. This has been interesting reading from both sides of the coin. I myself say that Planet X is out there but cannot see it coming near us in the next 4 years.
    It is being said in here that Doom-Sayers are just generating fear to sell books, well is that not what the bible did? Follow the Ten Commandments or you will not be saved by god (something along those lines).
    This is using fear to have people follow Christianity, A few Christians that have replied give the impression the only way you will be saved is to follow Jesus. Are you joking? are you really that arrogant you believe not one devoted Christian will die? It is said that 2/3 of the human population will be killed (and many more after the event due to no drinking water and food).
    I am not trying to start a religious argument I am just making a point.
    I hope 2012 is a non-event but if it is not I hope all differences are set aside for the greater good of human survival where the new world will be one where we have evolved to get along with each other as one race (human) without religion or war.

  237. hi,
    i’m very much scared :'( and in tears almost from 2 days. and now i’m little relaxed seeing this article but still somewhere in my mind there are a few question marks. Can’t we do anything if any such things happen ? :'( :'( :'( :'( can anyone give me the links which says “No Doomsday” with proofs. please i’m too tensed and feared.

  238. The sumerians existed almost 6,000 years ago.These were people who believed in Odin, Asgard as his kingdom and Valhala as heaven.They even Believed the earth was flat.So how can educated people base their arguements on such evidence.It’s totally far-fetched to me and only people as dumb as them who believe such nonsense.

  239. Cyndric if you are 14yrs old I suggest you stay in school.If there is such a planet it would not hit us like you stated because all the planets are in orbit and if a planet 4 to 8 earth masses were to hit us we would not be here because it would have happened in the past.Still you are somewhat right,if we were to face extinction it would be death from above.From an asteroid maybe but NOT planet x.You see the early solar system was very violent when the earth was first forming and a collision between a planet called terra and earth occured to create the moon and life on our planet.However the solar system have fully developed and operates in complete syncronicity.This means if a planet 4-8 earth masses were to enter the solar system then gravitation perturbation will occur on the gas giants as well as the planets in the inner solar system.If that was the case then there would be strong evidence in the alignment of celestial bodies to support the theory that planet exist.What I mean to say is that there would have been bombardments ever so often in the solar system.Which is not the case.If you read the work of Zecharia Sitchin who proposed the Nibiru aka planet x notion he mentioned that from sumerian texts Nibiru made flybys every 3,600 years.This does not add up.If Nibiru entered the inner solar system then it needs to pass between the orbits of mars and jupiter where the asreroid belt sits.If such a large object passes through the asteroid belt then it would gravitationally bump asteroids out of their orbits and send them hurdling into the inner solar system towards earth,venus.mercury.mars and their moons.So there would have to be fresh impact craters on the terrestrial planets and their satelites as evidence to prove the theory of planet x.This is not the case because the latest impact craters on earth dates back to 50,000 years ago.The same asteroid that killed the mamoths.So you see evidence goes against the theory that planet x exist and the only evidence to support it is pre-babylonian texts from the sumerians.Who infact were people who worshipped
    odin and believed when they died the would go to valhala,into his kingdom of asgard.Sumerians were complete barbarians who conquered others as there way of life.They were not even mathematitians.There faith were based on complete mythology and false beliefs.This is not the type of evidence you would want to base your arguements on.I mean for god sakes they even believed the earth was flat.Another thing,the greeks and egyptians were responsible for giving us mathematics,writing and the idea of the universe and solar system.Have you ever heard of kapernakas and kepler?They were greek astronomers that percieved the idea that the earth and the other planets existed in the solar system and revolved around the sun.So the greeks for years have studied the cosmos.So why aren’t there evidence or even texts from them that nibiru exists.The more people try to prove nibiru exists the more they prove that it doesn’t.It goes beyond the laws of physics.It plain just doesn’t make sense.Anyhow I hope I’ve shed some light to those who though there would be darkness.So don’t worry about nibiru.worry about apophis.Apophis is an asteroid that will make a flybyclose to earth in 2029 and another in 2036 with a 1 in 45,00 chance in hitting the earth.If this was to hit the earth then it would hit at a force of 1,500 mega tons of tnt or the force 1,000 hiroshima bombs or 200 times the tunguska event that wiped out over 2,000 sq. kilometers of forests in Siberia so we’re not all high n dry yet,not by a long shot.

  240. Cyndric i apologise.I misswrote.I meant to say it would not hit us because of past history and not from gravitational effects like you stated because there would be fresh bombardments due to gravitational effects.Again I apologise.Still stay in school to learn more about this stuff,the knowlege is infinite.

  241. Actually it was the Norse people, the Vikings, who believed in Odin. The Sumerians believed in Marduk and some other sky gods as we’re continually been informed on the 2012 geomag thread. Complete hogwash of course.
    Also someone is ‘concerned’ at the prospect of Jupiter lightinig up. WHAT??? How will that happen? When? and Why? Don’t tell me you actually believed the story that plunging the Galileo spacecraft ,with it’s tiny radioactive energy source, into it’s atmosphere would ignite the gases did you? Completely INSANE! There are some seriously crazy and frightened people out there. But that’s the www for you.

  242. Paul, Stephen. How you guys doing?

    ~~Steven Says:
    November 21st, 2008 at 9:55 am

    Mayans where a bunch of dumb bastards, couldn’t even make a proper calendar, had to kill people to make the sun shine, dumb fucks.~~

    First of all Stephen, the calendar of which you speak is actually 3 calendars in one. They didn’t just make a calendar. They made a perfect calendar.

    Thier religion sucked but it was the same with catholics and many major religions world wide today. Ignorant is the word you’re looking for, not dumb.

    Remember, the Church at one time thought that the world was flat and you couldn’t say otherwise or you’d get fucked up.

    The problem is Stephen, the gods (aliens) left the building long ago and the priest and kings they left behind perverted religion and authority.

    Good stuff,


  243. Freddy. Says:
    November 28th, 2008 at 5:05 am
    Actually it was the Norse people, the Vikings, who believed in Odin. The Sumerians believed in Marduk and some other sky gods as we’re continually been informed on the 2012 geomag thread. Complete hogwash of course.

    Freddy, no offense, but if you only know about “Marduk and some other sky gods” and obviously have no details about these gods or have no knowledge of the Sumerian religion how can you call it hogwash?

    Just a question.


  244. Sean, I was reading what you wrote about the Sumerians but I couldn’t finish it.

    These people were not barbarians. They had the first everything, schools, laws, the wheels, math, calendar. In fact this is where it is believed civilization began. The first written language, the cunieform language was from there also. They had the first agriculture too. Before that place people were mere hunter/gatherers.

    Look it up man. Don’t get confused, they had nothing to do with Odin. They worshipped the first gods recorded on earth.

    This is the problem we’re having. My argument is that these gods were actually aliens.

    I always say read Genesis 6 in the bible then google the word Anunnaki.

    Have a nice day folks


  245. The Greek knowledge originated in Sumer. All the god stories had their origin there. Even the bible stories. The deluge, creation. These stories were “borrowed” from the sumerian stories, the characters were recast and this created Judaism.

    But there was nothing before the Sumerians.
    Akkadian came after sumer and thats a pre semitic language.

    These languages were pre hebrew.

    In my opinion Stephen is partly correct. The maya couldn’t have studied the skys for a couple of thousand years in order to get those calendars so perfect. They were taught by these gods (aliens).

    Look up Viracocha.

    I goota go, I’ll be back to bother Stephen later.


  246. President George W. Bush said his belief that God created the world is not incompatible with scientific proof of evolution.
    In an interview with ABC’s “Nightline” on Monday, the president also said he probably is not a literalist when reading the Bible although an individual can learn a great deal from it, including the New Testament teaching that God sent his only son Asked about creation and evolution, Bush said: “I think you can have both. I think evolution can — you’re getting me way out of my lane here. I’m just a simple president. But it’s, I think that God created the earth, created the world; I think the creation of the world is so mysterious it requires something as large as an almighty and I don’t think it’s incompatible with the scientific proof that there is evolution.”
    He added, “I happen to believe that evolution doesn’t fully explain the mystery of life.”
    Interviewer Cynthia McFadden asked Bush if the Bible was literally true.
    You know. Probably not. … No, I’m not a literalist, but I think you can learn a lot from it, but I do think that the New Testament for example is … has got … You know, the important lesson is ‘God sent a son,'” Bush said.
    “It is hard for me to justify or prove the mystery of the Almighty in my life,” he said. “All I can just tell you is that I got back into religion and I quit drinking shortly thereafter and I asked for help. … I was a one-step program guy.”
    The president also said that he prays to the same God as those with different religious beliefs.
    “I do believe there is an almighty that is broad and big enough and loving enough that can encompass a lot of people,” Bush said.
    When asked whether he thought he would have become president had it not been for his faith, Bush said: “I don’t know; it’s hard to tell. I do know that I would have been — I’m pretty confident I would have been a pretty selfish person.”
    Bush said he is often asked whether he thinks he was chosen by God to be president.
    “I just, I can’t go there,” he said. “I’m not that confident in knowing, you know, the Almighty, to be able to say, Yeah, God wanted me of all the other people.”
    He also said the decision to go to war in Iraq was not connected to his religious beliefs.
    “I did it based upon the need to protect the American people from harm,” Bush said.
    “You can’t look at the decision to go into Iraq apart from, you know, what happened on Sept. 11. It was not a religious decision,” he said. “I don’t view this as a war of religion. I view this as a war of good, decent people of all faiths against people who murder innocent people to achieve a political objective.”
    He said he felt like God was with him as he made big decisions, but that the decisions were his.
    “George W. Bush has to make these decisions.”

  247. To Rico. No the Maya were not, make that definitely not, taught by aliens. They were self taught and did so by carefully watching the skies initially over a few score years. Further observations were added thus refining their knowledge. Their very precise calculations were however not driven by science or an abstract desire of knowledge for knowledge’s sake but by astrological/religious mania. Their desire was to appease the gods with blood for a good harvest, many children for the kings, princes and other assorted rulers.

  248. To Rico. The Steven who called the Maya “dumb fucks…” etc. Wasn’t me. He’s a different Steve with a different spelling. I’m ‘PH’ not ‘V’.
    I don’t call the Maya dumb fucks. On the contrary I think they were highly skilled in many areas even if inordinately blood thirsty.

  249. So, my friend messaged me tonight, saying how “old gods” are coming from a planet to destroy us all and that we must prepare. I was disappointed because I thought he was more intelligent than that. So while I was hunting for some credible information on the “evil” Planet X, I stumbled upon this article (and the others).

    It’s actually kind of painful to think that some people believe in this. I’ve seen the “proof” that the doomsayers claim to have, all theories and no hard evidence to prove what they say is real. It’s kind of like a battle between a Freudian and a Behaviourist. The Freudian will say: “I has theory, this is true! This is how it works!” and the Behaviourist will reply: “Prove it.”

    Personally I refuse to believe anything where one of the prime ringleaders of this Planet X kerfuffle is a woman who claims to be getting information from an implant in her nose who changes her story more than a crooked politician. I don’t believe anyone who says they have an alien implant unless I see it, either via X-ray or, yaknow, autopsy after they die. It’s probably a crayon that got stuck up in there (it happened to Homer, it can happen to other stupid people)

    So I ask the people who believe in big, bad Planet X, give me your empirical evidence. Observable, measurable, real data. I don’t want theories, I want proof.

    “The world will look up and shout “Save us!”… And I’ll whisper “No.” ” (Rorschach/Watchmen ’09)

  250. The Annunaki of planet X. Who will stop them? Like most characters in Watchmen, Rorschach has no “super powers.” Yet the Watchmen can stop the Annunaki, or at the very least warned everyone in time. right?
    Are there regular ppl willing to stand up in the end times? Where are the Bearers of Light?
    Who will stand up & stop the roots of this deception that go back centuries to dogmas and beliefs created by hierarchies to sanction their powers. Societal patterns got enacted as common folk gave credence to these dogmas, and fear. The resulting beliefs still thrive today and are within the foundation of global conflicts that presently plague our planet. This veil can make people like sheep to follow the will of those who are in power and control the media.

    May you find your light
    Gnostic joe

  251. I have been glancing through this subject for the past couple of days an am intrigued in regards to the creativity in writing and video production of the subject that apparently roots back to some ominous NASA report in which the “intelligent minds” of our time have chosen to correllate with an ancient summerian doomsday planet.

    Kudos to the individuals who devised this 24 year old Bullshit fabrication of “Biblical Proportion/” It has been a fun read.

    I especially liked the archeological dig photos picturing 35+ foot skeletal remains being unearthed with a man and shovel in the process of un-earthing it….Fabricating those photos indeed took skill.

    Anyone know what sort of software was used to do that? I have a few ideas of my own.

  252. What amazes me is that those 2012 hoaxers put so much effort and energy in their video production, books, and web sites and only if theys would use 1% of that energy and try to check REAL science sites and read REAL science books then they would immediate come to the conclusion that they are dead wrong.

    Also some of the evidence can be so easily be debunked by simply going outside when you see the stars and take a binocular and look for yourself.

  253. Will Eris hit us on 2012, I seriously doubt it, but it might get close enough for a good look at it!

  254. I don’t but you guys but if I was a giant mass or murder and had to:
    1.- Travel 7 billion miles in 3 years
    2.- Appear at the horizon in 3-4 months
    3.- Dodge other planets courses and their gravity force
    4.- Pass trough and asteroid belt
    I would start moving!!
    To me, it’s absurd to think that it’s a planet that can sustain life when it’ spends so much time away from the sun. A planet can not “speed up” or “slow down” his course unless its a collision type. There are no signs that this “planet” is moving and if it could cover a distance of 7 billion miles in less that 3 years then we would’ve seen it in the past a few times…
    -Earth takes 1 year to cover a distance of 150 million km (orbit)
    -Neptune takes 164.79 years to cover a distance of 4.55 billion km
    -Planet X/Nibiru/Eris will cover a distance of 7 billion miles in 3 years and we have not seen it before in all our history except the first civilization??Not even his effects in our solar system??
    My real fear is that when this day comes and nothing happens, the people that were expecting the apocalypse will blame the goverment and science and then start it by themselves.
    Fun Fact: On July 12, 2011, Neptune will have completed the first full orbit since its discovery in 1846.

    May humanity finds the light and reconsiders all the damage he has (we have) done to our planet.

  255. This is amusing. I remember this very same conversation taking place back in 2003. It was going to wreck us. LOL well, as you can see it didn’t happen. Poor saps bought metal bunkers and things, maxxed out their credit cards. I wondered what would happen then to the loonies when the planet X disaster did not come, and I see now that they just changed the year to 2012! Clever!

  256. Perhaps, just perhaps, “Nebiru” is something that will come out of “nowhere”. As of this point in time, NASA has only found 30% or less of the “dangerous” asteroids in the belt between Mars and Jupiter, so what are they blind to? Don’t discount the possible, if you don’t consider the total sum of knowledge.

  257. Gnostic joe: …You lost me with the insane rambling. I say this, I am no sheep. I believe what I see and like Mulder, I -want- to believe but this Planet X nonsense is nothing but a new-age hoax that was created by a writer who didn’t only misinterept Sumerian myth, he also messed up the translation a few times. The hoax was further taken by three people, one of which who claimed that the Hale-Bopp comet was a “fake” because the voices in her head said so and the other two were/are just looking for a quick buck.

    Owain: Thank you. I wish stupidity was fatal sometimes, I really do.

    Olaf: Nah, that’s too much work when they could be making money from the scared and the stupid.

    As an aside, I get amused when people use the term ‘Nibiru’ for Planet X. Most people don’t even know what the correct translation is and they assume they do. Nibiru translates into “ferry boat” and it was, at times, used to describe the planet Jupiter. So, basically, what the doomsayers are saying is that JUPITER is coming to kill us all. Evil, evil Jupiter.

    I found the above information at a wonderful site (http://www.exitmundi.nl/exitmundi.htm) so kudos to them.

  258. Planet X DOSEN’T EXIST.
    They replaced it with Planet Y, since Planet X contained to much melamine and lead to be SAFE TO BE USED FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF EARTH.
    Glad those aliens are lookin’ out for our safety, even after arnie-geddon

  259. . So, basically, what the doomsayers are saying is that JUPITER is coming to kill us all. Evil, evil Jupiter.


  260. NASA took pictures of jupiter, probably naked or of some private area. Apparently Jupiter is quite popular in the milky way it even has a fan base installed here in Earth called “The Doomsayers” so those pics would ruin the planets reputation that’s why he’s coming to destroy us… damn NASA paparazzis….

  261. They also scoffed at Noah through the long years it took him to build the ark. After all, no one had ever seen rain fall from the sky…

  262. A theory me and my friend came up with is that the Mayans stopped making the calendar becasue they wouldn’t live that long
    xD But also I think that doomsday will just be from all those greenhouse gases turning on us.

  263. Besides the dwarf star? PSHT! the prophecy (or whatever you want to call it) was supposed to be a planet. Obviously this isn’t the right object and will probably go right by us while the other one comes crashing in unexpected. Keep looking for other objects and find out an exact location where it will strike and evacuate them all. It could be that simple and only a thousand or so would be killed. That isn’t a lot considering it being a planet not a tornado or something and earth has about 3billion people on it.

  264. I haven’t seen convincing evidence for “Planet X” but I keep an open mind and always remember the other times in history scientists and government made bold proclamations for or against theories and were monumentally wrong.

    When NASA sees things and doesn’t know what they are but are “sure” they’re not coming to Earth – the obvious lack of logic in such a statement raises curiosity.

  265. Selah,
    Where in the Bible does it say that it never rained before the flood? As far as I know, it does not.

  266. I believe Selah is referring to the fact, that they lived in a desert type area. when there was hardly a need for a ark.
    And as far as Never A Straight Answer (N.A.S.A), Any information they give, within reason of course, can be double checked by anyone with access to a computer & telescope.

  267. horrible article… ‘don’t worry you guys, there’s nothing to fear because what was previously thought of as planet x is not this other frightening thing coming towards us.’ ‘So because of someone else in the futures mistake let’s disregard every past reference to what this might be.’ You’re a moron.

  268. I reckon the calender just couldn’t be bothered to do it, they mayans were: Mayan1: Hey what you doing…
    Mayan2: not much, just writing a calnder to scare the shit outta people in 2012.
    Mayan1: cmon, lets go play football finish that later.
    Mayan2: OK!

    after that, the calender never got finished.

  269. Soon the time will come to know what has been a lie. and what is really the Truth. Easy to say live your life, but what if someone depended on you? Would it still be easy for you, to go out non-caring?
    Are you scare of your own Truths??
    Have you lied to yourself??
    Is 2012 more about those who are worried & don’t know why or those that dismiss it, without knowing why they should?

  270. cut and past the above into your address bar. watch all 5 in the series. i found the incoming object using microsofts “worldwide telescope” program. you can download it for free. after downloading the program, look on our galactic plane in constelation leo. the exact coordinates are 9h 47m 59s. after locating the coordinates, zoom in all the way. you will see nothing. change the lens to iris (infrared) and you will see that there is an object in that location that happens to be the brightest object in the sky. this incoming object is a dwarf companion to our sun as we are in a binary system. the object was found in 1983 by a us infrared satalite after perterberations were found in plutos orbit. the us government has built a huge infrared telescope in the south pole to watch this object as it comes closer. if you look at googles sky program you will see that there is a black patch of space that was removed in the exact location i just gave you. in 2010 the object will be visible to us and eventually will be a double sun in our sky. right now it is below our horizon. there is no denying it. all the planets are warming because this unborn star is heating up our own sun the closer it gets. its no coincidence that voyager was sent to the opposite side of our sun to watch the solar flares this object is causing. this object will pass through the kyper asteroid belt and send asteroids to our planet. when the dwarf sun reaches its closest point to earth, we will stop spinning for 24-48 hours. coincidentally at the same time, the earth will pass through our galactic plane and line up with our sun and the center of our galaxy. we just discovered a black hole in the center of our galaxy. any scientists that deny this are either misinformed or they were promised a place in our governments modern day nohas ark. i won a science fair and have been to space camp 🙂 it is coming and
    in 2010 no one will deny it. check out my coordinates on wwtelescope and get back to me.

  271. What the Scriptures do tell us is that there will be much happening, and we should not allow ourselves to be deceived. That is what I know for sure. There are a lot of deception tactics, so I just stick with what I believe to be Truth. Follow the guidelines laid out, and you will be fine.

  272. There are a lot of deception tactics, truer words cannot be uttered. For the prize they seek, is worth more than we know.

  273. Is’nt PLANET X supposed to be our sun’s small Dark Brown companion Dwarf star NEMISIS?
    which comes closer to sun through its vast Elliptical Orbit, every 26 millions years.Mostly hidden behind OORT cloud its almost Invisible to any Telescope in the world???

  274. The only things Invisible to any Telescope in the world, is that which you don’t choose to see.

  275. It doesnt matter. If this stuff happens there is nothing you can do. Buying extra water and supplies is not going to stop this. Why worry about getting supplies when if this does happen like they say you can just go to the store and it will be unattended and take anything you want. This is a way for people to get rich before they all die.

  276. The name Nemesis meaning “to give what is due”, from the Romans implies soon we shall reep what we have sowed.
    Nemesis is now often used as a term to describe one’s worst enemy, normally someone or something that is the exact opposite of oneself but is also somehow similar.
    Prehaps it really means it is time to look within. The theory about nemesis goes back to mid 70’s- that every 30 million years or so another star moves within 1 light year- 6 trillion miles or so of our sun.
    The theory says, that when it reaches within “2 lyrs” it stirs up the debris 2 lyrs away surrounding the solar system- and let say it hurlers’ comets’ towards us and the sun.
    Scientists figured out that the extinction rate peaks every 26 million years or so
    and is at its low every 13 million years or so- thus the stars Nemisis. Theory in science means, they dont know.

  277. My calendar ends on Dec. 31, 2009.

    I guess I’ll buy another. I suppose if I were a Mayan, I’d have to build a pyramid or two and chip it out of the top. I can see why they put it off. They thought they had plenty of time…

  278. WTF Debauch ? What has begun ?So much goes on these days.What is the IT you refer to? I enjoy your posts tremendously. Please don`t leave me hanging like this!!!

  279. This whole claim of the world ending is completely preposterous, firstly the cosmic object hasnt been found, only assumptions are made. Why do you believe the ancient mayans anyway, I mean their civilisation got extinct ok, I mean if they couldnt have gotten their lives right how can they predict the end of everybody elses thousands of years from then?

  280. uhm you have stated that the mayans got extinct afew times in this thread.
    the fact is the mayans dissappeared like they arrived no one knows where they came from and how the just dissappeared overnight.

    For those of you who do not know about the mayans and their writings they did indeed say there was a 12th planet and after been proven right in the first 11 then we must assume that they knew more than we do now.

    I keep on hearing about the war in Iraq, Prove to me Iraq exisits’ I have not been there i have not seen it i dont believe there is such a place. PROVE IT

  281. Leo, It is time, for each of us to look within ourselves, & expose the lie. Do you not see the fraud your world leaders placed you in.
    How $ is made from trees & have no real value, above that which we give it?
    It is time, to stand next to your fellow man & end the circle of hate. Start by simply doing what is right, & the circle might just start spinning the other way.
    It is time, to ask why 95% of the earth, is the employees. Why do we still use oil (google joe newman). What are they doing at Bohemin Groove? Why is it cool, to commit sins. Why are there so many kids killing adults?
    It is time to look inside & ask yourself. If you had the powers Jesus was suppose to. Would you have let your self be killed? & would you now be willing to die for someone you donot know??
    It is time, to ask if science really does hold all the answers? Or does it mask the real Truth?
    Doubting or Doubling? It is time to ask, Why is 2012 getting this much attention, why did they distract you with Y2K first, if this was much bigger?

  282. I agree with J_Doe_IV. If you think about it, did the Mayans predict there was going to be an “Alvin and the Chipmunks” movie?? Why not look at the Scientologist calendar, or the Sports Illustrated calendar?? Why do we have to look up to the fucking Mayans calendar. All of you believers are full of shit, which is what this whole bogus idea is. You guys just think up of anything to make it seem bad: 6/6/06: 666, no, 6062006. It’s all a fucking waste of time. Get a life people!!!

  283. “You guys just think up of anything to make it seem bad”
    G’luck D, Why do you think we couldn’t make up something good instead. Because ppl always try to find the negative. because there is no GOOD. “Why do we look up to the Mayans”? you have to look them up in books.
    i’ve been hanging out with M to long.

  284. O-K debauch I get your drift.The same IT you mentioned entails all the same questions I have been asking since childhood.Just not used to hearing them from others.Am glad to know I’m not the only one asking. Sometimes when one askes such deep questions the answers can seem equally deep and sometimes confuseing.With all this deep goings-on I took your statement to have a different meaning.It sure stopped everyone elses cdomments for awhile.GTG for now but rest assured your comments are taken seriously by some people in this world.

  285. I am not without fault, & am drvien by hearts and thoughts such as yours. Remember, that if we stand together in search of Truth.
    The lies are so blanetly obvious. A puppet was kept in power, & no sheep moved against it. What is to be gained by what they impose. Read the Executive Orders of the president of a not so free country.
    Where the proudly boast having a “Sin City”
    where all Sins against Gods words are welcome. Sometimes when one askes such deep questions the answers can seem equally deep and sometimes confuseing.With all this deep goings-on I took your statement to have a different meaning, I hope mine are clear.

  286. You must understand that there are inexplicable missing time or gap in both sumerian and egyptian cultures. They had one of the most advanced civilization before some time then all of sudden, it appears they lost ’em all and took them a very long time to recover but failed to even imitate half of the past. If you study their culture closely you’ll see all kinds of evidence. The Old Sumerians even had the stock market, advanced agricultural system to high mathematical / astronomy knowledge and so on..

    So which sumerians are we talking about?

    “The sumerians existed almost 6,000 years ago.These were people who believed in Odin, Asgard as his kingdom and Valhala as heaven.They even Believed the earth was flat.So how can educated people base their arguements on such evidence.It’s totally far-fetched to me and only people as dumb as them who believe such nonsense.”

  287. When good answers to questions just are not appearing sometimes the problem is that we are asking the wrong questions.

  288. I believe it all, and have been for awhile. But I still want evidence that Planet X is approching, how do we get that? who will take the fight to get the answers we need? There has to be a way to get to see what all these countries are seeing through their South pole telescopes. And not just some crappy images. Hopefully more pictures will leak.

  289. i have very little knowlage on any of this obviously im only 16 but the only reason I would believe any of this is if planet x istruely close by. but if I cant see evidence of that but a couple blurry pictures. So I have nothing to believe. I do hope our government does what It can to continue on with man kind weather that includes me or not.

  290. This is the way I see it, I will live my life well, do good things, be a good person… and just see what happens, you can make yourself go crazy over fear of the future, or live well until it happens. People talk about ways of survival, building bunkers in Antarctica and other crazy ways to survive massive floods, earthquakes or the so called “Planet X.” But honestly, who would want to live after earth has reached its hell point anyway? we cant stop anything from happening in this degree, so that’s the fear, well if you cant do anything about it, stop worrying about it and live your life, and see if you die or live, but don’t cry while your still breathing about dieing, that’s just a waste of the time you have.

  291. deepthi says: hi,
    i’m very much scared :'( and in tears almost from 2 days. and now i’m little relaxed seeing this article but still somewhere in my mind there are a few question marks. Can’t we do anything if any such things happen ? :'( :'( :'( :'( can anyone give me the links which says “No Doomsday” with proofs. please i’m too tensed and feared.

    don’t be scared. nothing’s gonna happen, they said all of those other years the world will end did it? no. 2012 mayan calender just mean the calender ends there. so they start a new cycle. continue living your life.i’m 12 and i’m not scared. for all you believers stop scaring the kid and say the truth none of this will happen. hurricane season or tonado season is not on december ( I think ). they will make a movie about 2012. don’t watch it or the trailers. they just want money. they gather all “Facts” about 2012 and scare everyone in america. planet X, real? possibly. Crash? Unlikely. just cause the mayen calender says we will die in 2012 doesn’t mean they’re always going to predict the right times. deepthi just ignore all the “2012 doomsday” comments. Just keep living the way you do now. (If the worlds ends think positive, no school, no homework.)

  292. i’m the guy who told deepthi not to be scared. By the way deepthi want to look up no doomsday sites? youtube is a good choice. or if you want to ask me questions i’ll look up the best info and tell you all about it.

  293. J_Doe_IV Says:
    February 23rd, 2009 at 4:27 am
    This whole Mayan crap is stupid. Why do we look up to the Mayans? Did they predict every little detail about our planet? Look what happened on 6/6/06…nothing. What happened on New Years 2000…nothing. It’s all bullshit.

    I support that man.6/6/6 was a thriller. did it happen? No. Will 2012 happen. once again. No. all believers say what you feel like saying. I’ll just say this. In Dallas there will be a 350 mph, mile and a half wide tornado. In Japan the worst typhoon will happen. London, worst flood in history will occur. Fire storm, Sydney Australia. Want more detail to be prepared? Look up ” Perfect Disaster ” Deepthi this message is not to scare. Just to inform this will happen eventually and end eventually. All others. Be Preapared for the Devastating disasters. Stop causing global warming, this is why we have floods and tsunamis’!!!! two more things. One. in 30 years, New York and California will sink underwater. Hawaii too… possibly. and Two, if you think the world will really end, you’ll just have to wait until December 21, 2012. ONLY TIME WILL TELL. NOT A PROPHECY.

  294. Enough about that. i’ll give you info i looked up about 2012. Tsunamis, floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, Polar shifts, Planet X, Explosive sun. Can’t happen in one day. If you want information about the details you want exact. Tell me and i’ll give you the details i’ve heard.

  295. A foolish man is soon angry, and is hasty in expressing it; he is ever in trouble and running into mischief. It is kindness to ourselves to make light of injuries and affronts, instead of making the worst of them. It is good for all to dread and detest the sin of lying, and to be governed by honesty. Whisperings and evil surmises, like a sword, separate those that have been dear to each other. The tongue of the wise is health, making all whole. If truth be spoken, it will hold good; whoever may be disobliged, still it will keep its ground. Deceit and falsehood bring terrors and perplexities. But those who consult the peace and happiness of others have joy in their own minds. If men are sincerely righteous, the righteous God has engaged that no evil shall happen to them. But they that delight in mischief shall have enough of it.Make conscience of truth, not only in words, but in actions.Foolish men proclaim to all the folly and emptiness of their minds. Those who will not take pains in an honest calling, living by tricks and dishonesty, are paltry and beggarly. Care, fear, and sorrow, upon the spirits, deprive men of vigour in what is to be done, or courage in what is to be borne. A good word from God, applied by faith, makes the heart glad. The righteous is abundant; though not in this world’s goods, yet in the graces and comforts of the Spirit, which are the true riches. Evil men vainly flatter themselves that their ways are not wrong.The slothful man makes no good use of the advantages Providence puts in his way, and has no comfort in them. The substance of a diligent man, though not great, does good to him and his family. He sees that God gives it to him in answer to prayer.The way of religion is a straight, plain way; it is the way of righteousness. There is not only life at the end, but life in the way; all true comfort.

  296. Gnostic joe, as you have requested, as I have requested.

    May you find your light

  297. The only problem with your argument is the same as the others.

    Yours and Theirs only source are those with the big telescopes.

    Its like an election where the news orginizations only favor one canidite, see what happens when they xontrol the info

  298. Just asking, but has anybody checked google sky? If something that big is really out there than why haven’t we found it. All you people worrying can sit in your mommy’s lap and cry while I watch and laugh. GROW UP, have some common sense. And now my rant is over. Ha, idiots.

  299. Why are we listening to the mayans if they could predict everything, then why are they extinct? Hmm?

  300. Well i was wondering how this planet or thing is coming but will loas of people would die im scared because im a child and i want to live to a elder

  301. WASHINGTON (March 25) – For the first time scientists matched a meteorite found on Earth with a specific asteroid that became a fireball plunging through the sky. It gives them a glimpse into the past when planets formed and an idea how to avoid a future asteroid Armageddon.
    Last October, astronomers tracked a small non-threatening asteroid heading toward Earth before it became a “shooting star,” something they had not done before. It blew up in the sky and scientists thought there would be no space rocks left to examine.

  302. don’t u know that all these things were in the bible?
    so if you’re saying that these things are fake,I think you’re
    also saying that the bible is a fake…hmmm?

  303. Enjoy life. Pray and believe there is one God out there. In the Bible there is no mention of the end of the world. Near human extinction will be caused by man like global warming. We should act united to stop global warming. Stop abuse of nature. God wants us to have abundance but what man is doing? It is very sad. We should be united and take a stand to help and renew communion with God. Enjoy pray and live righteously do something to help your country and the whole world for better earth.

  304. Please pray to your internal father and divine mother for guidance.


  305. Go read SMART PERSON’S comments, he’s right. Listen to me I’m famous.

  306. I really can’t wait til that 2012 solstice so AT LAST that silly calendar will be out of vogue.

    It will be funny to see the disappointed faces of all the losers that believed so much that the world will end.

    I wonder anyway what would be the newager’s next business and merchandising after 2012

  307. This whole thing, about scientists predicting the end of the world in 2012 and that it will be caused by this “Planet X” is just plain bogus. This reminds me of the Y2K scare of 2000, one that was, obviously, didn’t happen.

    Scientists and others have to face the facts: we don’t know what the future holds in store for us. They can predict all they want, but in the end, only God knows when the last day will be.

  308. Hi there
    An interesting article and it was good to read another perspective. Listen, I really don’t want the world and way of life as we know it to end in 2012, I have small children and this worries me. But so much I have read makes me genuinely anxious – the Dutch government raising survival awareness, Norway building bunkers, the Russian’s construction of a massive underground facility at Yamantau Mountain and so on. Now I have read articles suggesting that the current global financial meltdown is government’s excuse for diverting massive funding towards preparation for 2012 survival. I don’t know what to believe, but one thing I do feel strongly is that governments will not tell the public because societal breakdown would ensue.

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