Astrosphere for July 6, 2007

Sorry for the bloglessness yesterday, I was running another load of stuff to the new house. Now all our stuff’s together again, we just have to cram a house’s worth of belongings into an apartment.

Here’s another astrosphere:

Today’s astrophoto is of Jupiter and its 4 easy-to-see moons. It was taken by forum member Bokmakierie.

First, I’d like to point your browser towards the Carnival of Space #10. I didn’t get an entry in this time around, but it’s still good quality all around.

Becky Ramotowski published her picture of Comet C2006 VZ13 LINEAR

Phil Plait reviews the Transformers to find some bad science and finds the movie surprisingly entertaining.

Daily Galaxy has a story on the Theia Hypothesis. More evidence that the Earth and the Moon were once the same.