Astrosphere for July 3, 2007

I’m still living in boxes, but getting back to some semblance of a routine. But the astrosphere won’t wait.

Today’s photo is the lunar crater Clavius, taken by the incredible Paul f. Campbell. If you want me to feature one of your photographs, post it to the forum, and I’ll probably scoop it up.

And here are the stories for today.

Astroblog has posted a cool picture of the Moon, Saturn and Venus over the course of 4 days. It’s was a difficult shot to make because the sky is a sphere.

Does everything seem familiar? According to Seed Magazine, the Universe may repeat itself every trillion years.

If you’ve listened to Astronomy Cast, you know all good things come from the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

Bad Astronomy reports on the possibility that Spitzer has seen the first stars ever.