Astrosphere for July 2, 2007

Welcome back to the astrosphere. Sorry for the disruption on Friday and over the weekend. As threatened, my family and I moved back to Vancouver, Canada. My wife is going to be attending nursing school here in the big city. We’re still living in boxes, and I’m laptoping the website from atop my actual lap until our tables and desks arrive. But, I’ve got the Internet going, and that’s all that matters. Oh, and happy Canada Day.

Today’s astrophoto is an occultation of Venus behind the Moon. It comes from Shahriar.D in the forum.

First up, Daily Galaxy has a strange story about the possibility that
early microbial life co-existed with alien life.

Centauri Dreams is reporting on cool exoplanet announcements in Santorini.

Sky and Telescope announced that they’re going to be starting up a blog network on their website. It’s going to be great to see their writers connecting with the community. Welcome.