Astrosphere for June 14, 2007

Before we proceed with this week’s astrosphere, I’d like to draw your attention to the Carnival of Space #7, held over at Pamela’s Starstryder blog. Many many great stories, from blogs you should check out.

Today’s astrophoto from the Bad Astronomy/Universe Today forum comes from forum member Paul Campbell. Normally he’s shooting from behind a telescope, but this time he captured the Moon, Venus and the Pleiades star cluster, all in one image.

Emily Lakdawalla from the Planetary Society has some cool information on Saturn’s tiny moon Atlas.

Ever wonder how much time you’ve lost or gained from time dilation due to your relativistic movements? Not much, but you can calculate it. Thanks to Stuart for the link.

Do entangled particles communicate through time travel? Maybe, maybe not, but concerned citizens on the Internet raised the cash to continue research on a idea that was considered crazy. I love this kind of thing.