New Truss Attached to the Station

Mission Specialists John "Danny" Olivas and Jim Reilly during early moments of the spacewalk .  Credit NASAThe space shuttle Atlantis linked up with the International Space Station on Sunday, bringing an additional 7 astronauts on board. After exchanging greetings, the astronauts got right down to business, beginning the big task of attaching the new S3/S4 truss to the station and extending its solar wings.

The first step in this multi-day marathon occurred today, when the crew of STS-117 removed the truss segment from Atlantis’ cargo hold. They used the shuttle’s robot arm to guide the 13-metre (45-foot) truss out of the cargo bay and onto the station. It was connected into position on the International Space Station.

Astronauts will now conduct a series of three spacewalks to active the S3/S4 truss, and extend its solar array to bring enhanced power generation abilities to the station.

Original Source: NASA Station News