Astrosphere for July 6, 2007

Let’s head out into the astrosphere and see what we can see.

Remember how I blogged about NASA Administrator’s startling admission on NPR that he doesn’t think global warming is a problem? Well, he’s made the retraction he should have made earlier.

An enraged Dr. Pamela Gay reacts to the fact that three Republican presidential candidates don’t believe in evolution. Oh, and the Milky Way has tidal tails.

Centauri Dreams thinks that we might we might be consuming our way into silence.

Hobbyspace has some cool pictures and information about a Japanese reusable prototype rocket vehicle.

Wil Wheaton likes the Bad Astronomy blog. The Bad Astronomer loves Wil Wheaton. Awww…

You have no excuse to miss the Shuttle launch. MSNBC’s Alan Boyle lists every single way to see it.