Astrosphere for June 5, 2007

Not much out in the ‘sphere today. Strange, not much science news either. I guess everyone’s recovering from the AAS meeting in Hawaii. You’d think going to Hawaii would be relaxing.

If anyone’s interested, I’m looking for a part time assistant to help me gather together the news that makes up Universe Today. I’ve got a post on the Bad Astronomy/Universe Today Forum explaining the opportunity.

The Daily Galaxy has a story on how a group of physicists think that the Big Bang might be cyclical.

Above the Clouds has a nice story and photograph about M13, the globular cluster in Hercules. It’s one of my favourite skywatching targets.

A husband and wife team are planning their own trip to Mars. You’d say that’s crazy, but they’ve already gone to the top of Everest. Hmm, that’s pretty crazy too. The Space Fellowship has the story.