Astrosphere for June 4, 2007

Before I reveal the new stories I discovered on the astro-blogo-sphere, I wanted to remind you about the “The Universe”, on the The History Channel. The second episode, Mars: The Red Planet airs on Tuesday at 9:00pm. Check your local listings. You can find out more at

Now, let’s see what’s happening out there… way out there.

Vern’s Weblog has some suggestions for what to see in the night sky this week.

Centauri Dreams puts Alpha Centauri in context.

Personal Spaceflight has some information about Armadillo Aerospace’s plans to win the Lunar Lander Challenge.

Becky Ramotowski wants you to mark your calendars, to capture images of the Moon, Venus and Saturn all together.

Now this is hilarious. The Bad Astronomer is reporting that Lisa Nowak (you know… diapers… astronaut) is getting a NASA Spaceflight Medal.

Take a virtual trip to the Moon. Alan Boyle has the story.

Learn about Arcturus, a star totally unlike our Sun. Thanks to the Astroprof.