Astrosphere for May 22, 2007

Once again, let’s see what’s happening around the astrosphere.

First, I’d like to remind you that I’ll be hosting the 4th Carnival of Space here at Universe Today. Write a space-related story, submit it to me, and I’ll link to it from the Carnival. You’ll get lots of new readers coming to your blog. Here’s a link to the instructions on how to participate.

There’s a bit of a frenzy going on with a certain presidential candidate’s blog. Apparently, somebody doesn’t think the Sun is the centre of the Solar System. Both astropixie and Cocktail Party Physics have the scoop on this.

Vern’s Weblog has another list of things you can see in the night sky this week, as well as a few pictures captured through his telescope.

Astroblog has a nice picture of the Moon and Venus together in the sky.

Remember when I mentioned that May 19 was International Sidewalk Astronomy night? Top of the Lawn blog has a report of how the night went in New York City.

Did an exploding comet wipe out the large mammals of North America 13,000 years ago? Skymania News has a story on this interesting research.