Get Ready for September 10th: CERN Announces LHC Switch-On

It’s official, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will begin operations in a little over a month. On September 10th, the most sophisticated particle accelerator will go online, injecting the first circulation of accelerated particles. Actual experiments involving collisions will occur once scientists are satisfied the LHC is fully optimized and calibration is complete. The LHC has been undergoing “cool-down” for some time, ensuring the LHC’s eight sectors are approaching the 1.9K (-271°C) operational temperature (that is 1.9 degrees above absolute zero). All going well, on September 10th, the first beam will be accelerated to an energy of 450 GeV (0.45 TeV), the preliminary step on the path to attaining particle energies of 5 TeV, a record breaking target… awesome.

Earlier today, CERN announced that the LHC will be ready by September 10th to attempt to circulate a beam of particles. This news comes as the “cool-down” phase of LHC commissioning reaches a successful conclusion, cooling all eight sectors to 1.9 degrees above absolute zero. To manage temperatures this extreme has been a long and painstaking task, referred to as a “marathon” by the project leader:

We’re finishing a marathon with a sprint. It’s been a long haul, and we’re all eager to get the LHC research programme underway.” – LHC project leader Lyn Evans.

Now scientists and engineers must synchronize the LHC with the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) accelerator, which is the last component in the LHC’s particle injector chain. For the system to work, the LHC and SPS must be synchronized to within a fraction of a nanosecond. This task is expected to begin on August 9th (Saturday). These calibration tasks are expected to continue through August and into the beginning of September, preparing the LHC for its first particle injection on the 10th.

The LHC will accelerate particles to relativistic velocities, accessing energies previously unimaginable. Once the LHC reaches its optimum design specification (possibly by 2010), it will generate beams seven-times more energetic and 30-times more intense than any other particle accelerator on the planet. The accelerator ring lies below the Swiss countryside with a circumference of 27 km (17 miles).

Source: CERN

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  1. does the black hole that swallows earth happen right away, or will that take a week or so?

  2. Nah — not a black hole — a wormhole allowing the evil hordes of the Hell dimension to invade Earth.

    A much more entertaining way to die, don’t you think?

  3. I would like to request that one of the wonderful folks that give us this blog would write an article in the same vein as the two ‘debunking’ (shedding light on) the misconception that NASA is planning to turn Saturn into a second sun, regarding the ridiculous misconceptions that the LHC could be even remotely capable of forming a black hole large, energetic or long lasting enough to do ANYthing close to destroying the Earth. This comes from the general public’s complete ignorance of the math behind the matter (so to speak).

    PS: And just because a magnet wasn’t screwed in well enough back in April, doesn’t mean that the mathematics behind all this could be off… (at least THAT off) Apples and Oranges that is…

  4. Don’t underestimate the potential power of the CERN:

    the doomsday predictions are over rated, but one must not underestimate them either…its still a big risk despite what the MATH suggests, we know from experience that mother nature can throw curve balls too…so even MATH is not a 100% guarantee of anything.

    Did everyone forget that FERMI lab near Chicago leaked TRITIUM into the nearby Indian Creek 3 years ago….?

    personally I think experiments like CERN should NOT be conducted on the EARTH, but in space or at the very least the moon, but the costs are obviously prohibitive.

    when they start testing the heavier elements in 2010 then we can start sweating.

    FERMI LAB is an example of when things can go wrong at a particle accelerator, so why is CERN (with 10 times the power) be an exception to that rule?

  5. Someone needs to learn the difference between an industrial accident and a planet-destroying apocalypse.

    [i]Of course[/i] something could go wrong with the LHC. In the worst case, a pitiful amount radiation could leak out, or it could explode, possibly killing some of the workers.

    Which is one of the reasons it is buried so deep underground! (The main reason would be to reduce the effects of cosmic rays.)

    Did either of those worst-case scenarios threaten the entire planet? Did the tritium leak?

  6. How about if this LHC is hijacked by some lunatics or terrorist, that is going to blow up the Earth?

  7. What part of “worst case scenario” and “industrial accident, not apocalypse” was not understood? Unless you were just joking.

  8. If they knew exactly what was going to happen before the LHC was switched on, why would they build it? If their math was so damn perfect, why waste all this time and money? No one knows for sure what will happen. If you do know, you should not be sitting around playing on a your computer, go work at CERN. This is a test…this is only a test……………..tick,tick,tick,tick,tick,tick ha!

  9. Tritium radiates low-enery electrons that cannot even penetrate human skin. It is potentialy hazardous if you inhale it, but it would take fairly large amount of it to pose real risk.
    I guess it could explode just like ordinary hydrogen if concetration reaches certain level and there’s enough oxygen present.

    I like tacitus’ doomsday cenario much better.

  10. The great thing about this; is we don’t know what we don’t know!

    To all the doomsdayers and conspiracy theorists… the last time this was done, was by another civilization in a galaxy not very far away, approximately 13.8 billion years ago. The outcome… THE BIG BANG!!

    Wha ha wha wha hah ha!!

    Okay, if you really believe this, please do more studying on particle accelerators, and what is planned. It isn’t the goal of physicists to end the universe.

  11. Shame on us… doomed from the start.

    May God have mercy on our dirty little hearts.

  12. main question: WHY are they spending so much money on this Imay wonder about the big bang BUT DO I REALLY CARE WHEN MONEY CAN BE SPENT ON BETTER THINGS.

  13. My turn my turn, LHC is actually a landing pad/ beacon for aliens. Or the begining of the largest “Eat At Joe’s” sign in the solar system for the new galatic expressway, yeah…

  14. The good thing is that the same math that shows that the LHC could create a microscopic blackhole also shows that it will evaporate almost immediately. Hawking Radiation I believe. You can’t pick which part of the equation you want, it’s all or nothing.

  15. All this black hole talk is starting to scare me.
    I have a question, what is the purpose of creating a black hole and it evaporates almost immediately?
    my knowledge in Particle accelerators is limited, what are we going to gain from this?


  16. The stakes are very high .. “to be or not to be. .. that is the question”
    The really question is all about the accuracy of these “Equations they use to model the Physics of it all ”
    Are they Elegant Equations or just approximations”
    Could their be a few missing terms in them ?
    Did someone create the equations or did they JUST discover Mother Natures Grand equations ?
    Is the underlying basis for the Universe Pure Mathematics ?

    Godels incompleteness theorem
    was proven and ao we all know there are infinite number of TRUE conjectures, theorems , equations which have NO possible PROOF .

    Godel makes a distinction between TRUE statements and those among them FOR which A PROOF is possible.

    In Physics applied Mathematics is used to describe the events going on in the universe.

    Einstein may have made mistakes in some of his proofs …according to a recent article in a Scientific magazine which is in the book stores eighr now…. maybe Discovery or Astronomy ,… I can’t remember .

    At any rate their is some uncertainty about even these non Pure Applied Mathematics approximations which engineers and physicists use.
    Famous last words may hinge on their accuracy and provability.

  17. Flip it on already! There’s nothing good on tv and if it all goes south at least I can permanently enjoy no further mortgage payments in today’s economy!

  18. The LHC might actually show the existence (or more likely the absence) of other dimensions. It could completely make or break string theory. I’m betting it will break it and good riddance! Physics should be based on fact, not fancy. and the LHC will help do the job.

    Did I read right? It won’t be fully tuned until around 2010?

  19. Dear writers what about the new internet being ran to collate the data from this machine?? Thats a good story in its self??

    Eat at Joes, hey dude it must be the O then so where is the rest of the sign?

    Great stuff keep it coming.

  20. LHC creates black holes IF the extra-dimensions are around 10^ -6 m, I don’t think it’s possible. Therefore, LHC is just another big machine (SSC can produce more energy than LHC).

  21. @hiro

    I don’t think the LHC will be making any black holes either, but we’ll know for sure soon enough 🙂 The SSC would have been more powerful, but it never got finished 🙁

  22. HAHA
    I can’t believe that people actually believe that micro black holes is created by cosmic rays…and evaporate by Hawking radiation. Anyone with half-a-brain would know this is not real. Its all theory!

    All the accepting nutjobs have been duped into thinking this is all taking place anyways and we have nothing to worry about.

    CERN has done a fantastic PR job! Well done.

  23. iv been waiting for this ever since i read the john titor story afew years ago only time will tell if anything of that story is true and i dont think we have the power to create a black hole that could swollow us all up on one hand i think its good and on the other i dont think we should be playing with things like that but who am i to say im just another joe bloggs

  24. It’s sad, really. The only time that the general public gives a hoot about science is when they hear some sensationalist version of it.

    At which point suddenly [i]everyone[/i] is an expert, or at least smart enough to second-guess an entire army of PhDs, many of whom possess decades of experience in both theoretical and experimental physics.

    But of course, the doom-criers don’t really believe any of the nonsense they sprout. They’re really just shivering with delicious fright, huddled around their monitors like boy-scouts around a campfire, trying to one-up each other with ghost-stories.

    How do I know this? Because if they were really so scared that the entire planet would be destroyed, they wouldn’t be posting to internet forums, and they wouldn’t be suing in a court in Hawaii. They would be selling their homes to buy a ticket to Switzerland, and would be barricading the LHC entrances.

    After all, surely no sacrifice is too great when the alternative is death to the whole planet?

  25. Yes, I really am on here. I’m kind of in the middle of touring at the moment, however, so don’t count on a new song about this. Besides, I already did write a song about this… “Zero-Sum”

    Like I said, DOOMED from the start!

  26. Ok, I admit I am totally out of my realm on all of this so be patient. I’ve been following this story for a few months after a hysterical friend emailed me about doomsday with links to stories. I’ve searched the internet, read the lawsuit, read the safety reports (which I didn’t understand) and have visited forums & websites only to come up with this;

    How can anyone be certain of the outcome? From what I’ve read the “safety reports” have been conducted by CERN or a party with interest in CERN. Are there no outside/independent reports?

    Devils advocate here…why wouldn’t CERN make the reports favorable, after all, they have everything to lose.

    I find this all very interesting, I am an average person soaking all of this in wondering what is going to happen next.

  27. My favorite halo? What kind of a question is that? They’re all genius damn it, everyone knows that. I’m a busy guy, so stop asking stupid questions.

  28. Dr. Rossler has no ties to CERN, he is therefore more objective on the LHC possible outcomes…

    Beams may begin September 10th, but collisions will not begin before October 21 at slowly increasing energies.

    If micro black holes are created, Dr. Rossler’s calculations estimate 50 months to 50 years to grow large enough to destroy Earth.

    Abstract below from Dr. Rossler’s plea to the world, copy available on
    “A nightmarish situation, that can still be hoped to be averted in time through communication within the scientific community, is drawn attention to. Only a few weeks remain to find out whether the danger is real or nothing but a mirage. After this time window is closed, it will take years until we know whether or not we are doomed. The story line has all the features of a best-selling novel. The reader is asked to contribute constructively.”

  29. Cern’s Cosmic Ray Explanation is not proven as people are led to believe.

    As for naturally occurring high-energy cosmic rays creating MBHs, this is theoretical also and has never been observed or proven. “What is different, physicists admit, is that the fragments from cosmic rays will go shooting harmlessly through the Earth at nearly the speed of light, but anything created when the beams meet head-on in the collider will be born at rest relative to the laboratory and so will stick around and thus could create havoc.” From ‘New York Times’

  30. Recently two more experts, outside of CERN, making their own objective report of what potentially may happen with the LHC outcome..and suggesting to run the LHC at lower energies until more research is done.

    Holger B. Nielsen
    Masao Ninomiya

    Actual Quote from their paper, p27:

    “From the LHC-threatening perspective, the main point of the present article is that the LHC should really not be allowed to operate at full intensity or beam energy by these effects on the initial state due to SI.”

    Holger B. Nielsen, Masao Ninomiya:
    Test of Influence from Future in Large Hadron Collider; A Proposal

    There is much more info on the LHC concerns, this listed is just a fraction of possible outcomes.

    None of these negative outcomes have been dismissed as bunk, because no one knows exactly what the LHC will produce or do. CERN likes to talk in terms of low acceptable risk levels in order to dismiss all the potential negative outcomes and focus our attention on all the positive potential outcomes. They are not sure if even those theories will be proven.

  31. Our knowledge about nature is stuck since about 20 years – we made great hypotheses but in science, hypotheses are so until proof.
    And yes, I think no money can be better spent than in this way.
    Another chapter is what man can do afterwards with the new technology eventually discovered: I feel much more skeptical here.
    Black Holes could be generated ? Hmmm…. maybe every time we see a BH in the universe, there was an intelligent lifeform that had reached its highest point, and was saying ” Hey, now it’s all clear !!!”…… WOOOSH !!!! 🙂

  32. Hey,

    i read through all the posts, must say some of you people have brought such a big amount of creativity into this conversation.

    I live in Switzerland and will count on my country for not sucking up the whole universe!

    I wish everybody a “HAPPY WAITING”.

    Best regards from Switzerland,


  33. Think of this not as the end of the universe but the beginning of a new….
    This may be the throwing of one small switch by man….. but will ultimately become one giant leap into the future for mankind….. take me there

  34. Bubba must be a 14 year old kid with time on his hand tu tu….. The world as we know it will come to an end. I think we should stop what is about to happen..

  35. I’m so frightened. Please, I need some reassurance. I don’t want things to go horribly wrong.

  36. If this thing all goes down and goes wrong we won even know as we will all just get sucked into the black hole we will create. We are not God and we should not mess around with things we do not know about. No matter how much you say you know there is always something that you don’t. Do we really want to go out like this?? Money spent could have helped the poor lands on our planet instead its gona end up destroying our planet….. On the other hand it may all go well and we find out how the Universe began… Good luck mankind is once again under thret this time from our own…… God save us God save us all

  37. will everyone get over this dooms day thing …its not going to happen
    what they r doing with LHC happens around us all the time
    …go and find something more important to occupy ur minds

  38. Chaia looks as if she could do with a new thong as the one she has go has sand in it.. All I have to say is if you dont like this page dont comment it also looks as if you also need to find some important thing to occupy your mind with, hold on you found a Mars bar well done……

  39. I live in China and I dont think we should let them do this at all its realy bad.. What kind of a name is Ghost?? me think stop now or it will be the end… Loop is one of the ppl doing this thing me think

  40. I think the most dangerous thing about the LHC is that they don’t know what the results of the collisions will be. This is of course inherent to experiments… Yes, they will see if theories were wrong or right. But there is a risk too. They could create some particles (or objects) , without being aware of it., that are dangerous to earth. I think of particles that were never before on earth (strangelets, monopoles, mini black holes) … or objects that interfere with our time-space continuum. (like a wave on the surface of the water). I sincerely hope that everything goes well…
    Let’s wait and see !

  41. I think there are 4 scenario’s :

    1) LHC creates nothing dangerous

    2) LHC creates something dangerous, and effects are immediately measurable, noticable.

    3) LHC creates something dangerous, we know about it, but the effects on earth follow in the future.(we create a timebomb and we know it)

    4) LHC creates something dangerous, and we don’t know about it ! (we create a hidden timebomb without noticing)

  42. I just wanted to say, my manager at work today mentioned this and I started freaking out. A lot of the (mature) information some of you have provided has really reassured me that scientifically proven, nothing involving black holes or anything of the sort is very likely to happen. I wanted to thank all of you intelligent people and I wish you the best 🙂

  43. Molly dont worry the worl is not gona end just yet.. What Intelligent people r u on about?? ha ha ha any way dont worry 2much

  44. My real name is Kat and yeh am fat. I dont want the world to end. If it did end what would I eat?? I love eating and love to just sit around doing nothing at all. If the world was to end Id have to run and running is bad for me.

  45. burn all gays and lets just live in peace..
    ban all gays from earth and lets live in peace.
    All this about the world ending soon well I wish it would so all you nutters die

  46. i think that the swiss people are crazy…i don’t know what they think about that….but we will see what happend….i hope the best….if not i don’t know what to say….

  47. quote Im from the Uk and I have to say I bet none of you have got girlfreinds…. Bubba

    What makes you think all comments are by men?

  48. Intelligent people….yeah…all bad things in a history of the world came from intelligent people, so called scientists. They have created a nuclear bomb. They have created an ozone holes. And now this.
    What is the point of the experiment anyway? Ok, they will prove (or not) the big bang theory. But, what is the point of that? What is the benefit of that for anyone? Is there anything else but wish of some scientists to prove they’re right whatever it costs? What an egoistican minds…

  49. Didn’t they say we were going to lite the atmosphere on fire by testing the bomb in the 40’s?

    Worst Case Scenario :

    We will open up a portal to another dimension allowing the combine to come to earth, causing the start (and end) of the 7 hour war. How will the Human Race survive? Submit to the alien overlords? This is going to be quite an adventure

    STARING Gordan Freeman.

    Not sure how I found this but I did while doing a paper for a Social Psych class. Interesting read, story and comments.

  50. Meh. I’m not worryied if the world gets swallowed by a black hole, or if it dosen’t. Worst case we all die and best case we don’t and they acomplish whatever they aim to.

    I don’t understand all this properly, I like science but it confuses me with all it’s long words and everything. The universe fasinates me too.

    In my opinion the media blow everything out of proportion, like OMDAYZ WERE ALL GONNA DIE, when the fact is we’re really not. Theres been scares of stuff like this before and nothing has happened so in my opnion once again, don’t worry about it. ^-^

  51. I Think This Whole Thing Is Bloody Stupid…

    The People In Charge Are Scaring Milions Of People At The Moment And This Is Unessasary…Cant They Just Leave Earth Alone I Think The People In Charge Should Be Shot…

    You Cant Chance Humantiy Cause Once Its Gone Its Gone…

  52. How many people was informed about LHC through out the mass media? Do people has thought about this experiment and the results of it? it might be end of mankind or not but people of this planet have right to be informed in advance and must have a word to say on it.

  53. wah wah wah, black hole black hole. Hey nay sayers and doom criers, I doubt you even have a fraction of understanding what a black hole is! How can you be afraid of what it can do when you have no idea what, why, and how it is? Stop throwing your Star Trek science at us, and don’t act informed because you watched an episode of Star Gate.
    Like someone said, Army of PhD’s on this, and you know what? I really think it’s in their best interest to not cease to exist. It really makes it hard to publish that paper when the world is gone.
    Besides, everyone knows that the world ends in 2012, so if we run it before then, then it can’t possibly be the cause, right? The prophecies can’t be wrong.

  54. Star-Wars had better watch out!!

    I have truly been impressed by the imaginations that many of you “gifted” individuals share out there.
    (And yes, “Gifted” is the most opportunistic word that came to mind)

    All of you, will be presented with a prime opportunity to bask in the glow, of your seemingly superior intellect in less than a weeks time.

    To then discover, on the evening of the 10th September, after the particle accelerator has been tested, and our beloved earth has NOT fallen victim to a battle destroyer full of clones from a parallel universe.

    Or, alternatively, and ever so “Spielberg-like”, reduced to ziltch as our planet is sucked through a black hole the size of a drinking straw eminating somewhere on the French/Swiss boarder near Geneva.

    If you would like an opportunity for a truly academic argument, I graciously provide you all with some “Quark-sized” food for thought:

    The individuals that are spreading the fear and prophetic “final days” are most likely individuals from Religious backgrounds that are fearing the outcomes of the scientific based research. Once again the churches of the world signify in a deafening tone, they are worried and concerned!

    The “god particle” ooooooooohhhhh!!
    (cue JAWS music)

    It is incredible how peoples perceptions have the ability of influencing others in such negative ways. (always doom and gloom, end of the world… clones… etc)

    Who is to say that, these previously un-documented and un-researched particles that are on the brink of discovery, will not aid in medical science, or pollution-free energy.

    The answer to these questions, we will NEVER know unless we try.

    What is the BEST that could happen??

    Any optimists out there?

  55. Well……… StuartVO put it perfectly nice job. Also to the guy who said why waste the money, if they gave you $8billion im sure you would blow it on very nice houses, cars and women. But im affraid you’d be dead within 80 years and mandkind would be no futher to answering the big question.

    Mans curiosity got us where we are today, no matter what sacrifices we have made including human, if we never made them we’d still be sat in a cave trying to make 2 rocks create a spark.

    Good job to all at CERN and all who helped build it, and thanks to me for paying my taxes to build it 😀

  56. Im Really Scared 🙁

    Can someone please inform me of what they think will actually happen?

    Some people are saying the worlds going to end in 1012 . . and some are saying that theres going to be black holes . . and some people are saying theres not!

    Im so confused 🙁

    Why is this not on sky news or something?
    I think the poeple in charge should post a thing saying all the things what may and may not happen. And whats going to be achieved so everyone can atleast have some peace of mind.

    I think its stupid how the world goes on about helping all the less fortunate that ourselves, and then they go spending silly money on something that might end up destroying the world!

    This is all scary stuff to me, i love science but i think this is rediculous. (i cant spell)
    What difference is it going to make to the world if they find out what ever they’re trying to find out?
    Is it not something to do with how the big bang happened?
    Of course it would be interesting, but is really worth putting the whole world, and everything on it, at risk?

    Please write back saying what you think of my little thing i wrote 🙂

  57. omg what is the actual point in ‘the big bang’ even if it does work after a while we will get bored of it :/ … their basically risking the human race to find out some stupid experiment … its hopeless what a waste of time and money. it doesnt make sence y they want to do this its pretty pathetic and i still think we should of had a say in it because its our lives tht could be on the linee :/

  58. cant beleive goverments are allowing these mad scientists to do what they want. look what happened at cheynobel!! what if these black holes dont disappear what they gonna do with them., if they do last they would proberly join together as black holes attracted eachother.,,dont think its worth a risk even if its trillions to one chance of going wrong ,.,and its all based on out of date theories so ive read? , and whats it all for?. a bit of knowlage??,come on now is it really worth it?and if it does all become ok ,, what experiment lies next??think these type of experiment should be wide. and cern shut down and dismantled. nobody asked me if i wanna take life risking experiment or future ones that could kill us all.dont think anyone has the right too go ahead with this .. its like being in the back of a car with a crazed madman who cant drive on high on drugs. where is the law on this issue? stop this crazy experiment now!

  59. Fear mongers and super creeps will always pick september, they done before and always will. Give it three days before and then the papers will roll and broadcasts will beem.

    I think Dimensional understanding, time fractures and evolution will happen. Just be happy from now and for ever and love whats now.

  60. erm just to add …..its not had much tv coverage cause the goverments have been tricked and blinded by science by these scientists and dont wanna set in a panic as it will be stopped when they have poured so much money into it! we all know blackholes are very very dangerous,.. infact the most dangerous things ever existed.. why we allowing this .., just cause some crazy scientists wanna have a look and play with black holes??? not with our world u dont count the losses and quit now goverments or at least pospone and have deeper inquirys!

  61. our entire gallaxy has a black hole in the middle rotating and cherning up millions of stars ,, as do other gallaxies ., do we really want black holes on this planet regardless of wat size they are?

  62. I hope it turns into a star gate. I have always wanted to visit the andromeda galaxy.

    But i reality nothing significant is going to happen when it is switched on. The earth its self is a dot on the galactic map, so even if the earth was turned into a black hole it would not destroy the universe. Its only going to be individual particles not whole atoms that are going into it. So there will be no atomic explosions.

    When it is switched on they will be using it for years, so what ever is going to happen might not happen right away. Maybe the star gate will open in 2012. I may then get a trip to andromeda. If i do i think i will stop by orion on the way and have a close look at the Nebula.

  63. Why is it that these super intelligent people would want to carry out an experiment like this, as even they don’t 100% know what the outcome will be!!!!!

    If it does work and a “MINI BIG BANG” occurs what then because black holes don’t just appear and then dissappear they just gather in size eventually they would swallow the earth, or if there was an explosion of astronomic proportions it could cause earthquakes, 1000 ft tidle waves etc etc.

    Please don’t carry out this experiment as it breaches our basic human rights.

  64. I agree with the last post… it’s ridiculous scientists are willing to jeopardize our existence.. even if its only 2% (which is a big enough risk in itself anyway). The fact there is any chance at all of black holes is bad enough! Apparently the first time they tested everything it made a black hole which they had to control. It seems so weird how a few people can decide the future for everyone on the planet without their consent. All that money spent on creating this machine could have been put towards something much more worthwhile and ethical… then we wouldn’t need extra energy sources and there wouldn’t be this silly debate!

  65. Is The World Going To End ?

    The Sciencist Are MAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Ya’ xxx

  66. Life and everything in it is a gift from the infinite mind, and the only way Life could go wrong is through the limit of the finite mind

  67. READ!!!!!!!!!!

    ok… ive heard rumours about this bomb thing is going to suck the whole world in a black whole right??


    1 question!!

    WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS!! THEY ARE RISKING THEIR OWN LIFES!!! I DONT GET IT.. WHY ARE THEY MAKING THIS BOMB PLEASE SUM1 EXPLAIN TO ME… short words.. dont write an essay of writing and no scientific words please…..

  68. that doesnt help!

    i am freaking out!!

    ive even cried about it… im scared of what it will feel like.. and not saying goodbye to people.. i am actually crying right now!!

    i dont want this to happen =(

  69. I personally think you shouldn’t risk it, what if it all goes wrong, everyone could die, everyone thinks its a bad idea and you really shouldn’t try things which havent been tested

  70. neither do i 🙁 i am crying the now .. why do they have to put us through this torture i wish they would just stop it :c( grr..

  71. they shouldn’t do it i’ve went on a lot of sites to sign the petitions but they probably wouldn’t even look at the petitions i want them to stop, lots of people in the world still have a lot of there life to live, i hope they will stop this charade

  72. Hi I just want to say I’m scared as well but to be honest reading all these comments (I’m sorry if I sound depressing because I don’t mean to be) but we risk our own lives everyday we wake up, when we go to the shops to buy some bread we run the risk of being run over or whatever so to be honest this experiment is exactly the same as when we just live our everyday lives except that we’re risking our lives all at the same time and over the same thing but I’m still hoping and praying it doesn’t go wrong.

    Also this is for the two teenage girls I’m only 15 as well and I’m absolutely terrified but I’m hoping that it all goes well because it’s like you say they won’t listen to us but all these people who have posted on here the ones who are saying that we’re not going to die sound most convincing and they sound like they know what they’re talking about so I’m putting my faith in them. I’m not going to say not to worry because I am, so I’m not going to give advice I myself won’t follow but please just think about what I’ve said and just hope for the best. 🙂

  73. Stop wasting energy if we are going to die we are going to die that’s it no matter what you say what is going to happen will happen and that’s it i just hope that all these black hole-wormhole stuff are just bullshit to scare people let’s just hope that it goes well no point on crying

  74. Right.

    Vicious circle, i bet you thats how the original big bang was made 😛 millions of years ago! Yeah.

  75. To be honest with u the world will not end on Sep 10th 08 but the world will be a much different place. After these so-called scientists have done what ever it is they are trying to do they will unleash power and other things that they couldn’t possibly imagine. Not only will they put there life’s in danger but everyone else’s as well. Selfish morons that they r, we will all have to live under cover or even live hidden depending on what they set free upon us all. Like a few people have said it may even open a portal letting in anything. So all I can say is I’m ready for war against whatever may come against me I suggest that you all get ready. Your only chance of survival is to be ready now……. Good Luck 2 every1.. Ps u can find me in the U.K after this all goes down ………

  76. Hey – to whoever said that ‘black holes dont just appear then dissappear, they grow and grow and grow’

    Actually, black holes shrink unless they are fed, through loss off mass caused by something called ‘hawking radiation’. Although with big black holes the chances are that they will suck in more than they spew out, the rate of radiating increases as the black hole shrinks. So. Very small black holes evaporate in a second or two. And these will be very small.

    But I have a question for those that know. If all small black holes evaporate, where to big black holes come from? If they start in a collapsing star, surely the middle becomes a black hole first, then sucks in the rest? And so dont they all start off small? Let me know.

  77. 10th Sep 2008.… With a big bang the sky’s began to darken as clouds that had never been seen b4 except on movie screens closed the earth no sun light could get in. It then started to rain but the rain was not like rain that had rained b4 it was black and cold. Every one took cover in there homes, all of a sudden flashes of light in the dark sky as the whole word witnesses a hole appear in the sky. Evil men from CERN who had created this began to regret. All the people that had backed the project began to regret. People of no faith find them selves in Temples in Churches black white Asians all find them selves together. All of a sudden from the whole in the sky come evil barbarians with swords axes and spears. They set upon the people of the Earth. All are weapons stop working so we have to use whatever we can to fight them off. No electricity no nothing back to the old age we go. Ha ha ha sound good it could happen stop it The only key to his survival was faith, faith in the Lord is what kept him alive. He hunted for food for him and his family……….

  78. Maybe just maybe….. we are going to get sucked into a black hole formed by this….. how about all these recent UFO sightings are actually us from a parallel earth warning us againt this???

  79. I dont want this to happen cause i still have the whole of my life infront of me and i want to live it to the full

    ALSO isnt against human rights or something and i say no to what they want to do whats the point of putting everyones life on the line for one experiememt

    they wouldnt even be alive to find out the results so what the point hmmmm


  80. hi,
    This is all just a bit crazy…
    Not to go all dan brown but wouldn’t cern try and keep this under wraps?
    why has this been made public knowledge?
    and wouldn’t the church have something to say? this surely would make alot of people lose faith and all that? after all supposedly god created the world and everything in it! not that i believe but they do…
    i can’t believe that there can be too much risk involved can there??
    i’d love to know the outcome of the experiment but at the same time i have children who should be allowed to live their life to the full and not be sucked into a black hole. they must have thought through the pros and cons.
    it says on their website that these things happen every second through naturel causes. is this true?

  81. In my opinion, this shouldn’t be done at all if it poses even the slightest risk.
    Anything could go wrong, and potentially kill us all.
    This has got me, and a whole load of other people scared. Personally, I think that the people of the world should be asked about this, and whether they think it should be done.
    It is unfair that us “normal” people don’t get a say.

  82. I do not really fear the outcome of this to be honest. I am researching more as my little sister is so upset about it and I really want to comfort her…

    Why are all those who are AGAINST this not at least trying, by signing the petitions, we dont know for certain that theyll be read, or if it will make any impact but at least when it happens, and if it screws up we know full well that we attempted to stop them, no matter how small the means were.

  83. If a Black hole is created it just grows and and grows sucking everything in and effectively collapsing the matter. Have you not seen Spider Man 2? What makes them “guess” these will be well behaved black holes that conveniently dissappear as soon as they appear. Tend to agree with Karina, why do we know about it if it’s such a big deal unless so that the idea is out there in the mainstream media in case something goes t*ts up! I’ve got a mates wedding in Tuscany in October and spent a frtune on a new suit, wish I hadn’t bothered now.

  84. Im going to keep putting this until sum1 answers the question!!!!!!!!!!!! i am SHIT SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    okâ?¦ ive heard rumours about this bomb thing is going to suck the whole world in a black whole right??


    1 question!!

    WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS!! THEY ARE RISKING THEIR OWN LIFES!!! I DONT GET IT.. WHY ARE THEY MAKING THIS BOMB PLEASE SUM1 EXPLAIN TO MEâ?¦ short words.. dont write an essay of writing and no scientific words pleaseâ?¦..

  85. Ah cant u all see this has all happened before that’s how we get the feeling of Déjà vu.. It goes like this God created us all and gave us scriptures and other things to follow but he also left us with a need to know more. We have all been here before, each new civilisation gets to a point where they forget God that’s where we are at the moment and when that happens its always bad. Once we create this “big bang” we will all just die. We wont even know it we will be at work or at home and the next thing…………………. So after the new “big bang” will start a new Universe within the Universe we are in now, a new Earth will be made and we all start again until we get to this point of time when we do it again. So what am saying is we are in internal limbo. ROUND AND ROUND WE GO UNTILL WE FINALLY LISTEN TO SOME1 AND STOP. Maybe we have gotten a little further than the last time but who knows. Hey it’s a theory before I get people who would listen and believe a theory from Richard Hawkins start saying things………..

  86. According to the Hindu tradition of cosmology, we are now nearing
    the end of the Kali Yuga (the Age of Iron) which is the final and
    most negative of four evolutionary Yugic cycles.

    Each Yuga is like the season of a super-cosmic year, even greater
    than the cosmic year of the precession of the equinoxes. When the
    Earth came into its current phase of manifestation and the first
    Yuga began (‘Satya’ Yuga, meaning ‘Purity’) humanity was barely
    removed from its original state of God-like innocence. This was
    the original Golden Age. As time progressed the planet underwent
    the influence of a negative descending spiral, and the quality of
    life in each successive Yuga became further and further removed
    from the knowledge of truth and natural Law (in other words,
    ‘Reality’). In the second, Treta Yuga (Silver Age) spiritual
    awareness decreased by one fourth and by the time of Dvapara Yuga
    (Copper Age) negativity had a 50% holding. In the Kali Yuga the
    vibration has become pretty murky and humanity is labouring
    against heavy odds. Righteousness (right-use-ness) has diminished
    to scant one fourth of its original strength. Throughout our
    current history we have created and been assailed by all the evils
    of Pandora’s box. No wonder the human race is having such a
    difficult time. But the turning point has now arrived, and the
    dawn once more sheds its light on a confused and ignorant planet.
    The Vishnu Purana, one of the oldest sacred texts of India says
    about the Kali Yuga, “The leaders who rule over the Earth will be
    violent and seize the goods of their subjects… Those with
    possessions will abandon agriculture and commerce and will live as
    servants, that is, following various possessions. The leaders,
    with the excuses of fiscal need, will rob and despoil their
    subjects and take away private property. Moral values and the rule
    of the law will lessen from day to day until the world will be
    completely perverted and agnosticism will gain the day among men.”

    There are many other references to this division of time. For
    instance, in the Bible, Nebuchandnezzar’s dream (Daniel 2:31-45)
    was of a bright and terrible image with a head of finest gold,
    chest of silver, hips of brass and legs of iron. The feet and toes
    were of iron mixed with clay. This image was destroyed by stone,
    unmade by human hands, which crushed the feet to dust and the
    pieces blew away in the wind. Although Daniel the prophet
    interpreted the various metals as the world empires which
    succeeded Babylon, the dream also has a more cosmic meaning. It
    represents the great yugas. The iron legs are the Iron Age or Kali
    Yuga which deteriorates at the end of its cycle into the present
    unstable civilisation symbolised by the feet of iron and clay. The
    prophet interpreted the stone as the true kingdom of God which
    would replace the other civilisations as the real and lasting


    This end only appears to be the “end of the world,” without any reservation or specification of any kind, to those who see nothing
    beyond the limits of this particular cycle; a very excusable error
    of perspective it is true, but one that has nonetheless some
    regrettable consequences in the excessive and unjustified terrors
    to which it gives rise in people who are not sufficiently detached
    from terrestrial existence; and naturally they are the very people
    who form this erroneous conception most easily, just because of
    the narrowness of their point of view. …the end now under
    consideration is undeniably of considerably greater importance
    than many other, for it is the end of a whole Manvantara, and so
    of the temporal existence of what may rightly be called a
    humanity, but this, it must be said once more, in no way implies
    that it is the end of the terrestrial world itself, because,
    through the “reinstatement” that takes place at the final instant,
    this end will itself immediately become the beginning of another
    Manvantara…if one does not stop short of the most profound order
    of reality, it can be said in all truth the “end of a world” never
    is and never can be anything but the end of an illusion.

  87. Erm!!! Could somebody pass the Prozac for CERN and EOD’s. They were both last spotted talking gibberish and looking for the plot that they had both quite obviously lost.

  88. Nothing is gona happen Im from Russia and Il be on this page again on the 11th of Sep 08 and then I will tell u all that u were all rong… Reading all your comments one sticks out nice Loop has got a good understanding on this, what kind of a name is loop but anyway c u all,…….

  89. not bein funny or nothin.
    this whole thing is silly. why put us all at risk over this.

    ^o) grow a pair.

  90. Ghost really enjoyed begin of your book that you wrote on September 6th but shame on you for introducing Hinduism and involving the untrue spiritual meaning to Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.


    A very serious question

    And by the way have any of you read the Book of Revelation or for that matter any of the new testament?

  91. A few things.

    If the experiment is succesful, the ammount of theorys this will proove and disproove is unimaginable.

    For those of you who say you could spend the money on better things, what like? There is nothing better to discover more technology, energy which is polution free and has no end. Imagine what we could do with what we could create? We will finally know where we came from and where the universe is heading. How it will end.

    Lets say the worse case scenario happens, a black hole is created(which scientist are certain will not happen). Do you realise how much energy is needed to keep a black hole alive? Do you people know how black holes are created? there not created by particals and it’s anti-partical colliding, Not even close.

    A black hole is produced by some dying stars. A star with a mass greater than 20 times the mass of our Sun may produce a black hole at the end of its life. In the normal life of a star there is a constant tug of war between gravity pulling in and pressure pushing out. Nuclear reactions in the core of the star produce enough energy to push outward. For most of a star’s life, gravity and pressure balance each other exactly, and so the star is stable. However, when a star runs out of nuclear fuel, gravity gets the upper hand and the material in the core is compressed even further. The more massive the core of the star, the greater the force of gravity that compresses the material, collapsing it under its own weight.

    A black hole is defined by the escape velocity that would have to be attained to escape from the gravitational pull exerted upon an object. For example, the escape velocity of earth is equal to 11 km/s. Anything that wants to escape earth’s gravitational pull must go at least 11 km/s, no matter what the thing is — a rocket ship or a baseball. The escape velocity of an object depends on how compact it is; that is, the ratio of its mass to radius. A black hole is an object so compact that, within a certain distance of it, even the speed of light is not fast enough to escape.

    The ammount of energy needed to fuel a black hole is relentless, the moment it’s created(if it’s created) it will die on it’s self.

    For the people who worry about the earth ending in 2008, 2012. It’s all nonsense. There are many different conspiracy theorys such as NWO, this, WW3.

    Wasn’t the eart supposed to end in 2000? 2002? 2005? 2006? and 2008. Every Time the date passes they make up a new one.

    Like someone said earlier, there is an army of scientists all with PHd’s working on this, if they knew there was a slight chance the world would be destroyed i doubt they would take the risk.

    And yes, maths is a huge factor when it comes to physics. Maths and physics got us where we are today.

  92. Why the hell would people be so stupid to create something to kill everyone if really is going to happen? Are the scientists “emo” or something?!!! they want to risk the lives for their own selfish curriosities!!!!! who cares!!!! youre not god so quit trying to play the role!!!!!! shows americans are smarter!!! why not just put them on another plant to experiment and when they get sucked into a black hole, then we can all sit back and say “that sucks!!”

  93. and who cares what happened in the past!!? thats why its called “history!!!” im pretty sure the way we found out about the dinosaurs wasnt a bunch of people saying “lets build a stupid time machine”!!!! leave the past behind us and start thinking about stuff that would be helpful in the future. but now we cant do that now that were gunna get sucked into a black hole!!!

  94. … where to start,i totally agree with alot on this forum.
    i dont think,nobody *actually* can forsee,what will happen from this,the maths could be wrong/power output/core temp … etc etc.of course CERN will know.*when it happens* not before hand.nothing is certain in life/except for death,the sure …
    we just have to twidle or thumbs and wait and see.and even if something did go wrong,there would be a cover up/or either we wouldnt get told.for example say a black hole were created … and a very small one at that,if given the chance it could sustain feeding an growning,engulfing the world from within …
    i dont think they would tell us,i mean id be pretty amusing to see on the news *i think anyways … like morbo of futurama 😀 haha*
    but thats just a theory …
    like more or less everything else.
    well im sure wed’s gona be fun …

  95. Why do this? What’s the point, may aswell just try on a different planet :|..

    Even though i think it wont work, and nothing will happen, and even if a black whole does appear it will be so fast to disappear, and small that nothing will happen. No point worrying too much yet 😉

  96. Okay, first of all i just heard today from my mate that theres going to be this thing thats going to go through the world 10th September 2008 (2 days from now) and if the slightest thing goes wrong the world is going to end and we will all die 🙁 i dont understand somebody please explain it to me in a way a 13 year old will understand!!!! :(:(:(:(

  97. some scienetists say it could be hours some say days however one belives it could be 4 years and my friend says that in the bible it says the world could in in 2012 (this is what my friend WHO IS RELIBLE SAID) god have forgive us have mercy please

  98. on another note,i hope its a sucess thou.
    not just the fact the consequences could be very much the point of existance ends if its not … *lol*
    but it would be very great to the human race.being able to understand more,in this dark abyss that we call life.and the fact also the *big bang* theory is indeed correct,booting the very idea of god creating man and the world.sorry if thats upset anybody with in my eyes has proved far,far much more in the past 100 years than religion has in the past 1000 years …

  99. another thought.
    i am very aware that *black holes* need to be fed in order to be kept alive …
    and if they are small,the dont exist for that great deal of time … *look what im gona point out here …*
    *black holes* occur in space outside this realm … where to be fair there isnt much to be fed with …
    in one does say apear on earth,wouldnt more or less everything be *food* for it? example,rocks/dirt/trees/metal/humans etc etc or anything within its reach … there for feeding it,there for it grows,there for its pull becomes much greater … and so on.

    any thoughts?.or am i just thinking aloud myself here?,surely not i hope.

  100. This is very interesting, because according to several prophecy’s (Revelations 13 being one of them), the beginning of the End of our Age (2000 year span) starts on September 10th 2008, and ends on December 2012.

    Most people think of “The end of Times”, “Times” is a literal mis-interpretation of “Age” – The world wont end, chaos will ensue the following 4 years and we will enter a new age of peace. Which is what happened 2000 years before this, and so on.

  101. Of course, you all realise that no collisions will actually take place on Sept 10th – This happens later. Sept 10th is just a test of the beams circulating. Nothing is going to happen on Sept 10th!

  102. please dont dont do it im so scared i dont want to die im only thirteen i actually want live i want to see my freinds n family again please dont let it kill us and if it is why arent u sending us to mars and how will u know wat happens if ure dead im so scared please right back




  105. I agree with Ted. Black holes aren’t created from particles forming together. They’re formed from dying stars. It would take immense amount of energy to create one.

    And no, the world is not going to end. Science is about disproving and proving theories, which require technology. So basically, we’re one step away from learning how the Earth was formed. And sorry if this is offending anyone, but I doubt it was the work of any religious figure.


  107. we will die because the human is iresponsible and jerk and dont think about his family or his town,country and GOD and UNIVERSe.
    i dont wanna die
    but that is life , you born,live and die …(because some jerk wanna know haw was created the BIg BaNG) i hate them!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Tomorrow is the day the LHC starts up. I think when they manage to accelerate the proton beams until nearly the speed of light (that are 11000 revolutions per second in a circle of 17 miles long), in both directions, they can speak of a success. I think even without collisions, a beam having that velocity can destroy (parts of) the machine. I hope their “beam dump” works too.
    (probably they will test the beam dump).

  109. i siriously think nothin will happen however im pretty sure a 4.4 billion dollar machine can do sum sirious damage n i also think that they arent gonna see nothin when they turn it on but this all insane in the first place this is like out of a sci-fi movie or something its crazy! oh well at least we know when it iz



  112. “if we die, we all die together!”

    thats what mny grandma said, i agrreeee 🙂 we wont know here died, so what does it matter?
    Going to die omeday, just, id like to live my llife.
    But some nobhead, dunt are about otthewr ppl, if i see him 🙂


  113. You are all NUTS.

    Nothing will happen. How many of you Doomsayers know anything of particle physics. I Do and I think that the experiment will fail, but the worst thing that will happen will be a lot of very dissapointed investors.

    Stop shitting the bed you lot and go and do something usefull. sepember 11th, will be just the same as september 9th with grey skies, shitty weather and me sat looking and bloody great equations wanting to go to the pub.

    RELAX EVERYBODY! it will be as eventfull as an episode of the magic roundabout.

  114. Nothings Gunna Happen. Its Just A Waste Of Money And Space

    You Dinnlo People. Why Waste Money On It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Theres Billion Of Tramps Out There!!

  115. I Dont Think The World Wants Us To Know Where We Came From. So If It All Goes Wrong We Know Why, The World Went In A Huff 😛

    Im Quite Excited About This, Ive Been Worried Recently But As Ive Learned About It My Mind Has Been Put To Rest … Something Will Happen … But I Dont Think It Will Be The End Of The World

    Its A Day To Enjoy All The Work These People Have Put Into The LHC


  116. We ALL know that CERN is secretly controlled by the Illuminati, so ANYTHING is possible…

    What better way to bring down the Catholic Church than to suck it into the abyss of a Black Hole!!!

    If Dan Brown was right about that – we’d better spend our last day on earth trying to crack the DaVinci Code ;););););)

  117. Our planet is not at risk from the world’s most powerful particle physics experiment, a report has concluded.

    The document addresses fears that the Large Hadron Collider is so energetic, it could have unforeseen consequences.

    Critics are worried that mini-black holes made at the soon-to-open facility on the French-Swiss border might threaten the Earth’s very existence.

    But the report, issued the European Organization for Nuclear Research, says there is “no conceivable danger”.

    The organization – known better by its French acronym, Cern – will operate the collider underground in a 27km-long tunnel near Geneva.

    This Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a powerful and complicated machine, which will smash together protons at super-fast speeds in a bid to unlock the secrets of the Universe.

    Six “detectors” – individual experiments – will count, trace and analyse the particles that emerge from the collisions.

    Most physicists believe the risk of a cataclysm lies in the realms of science fiction. But there have been fears about the possibility of a mini-black hole – produced in the collider – swelling so that it gobbles up the Earth.

    Critics have previously raised concerns that the production of weird hypothetical particles called strangelets in the LHC could trigger the mass conversion of nuclei in ordinary atoms into more strange matter – transforming the Earth into a hot, dead lump.

    New particles

    The lay language summary of the report, which has been written by Cern’s top theorists, states: “Over the past billions of years, nature has already generated on Earth as many collisions as about a million LHC experiments – and the planet still exists.”

    The report added: “There is no basis for any concerns about the consequences of new particles or forms of matter that could possibly be produced by the LHC.”
    If a black hole is produced, it might look like this in LHC data

    The new document is an update of the analysis carried out in 2003 into the safety of the collider by an independent team of scientists.

    The authors of the latest report, including theoretical physicist John Ellis, confirmed that black holes could be made by the collider. But they said: “If microscopic black holes were to be singly produced by colliding the quarks and gluons inside protons, they would also be able to decay into the same types of particles that produced them.”

    The report added: “The expected lifetime [of a mini-black hole] would be very short.”

    On the strangelet issue, the report says that these particles are even less likely to be produced at the LHC than in the lower-energy Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) in New York, which has been operating since 2000.

    A previous battle over particle accelerator safety was fought over the US machine.

    ‘Fundamental question’

    The scientific consensus appears to be on the side of Cern’s theorists.

    But in 2003, Dr Adrian Kent, a theoretical physicist at the University of Cambridge, wrote a paper in which he argued that scientists had not adequately calculated the risks of a “killer strangelet” catastrophe scenario.

    He also expressed concern that a fundamental question (how improbable does a cataclysm have to be to warrant proceeding with an experiment?) had never been seriously inspected.

    The LHC was due to switch on in 26 November 2007. The start-up has been postponed several times, however, and is currently scheduled for later this summer.

    The first delay was precipitated by an accident in March 2007 during stress testing of one of the LHC’s “quadrupole” magnets.

    A statement carried on the Cern website from the US laboratory that provided the magnet stated that the equipment had experienced a “failure” when supporting structures “broke”.

    It later emerged that the magnet had exploded in the tunnel, close to one of the LHC’s most important detectors.

    No one was in the immediate vicinity of the test, so there were no injuries. The magnet problem was fixed shortly afterwards.

    In March, a complaint requesting an injunction against the LHC’s switch-on was filed before the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii by seven plaintiffs.

    One of the plaintiffs had previously attempted to bring a similar injunction against the RHIC over safety concerns.

    [email protected]

  118. ok ok.. u fools..

    blackholes are collapsed matter.. yes?? with the gravitational pull of the entirety of the matter concentrated on one point correct?? eg giant start die collapse and form a “black hole”

    FACT.. every piece of matter has a gravititional pull.. proportional to its mass.. when we fall to earth.. earth falls to us.. but the mass difference is so great earth doesnt move at all.. this is how orbits work.. etc etc

    were talking about two atoms colliding?? i have no idea.. but gee.. imagine the pull two collapsed atoms will have.. LOOK OUT!!

  119. im so scared right now but the people who are saying it will be ok in this forum seem to sound a lot more like they know what they are talking about and there evidence sounds more convincing so just try not to worry

  120. ‘Kay, i’m 15.

    And personally, I think that we’re not gonna die 😀

    To be honest, I don’t even think there’s going to be a ‘black hole’.

    The year 8s at school are absolutely sh*tting themselves, bless.

    It’s just a rumour and we’ll all be laughing about it the next day.

    If anything, nothing will happen apart from an explosion… Nothing ever happens 😀

  121. I’m really scared. =[

    Why do they put the world at risk (were taking bout 99999999billion people here) just to find out something!!!!

    It’s just palin sellfish to me cause the money could be spent on other things, like helping poor and stuff. We shouldnt mess up gods creation. We should keep out!!!!

    Good luck to us all

  122. I really don understand what are the useful things gonna happen if atall this experiments is gonna take place.. but know only the side effects, that the world may end!! Do all ppl really think that dis experiment is that important 2 take place??????
    what should we destroy wolrd?? Ppl r proving 2 be stubborn.. HELL.. tomorrow is coming:( which is making ppl jus die thinkin of dat..!!!!!!! i surely object dis bloody thing..
    Sorry this is my opinion.. im nt pointing aut ne1 4 sure.. plz ppl try to be brave n save ourselfs plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :((((((((((

  123. MY DEAR PEOPLE GOOD LUCK.. LETS PRAY GOD!!!!!!!! I DO BLIV IN HIM!!!!!!! I HOPE U 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Also, I heard it is gonna be switched on at bout 10:05am, so if we are all still alive after then, we’ll be o.k! =]

    If not, I’m gonna close my eyes, hold my lucky charm im taking school and hope ill be alright. All tommorrow im gonna be thinkin bout all the amazing things ive done so far in my short life.

    My best friend keeps telling me there professions and everything will be alright, but I can tell she is having a hard time beliving herself.

    So good luck and if this is what im going to say if the world will end
    “God bless us all”

  125. This is Stupid.
    Why risk the earth for this?
    Why risk lives?
    Do they have the right to do this? To me it could be some form of mass murder,
    i think they would be safer leaving everything as it is…

  126. please juat leave the world how it is..
    your risking everyones lifes and can destroy our planet…you dont have the right to do this..not at all just because you want tyo no how the universe was made well why worry about it cus now your gonna reck our lifes 🙁
    im really scared about this wat im 14 and im hereing all shouldnt be able to do this wen there so many young children about 🙁

  127. i would do anything just for this to not happen

    well if it does happen then
    bye everyone

    i will miss all my family and friendss 🙁

  128. where goin to die aint wee 🙁
    its pointless doing it and seems to be a waste of time
    but your goin ahead and doing it
    and may also kill us 🙁
    im to young to think about dieing and
    now im thinking off it 🙁
    i dont want this tp happen pleaasseeee
    i would kill myself for the world to stay as it is
    its juast horrible thinking that tomorrow i might be dead 🙁

    God Bless Yoou All 🙁

  129. is the world like acctually gonna die ?!

    like really what is the need ?!

    its just like suicide Lol

    stupid people with there stupid toys ¬_¬

  130. A few things.

    If the experiment is succesful, the ammount of theorys this will proove and disproove is unimaginable.

    For those of you who say you could spend the money on better things, what like? There is nothing better to discover more technology, energy which is polution free and has no end. Imagine what we could do with what we could create? We will finally know where we came from and where the universe is heading. How it will end.

    Lets say the worse case scenario happens, a black hole is created(which scientist are certain will not happen). Do you realise how much energy is needed to keep a black hole alive? Do you people know how black holes are created? there not created by particals and it’s anti-partical colliding, Not even close.

    A black hole is produced by some dying stars. A star with a mass greater than 20 times the mass of our Sun may produce a black hole at the end of its life. In the normal life of a star there is a constant tug of war between gravity pulling in and pressure pushing out. Nuclear reactions in the core of the star produce enough energy to push outward. For most of a star’s life, gravity and pressure balance each other exactly, and so the star is stable. However, when a star runs out of nuclear fuel, gravity gets the upper hand and the material in the core is compressed even further. The more massive the core of the star, the greater the force of gravity that compresses the material, collapsing it under its own weight.

    A black hole is defined by the escape velocity that would have to be attained to escape from the gravitational pull exerted upon an object. For example, the escape velocity of earth is equal to 11 km/s. Anything that wants to escape earth’s gravitational pull must go at least 11 km/s, no matter what the thing is — a rocket ship or a baseball. The escape velocity of an object depends on how compact it is; that is, the ratio of its mass to radius. A black hole is an object so compact that, within a certain distance of it, even the speed of light is not fast enough to escape.

    The ammount of energy needed to fuel a black hole is relentless, the moment it’s created(if it’s created) it will die on it’s self.

    For the people who worry about the earth ending in 2008, 2012. It’s all nonsense. There are many different conspiracy theorys such as NWO, this, WW3.

    Wasn’t the eart supposed to end in 2000? 2002? 2005? 2006? and 2008. Every Time the date passes they make up a new one.

    Like someone said earlier, there is an army of scientists all with PHd’s working on this, if they knew there was a slight chance the world would be destroyed i doubt they would take the risk.

    And yes, maths is a huge factor when it comes to physics. Maths and physics got us where we are today.

    excactly ted and to prove his theory.

    In theory there is no smallest size for a black hole. Once created, it has the properties of a black hole. Stephen Hawking theorized that primordial black holes could evaporate and become even tinier, i.e. micro black holes. Searches for evaporating primordial black holes are proposed for the GLAST satellite to be launched in 2008. However, if micro black holes can be created by other means, such as by cosmic ray impacts or in colliders, that does not imply that they must evaporate.

    The formation of black hole analogs on Earth in particle accelerators has been reported. These black hole analogs are not the same as gravitational black holes, but they are vital testing grounds for quantum theories of gravity.

    They act like black holes because of the correspondence between the theory of the strong nuclear force, which has nothing to do with gravity, and the quantum theory of gravity. They are similar because both are described by string theory. So the formation and disintegration of a fireball in quark gluon plasma can be interpreted in black hole language. The fireball at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider [RHIC] is a phenomenon which is closely analogous to a black hole, and many of its physical properties can be correctly predicted using this analogy. The fireball, however, is not a gravitational object. It is presently unknown whether the much more energetic Large Hadron Collider [LHC] would be capable of producing the speculative large extra dimension micro black hole, as many theorists have suggested.


    stop panicking..

  131. hmm.i wonder if the lnc. could over time generate “dark matter” particles … or otherwise known as dark energy.
    more studies is needed on this,too understand what it is fully,
    i mean the theory on how a “black hole” is born,is just a theory in its own right,maybe it isnt from a dying star? maybe it has something to do with “dark matter”? as nobody in this existance can really say “what is what” if you cant even examine it,or otherwise get near it,maybe we’ll find that out in a few hrs eh? … :L

  132. You would rather spend all that money on something that can reck all our lifes and your still goin to do it How selfish
    am 14 and you dont no what im goin through because off this !!
    ive never been soo scared in my life:( 🙁 🙁
    please do not do thiss 🙁

  133. your all telling us not to panik well
    we all might die tomoz
    you cant read minds can you

    dont you realise how selfish they are 🙁
    rather spend all that money on a machine that might kill us

  134. Found this on the telegraph site.

    Critics of the Large Hadron Collider – a £4.4 billion machine due to be switched on in ten days time – have lodged a lawsuit at the European Court for Human Rights against the 20 countries, including the UK, that fund the project.

    The device is designed to replicate conditions that existed just a fraction of a second after the Big Bang, and its creators hope it will unlock the secrets of how the universe began.

    However, opponents fear the machine, which will smash pieces of atoms together at high speed and generate temperatures of more than a trillion degrees centigrade, may create a mini-black hole that could tear the earth apart.

    Scientists involved in the project have dismissed the fears as “absurd” and insist that extensive safety assessments on the 17 mile long particle accelerator have demonstrated that it is safe.

    The legal battle comes as the European Nuclear Research Centre (CERN), in Geneva, prepares to send the first beam of particles around the machine at the official switch on, on September 10, although it will be several weeks before the first particles are collided together.

    Opponents of the project had hoped to obtain an injunction from the European Court of Human Rights that would block the collider from being turned on at all, but the court rejected the application on Friday morning. However, the court will rule on allegations that the experiment violates the right to life under the European Convention of Human Rights.

    Professor Otto Rössler, a German chemist at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen who is one of the most vocal opponents of the LHC and was one of the scientists who submitted the complaint to the court, said: “CERN itself has admitted that mini black holes could be created when the particles collide, but they don’t consider this a risk.

    “My own calculations have shown that it is quite plausible that these little black holes survive and will grow exponentially and eat the planet from the inside. I have been calling for CERN to hold a safety conference to prove my conclusions wrong but they have not been willing.

    “We submitted this application to the European Court of Human Rights as we do not believe the scientists at CERN are taking all the precautions they should be in order to protect human life.”

    Professor Rössler claims that, in the worst case scenario, the earth could be sucked inside out within four years of a mini black hole forming.

    The case he and his colleagues have put before the European Court of Human Rights argues that the Large Hadron Collider violates the right to life and right to private family life under the European Convention of Human Rights

    It sets out a series of arguments that suggest the collider could produce mini black holes that would permanently come into existence and grow uncontrollably.

    But a safety report published earlier this year by experts at CERN and reviewed by a group of external scientists gave the Large Hadron Collider the all clear. It concluded that there was little theoretical chance of the collider producing mini black holes that would be capable of posing a danger to the earth.

    It stated that nature routinely produces higher energy collisions on the earth than will be possible in the collider, when cosmic rays hit the planet

    But the CERN facility is already facing a second lawsuit filed by environmentalists in Hawaii who are seeking a court order that would force the US government to intervene and delay the start up of the collider. That case is due to be heard on Tuesday.

    Large particle colliders have been used by scientists to smash atoms and pieces of atoms together for more than thirty years without causing any noticeable harm to the planet.

    This latest machine, however, has attracted such attention because it is the largest and most powerful ever constructed. Built 300ft beneath the French Swiss border, it will fire atomic particles around its 17 mile circumference, 11,245 times every second before smashing them headlong into each other.

    The result will, for a split second, replicate the conditions that existed in the moments immediately after the birth of the universe, known as the Big Bang. In a space a billion times smaller than a speck of dust, the collisions will create temperatures 100,000 times hotter than the centre of the sun.

    Among the debris thrown off by these collisions, scientists hope they will find the elusive Higgs-Boson, which is thought to be responsible for giving every other particle its mass, or weight.

    But scientists admit it could be years before they start producing any meaningful results due to the challenges involved in detecting such tiny and fleeting particles.

    James Gillies, spokesman for CERN, insisted that despite the huge amounts of energy the Large Hadron Collider will produce, it posed no risk to the safety of the planet.

    He said: “The case before the European Court of Human Rights contains the same arguments that we have seen before and we have answered these in extensive safety reports.

    The Large Hadron Collider will not be producing anything that does not already happen routinely in nature due to cosmic rays. If they were dangerous we would know about it already.

    “We are now concentrating on firing the first beams around the collider and then on fine tuning it until we can get collisions, when the science will start.”

    A spokesman for the European Court of Human Rights confirmed the lawsuit had been lodged and the petition to obtain an emergency injunction against CERN was rejected. She said: “There will therefore be no bar to CERN carrying out these experiments but the applicants can continue with this case here at the ECHR.”

  135. Professor Rössler claims that, in the worst case scenario, the earth could be sucked inside out within four years of a mini black hole forming

    holy **** 4 years?? and guess what year that is 2012. wow the mayan calender was right.

  136. Don’t Worry it won’t happen. v won’t die so easily.
    If you go through the technical details which i am sure you won’t understand now it is pretty obvious nothing of tat sort is going to happen and more over the people who are doing it are all experts in their fields . So stop worrying and enjoy your life.

  137. Im 12 too 😐

    why did they do it if there was a chance the universe could die ..

    i doubt anything will happen but you know.

  138. if i here them alarms go off tomoz im killing myself before it happens
    them people are so selfish i havent even had babys yet or finished school 🙁

  139. How exciting. I knew nothing of this until today when someone at work said the world was going to end tomorrow.

  140. ive bin crying about this
    how can it be exciting
    i still have a life ahead off me
    and i might not have that ife now 🙁

  141. does anybody know that the proffessor pushing the button in the morning was was part of the band d-ream?
    so “things can only get better” lol!
    at least were in safe hands!!

  142. hi am kirsty why say the world is going to end, you no what i can cause if people think the world is going to end they will kill them selves to not see it like my sister shelley said above shes 14 for christ sake and in so much tears. saying the world is going to end and printing it all over the news people mite take advatanage and start robbing places and all sorts before u no the truth dont say it this is a serious matter and people believe it. no scientist is going to blow up the world well not for a billion years so stop saying it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. But Kirsty You Cant Say That I WOnt Blow Up Because No One No’s All People Should Have A Say Too This
    And I Say It Shouldnt Go On
    Im In Tears And I Could End Up Killing Myself If I Here Anymore Off This
    But If I Here On The News Its Not Goin To Happen Then I Will Not Kill Myself
    Sorry But This Is Killing Me Soo Much
    i just want it to stay the same then i wont have to worry ! even the slightest thing will make me wanna kill myself Please dont do it
    i personaly think it wont work
    or it will go wrong
    i hope we all survive i really do i hate just thinking of the fact we could all die tomoz 🙁

  144. There was this programme (albeit a drama) on the BBC a little while ago – a variety of things that could end the world. This was the one they deemed most scary- a comet causing a tsunami was another! I can’t remember any more.

    I reckon we’re in safe hands.

  145. I was really scared when i first started reading about this all. I knew nothing of this until tonight, the night before. I really hope you guys who claim its rubbish are right.

    It also concerns me that some of you said they’ll be exerimenting with more dangerous elements in 2010.

    I dont give a damn what happened after the big bang. I’m not being ignorant, it would be interesting to know if the info was readily available, but any risk is too big a risk in dealing with matter that we have little control over, like space.

    i do believe that we are not meant to know everything about the universe and how we came to be, so taking it to far will get us into trouble sooner or later. These arrogant scientists claiming to have it under control really worry me.

    Either way I’m going out for donuts in the morning, screw the diet!!

  146. well to be onist, i dont believe in any of this shit. do you all believe the nations of the world would let something like this happen if there was a chance of us all dying. for god sake th UN geth there noeses involved with anything and everything so if this was a major threat to us why have they not stuck there noese in this time . So dont worry about it.

  147. It was just on Sky News, it showed CERN have made a bloody rap video explaining the process!! what the hell?! They seem like they are very confident. It was a tiny 2 minute slot, more pre-occupied with Barak Obama and the cra economy.

    £4.4 billion??????????????!!!
    Who gives a damn???? Do you know how many starving Africans and hurricane victims that could save/help??? Bloody ridiculous. It makes me sick.

  148. Why are you kids on here? Stop crying over this bullshit, what happens, happens, nothing we can do to change that.

  149. 2 things, first is that i am 15 and having 1 in a 5 billion chance that a black hole is going to appear is so close to 0% that its not going to happen (Although knowing my luck it probably will.) The second is DOES ANYONE KNOW AT WHAT TIME THE LHC IS BEING TURNED ON?

  150. Another thing, this won’t destroy the world, worse case scenario an explosion goes off in Sweden.

  151. The problem with science is that science fact as opposed to fiction is that is doesn’t come into existance until its been proven. The likliehood is that this experiment will fail and then will need to be tweaked until it works and that could take millions of pounds and years(whatever works means). Or maybe it works first time.

    The argument here is surely whether any one person, group, nation or organisation has the right to make a judgement call on behalf of the human race I don’t believe anyone does, irrespective of the gains. That’s my personal view.

    I can’t help but think there are some next generation weapons, space travel superiority and financial rewards beyond comprehension to be developed from this rather than the ability to feed Africa for £1 or cure cancer overnight. I hope to be proved wrong and have some renewed faith in humanity.

    I have no doubt I’ll be here next week, next month, next year but I have to say the fact that a Senior German Chemistry Professor expresses doubts over the CERN approach at least deserves them to respond formally to him. Surely thats a win-win, they show respect to a fellow scientist and debunk his theory all in one go. It sounds more scientific than producing a rap video with a silent C.

    Science isn’t religion and it shouldn’t look to disprove it or replace it. It should look to further the greater good of the human race for the whole planets benefit. Lets hope they are the CERN motives and we all benefit from the research with no ill effect.

  152. Nope they have changed it, its now 8am… I mean why bother trying this experiment, I meant whats the point They may say the universe will not implode but loo it it in the bright way… there’s children at stake for F*** sake!! now c’mon think those childrem want to have a future and have kids of there own one day, please think of your children and your wife there probally scared shitless! just think you fire up that LHC machine you are basicly holding us all as hostages, and you will be murdering millions of inicent people!!!
    I’m ashamed, I tell you what if I had the Power I would completely shutdown the whole system and take those keys and snap them!!! Dont do it your making a Big mistake!!!!!

  153. just been pondering this..

    particle acceleration is used in this process,

    would a worm hole not be able to form? :S

  154. no it’s 8.30am uk for me means that at 12.30 in the i am getting really exited….

  155. chriss you need to get a life mate!!!!!!!!! as if you all believe that the world is going to end !!! do you really think that if it would destroy the world these people would out us al in jepordyy?? if its ment to cure cancer then whats the point if we’re all going to die anyway???? derrrrr !!!!!!

    your all pua manheads 🙂 😛 !!!!!!!!!

  156. well the day is upon us,
    lets see what happens im at work at 6:30am uk time,so i wont be able to watch the launch on tv …
    hope all goes well.

  157. ##############################################








  158. If you can’t get to a TV like me, as I’ll be stuck in London traffic, BBC Radio 4 are doing a live broadcast.


  160. the collision isnt even happening for weeks. It is good PR on behalf of CERN. Updates are on sky news all day today.

    (sorry i was wrong about the time guys, I heard 10.15am but then 8.30am late last night)


  162. Well, I for one, do not want to die, so I think this project is far to dangerous to be demonstrated on a planet where there are living things! It isn’t really fair, we should have a vote to see if they CAN or CANNOT do this project. On a more positive side, what would you do in your last 24 hours to live?

  163. who really cares when we die. becaus ewhen we do everything we did in our livse is not going to matter. i actually think we shouald all be afraid of living because when your alive there are unspeekable things that can happen to you to people that are shit scared dont be because when it happen s if it happens its not like everything you ever new will miss you or care because you’ll be dead. rejoice what you have now because it could all be gone but when its your time to go, its your time to go and dont be sad because when it happens no one is going to care so just smile give cern a jolly good up yours and wait to meet your maker.

    and to those absolute idiots who think it cool to do this stuff and waste 8 bilion dollars on stuff that doesnt meen jack when it could have been used to help milions of people dying in africa i meen come on wat is ur point. so what if your theories are proven if you want to get rid of spare time just go play world of war craft its not life threatening if this work and/or if it doesnt it is still the biggest waste of money known to mani hope somethogn bad happens and those idiots at cern say are ripped into dozens of little peices by these “black holes”

    And to some dumb ass who says that all the doomsayers are religious well why dont you go to hell. I could care less who are the doomsayers.

    In my opinion i tink what happens happens bu ti doubt the end of the world will be like this if you want to know about the end of the world read the new testament. A good thing to do tonight is to pray to god fall asleep and pray that you wake up tomorrow

  164. Ive noticed that even though everyone has a chance to stop this no one really cares. And if i had twenty four hours to live i do the most craziest stuff that id probably b shot before12 hours and the best part is i wuld have no regrets

  165. If it happens quickly maybe it won’t be so bad.

    My fear is that it’d take weeks, months, YEARS for the black hole to consume us after it’s detected.

    What would it be like on earth, in the knowledge that we’re all doomed in, say, 25 days?
    I suspect there’d be absolute chaos 🙁
    Lawlessness. Killings, rapings, suicides, arson, starvation. Russia would probably launch a nuclear missile at the CERN laboratory for no apparent reason, triggering full-blown global nuclear war.

    Bodies would litter the streets. — What’s the point of burrying/cremating dead people if we’re all going to be sucked into a black hole in 25 days?
    Let the black hole do the tidying.

  166. okay, im 14 years old,
    and i need facts.
    is the world going to get sucked into a black hole?
    this really isnt fair. why do they have the right to put everybodys lives at risk?
    and who cares if they create the big bang? noone is going to be here to record it anyway! we’ll all be dead!
    this is ridiculous, why end peoples lives for a science experiment

  167. the hadrons will collide in two weeks and after that i dont know what will happen, the scientists are uncertain about what they are doing. this expiriment is absolutley ridiculous

  168. im in rofl right now look kiddes were not dead noone will die and ,ove with your and stop posting about how yuo fear this <_<

  169. a little something i saw on the national geographic website:

    InsideThe world’s largest atom smasher’s first experiment went off today without a hitch, paving the way toward the recreation of post-big bang conditions.

    e the control room, physicists and engineers cautiously shot the beam down part of the tunnel, stopping it before it went all the way around.

    “Oh, we made it through!” one person cried as the beam made it through a further section of the tunnel.

    One hour after starting up, on the first attempt to send the beam circling all the way around the tunnel, it completed the trip successfully—bringing raucous applause.

    “First of all, I didn’t believe it,” said Verena Kain, a European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) engineer.

    “I had to see it a second time, and I thought, Oh, wow, it actually worked!”

    “Things can go wrong at any time, but luckily this morning everything went smoothly,” said Lyn Evans of CERN, who oversaw the building of the accelerator.

    Birth of the Universe

    The collider “was first proposed more than 20 years ago,” said Django Manglunki, an accelerator physicist at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), on Tuesday. “We’ve been preparing that beam for more than ten years.”

    “It’s difficult to realize that the machine, at last, is starting now,” he added. (See photos of the collider.)

    By creating hundreds of thousands of head-on collisions each second, physicists hope to understand the fiery conditions of the universe a trillionth of a second after the big bang.

    Another enigma that could be at least partially explained is dark matter, the invisible material thought to be the most common in the universe.

    Very Big Staircase

    In several months CERN’s physicists plan to use two beams, each with 2,808 bunches of protons, each of which contains a hundred billion protons—positively charged particles found in the nuclei of atoms.

    Out of each collision, a spray of energy and other assorted particles will form. Scientists will study which particles show up, how often, and exactly how they fly out of the collisions. (Learn more about atom smashers.)

    But on Wednesday, CERN scientists will first try to thread a single bunch of two billion protons through the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

    “We will have a very low-intensity beam, so [in case of a problem] we can lose the beam without damaging the machine,” Manglunki said.

    Once the team gets the beam circulating all the way around the tunnel—which may happen in a couple of hours—the scientists will send in several bunches at a time.

    Getting the first beam circulating, Manglunki said, is “one step in a very big staircase”—the long process of conceiving, designing, building, and finally running the experiment.

    (See: “Broken Magnet Highlights Largest Collider’s Engineering Challenges” [April 13, 2007].)

    Although the physicists have done various tests on the machine already, “ultimately it’s the beam that can tell you if everything is working,” he added.

    Later, they will attempt to get another beam of protons circulating through the tunnel in the opposite direction—a prelude to colliding the two beams.

    Dark Matter Particle

    In addition to spotting the Higgs boson, another early reward could be evidence of supersymmetry. The supersymmetry theory says that all the particles known today have much more massive—and as yet undetected—partners.

    “There are strong reasons to believe that these new particles include the particle that makes up the cosmic dark matter that accounts for 80 percent of the matter in universe,” said Michael Peskin, a particle physicist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Menlo Park, California.

    (Related: “Dark Matter Proof Found, Scientists Say” [August 22, 2006].)

    The collisions could also create a zoo of new particles, experts say.

    “If any of these theories are right, the LHC should be turning up the evidence for these particles by next summer,” Peskin said.

    But there could also be some big surprises.

    “It might turn out to be like the 1950s, when we were discovering many new particles and had no clue about how they fit into a coherent picture,” Peskin said.

    “I hope it will turn out like that,” he added. “This is what makes science fun.”

    No Cause for Alarm

    Some people are worried that the experiments could also create unwelcome discoveries, such as particles and other exotic phenomena that could swallow up Earth or destroy the universe as we know it.

    For instance, one possibility is that the collisions will pack matter together so tightly that it may collapse to form miniature black holes.

    But reviews by both CERN physicists and independent researchers argue that, even if such black holes do form, there’s no reason for alarm (watch video).

    “Collisions just like those the [atom-smasher] will make have been produced by cosmic rays bombarding the Earth throughout its existence,” said a statement from the American Physical Society.

    The most energetic cosmic rays are particles that pack much more energy than those in the Large Hadron Collider—so much so that physicists still aren’t sure how the most powerful cosmic rays get created. (See: “Black Holes Belch Universe’s Most Energetic Particles” [November 8, 2007].)

    Steve Giddings, a physicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is actually hoping miniature black holes do show up, along with other evidence supporting string theory—an unproven theory that describes subatomic particles as though they are tiny vibrating strings.

    “It would be extremely exciting to see string properties directly. And that is possible if there are extra dimensions of space that are configured just the right way,” Giddings said.

    “[Seeing] all of this would be the ultimate jackpot scenario.”

    you can stop worrying now the collide was a success dont believe me? go here:

  170. ok here is what i reken…

    if the LHC does create a blackhole
    theres no God

    if it doesnt well lets say that God is on our side 🙂

    End of story

  171. all this talk about GOD makes me laugh. people take the bible ay to serious. Me being a non believer and think the LHC is a fantastic idea that should not be feared but respected. Nature is there to be played with and explored by us.

    If anything goes wrong then it will…i honestly cant believe that some say this is a waste of money. CERN may discover a new type of fuel which will have no polution, cures my aids/HIV or cancer may be found. ISNT that worth the money and the risk. OK people are starving but how come we donate hell of a lof of money to those countries and they are still in their damn state believe me its not the amount its how their goverment spend s that given money!!!!

    if it wasnt for the mass media (TV etc) no one would actually be worried or ould have even heard of the LHC.

    well i cant wait for the out come…only the future knows whats coming our way 😀

  172. we are all going to die Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 3:18 pm
    CERN are nothing more than a group of international terrorist that need to be stopped. they do not know if a blackhole or other unknown things would dissapear. the risk of earth being destroyed is more than 50% when they start to smash. We have a few days. why isnt the worlds military there and stopping them?? I can not belive we would allow a group of award seeking egomanical selfish madmen the go ahead on this

    read the article and shut the hell up.

  173. ummm ya, i see many people saying here that the experiment is trying to prove the big bang and how everything was made.. thats not what the experiment is for. They are trying to prove the existence of the gluon which in the atomic model holds all particles together and was supposedly formed in a very short period after the big bang, its not going to prove the big bang in any way, only that the gluon exists and the current atomic model is right or at least on the right path. The experiment is also going to be used to test a couple of other things, read here for some more:

    and is it going to make a black hole that is going to swallow us all.. i very much doubt it, what could happen is that physics as we know it can be turned on its head, which too many of us will actually be a happy happening 😀

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