Live Now on Paranormal Radio: “The Lucifer Project”

In response to the recent articles on the Universe Today detailing the “Lucifer Project” doomsday scenario, I’ve been invited back as a guest on Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack. The twist is, that the show is starting now (6pm PST, 9pm EST)! Apologies for the late announcement.

The articles:

Listen live to Paranormal Radio. I’ll update this post with the recording of the show when it becomes available…

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  1. Well, yes, you’re right, apologies. The only issue with using my homeland GMT when I’m living on PST is late night radio shows in the US start the previous day to GMT. So, I should have said: “…show starting now, that is 6pm PST, 9pm EST or 2am GMT (tomorrow, well, today if you live in the UK).” It was also a bit of a mad rush, usually I try to find a way to convert to GMT (or preferably UT), will try to do so in the future 😉

    Cheers, Ian

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