Astrosphere for May 15, 2007

Follow me as we travel around the astrosphere, finding cool blogs and websites.

First up. astrophotographer Damian Peach (who contributed many photos to What’s Up) has put together an animation of Mars images providing a full rotation of the planet. Thanks for Chris Lintott’s Universe for the link. is reporting that most leaders of the space industry have signed a letter, requesting that Congress increase NASA funding by $1.4 billion. Let’s hope they’re successful.

Space Prizes would like you to know that there are efforts underway to try and help save NASA’s Centennial Challenges. It seems insane to me that one of the least expensive, most public-friendly things NASA has done recently would be on the chopping block.

You’ve read Tammy’s suggestions for what to see in the night sky this week, now here’s a similar list from Vern’s Astronomy Weblog. Now there’s no excuse. Head outside and look up.

Remember, the 3rd Carnival of Space is at my place this week. Send in your entries before Wednesday night, and I’ll get them in.