One Year of JWST. Ultimate Recap

It’s already been one year of operations for James Webb. We accumulated all the major scientific results, all the amazing images and spectra, all the important discoveries and controversies. Enjoy the ultimate recap of JWST’s first year.

It was full of events. There hardly is any other mission that generated so many news stories in such a short period of time. So, here’s a structured look-back at all the major things that came out from JWST.

If you weren’t following all of them in real-time, this is a great way to catch up with the most powerful space telescope in human history.

If you are a regular viewer of Space Bites and a Newsletter subscriber, it’s still great to have a retrospective of all the things that came from Webb. So, I’m sure you’ll also enjoy it.

James Webb is already set for Cycle 2. Let’s hope there will be many more recaps like this one in the future.