Podcast: The Milky Way


The Milky Way is our home. An island of stars in a universe of other galaxies. But you might be surprised to learn that astronomers have only known the Milky Way’s true nature for just a century. Let’s learn the history of discoveries about the Milky Way, and what today’s science tells us. And let’s peer into the future to learn the ultimate fate of our galaxy.

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Milky Way – Show notes and transcript

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3 Replies to “Podcast: The Milky Way”

  1. I would really like to listen to your podcasts as they sound really interesting —– but I can only hear about 50% of what’s being said because your voice fades in-and-out. It sounds like you’re turning away from the microphone as you’re speaking, then turn back. Or perhaps you’re changing the volume at which you speak. Or you’re not close enough to the mike. I would think there are quite a few “old timers” like me (81)who are having the same problem, so don’t listen because it’s too frustrating. Other than that, I check Universe Today at least four times every day —– and love it. A great site.

  2. The podcasts are good. I’ve seen Dr Gay’s picture, yes, she looks good, but remember she’s on the show as she’s very good explaining this stuff.

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