Astrosphere for May 10, 2007

Time for another trip around the Universe of space-related websites.

I mentioned the Carnival of Space a couple of days ago, and encouraged you all to submit a story. Well, the 2nd Carnival of Space is now up, and contains a delightful collection of space-related stories. As promised, I’ve got one in the Carnival as well.

Stuart from the Astronomy Blog has connected a Twitter account together with the Jodrell Bank Observatory. That way you can know exactly where the massive radio telescope is observing every moment of every day.

Here’s some more details on the terrible Griffith Park fire in Los Angeles from my BAUT cohort Bad Astronomer Phil Plait. Although this magnificent, historic observatory was spared, Phil regales us with a tale to visit a telescope that wasn’t so lucky.

You’ve got a telescope, now you need to choose some accessories. Daniel McCormick from Rigel Astronomy has posted a new podcast to help you narrow down the choices.

If you’re not sure where to look for extraterrestrials, at least you should know where not to look. The Daily Galaxy has some suggestions for places to avoid.

Remember, if you’ve got a space-related blog, drop me a note and I’ll add you to my watchlist.