Astrosphere for May 9, 2007

Here’s what I found, buzzing around the astrosphere today.

A Babe in the Universe had a great blog post about the Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles. And then last night, the observatory nearly caught fire as part of the Griffith Park fire. My wife’s Gilmore Girls episode was replaced with 60 minutes of helicopter footage of a raging fire about to consume a historic observatory. Mt. Stromlo all over again. Fortunately, the observatory seems safe.

The Daily Galaxy has an excellent piece on the “Hawking Solution”. Leave the Earth to save humanity?

My Astronomy Cast cohost, Dr. Pamela Gay ponders on her Star Stryder blog what life might be like on Gliese 581c (that recently discovered, most-Earthlike planet)

My favourite news show is called the Hour, and it’s all Canadian. They had a great interview with Richard Dawkins. Unfortunately, the official video clip is an obnoxious WMV file, but there’s a YouTube version over at Cosmic Afterthoughts.