Astrosphere for May 8, 2007

Here’s another spin around the astrosphere. Interesting sites, stories and blogs I found while working on Universe Today.

Want to fly into space, but you lack the cash? Jim Benson‘s Space Company is offering a free trip into space. You can visit the site, but there aren’t many details yet. Give them your email to stay updated.

A fire at the U.S Space & Rocket Center has destroyed two Apollo era artifacts that were being refurbished. (Nod to ATW Space for the story).

Have you signed up for a flight with Virgin Galactic? Maybe it’s time you meet some of your shipmates. USA Today is profiling a few of them in a recent story. (Thanks to Personal Spaceflight for the info.)

The Science Channel is joining in the Space Week festivities with some appropriate shows, including a documentary on the new Orion spacecraft. We don’t get the Science Channel here in Canada, so Tivo it for me. (Thanks to the Rocketry Blog for the link.)

Do you write space-related stories? Then you’ll want to join the next Carnival of Space. If you’ve written an article about space, and want to get some new readers, join in. I’ll do it if you do it. What’s a blog carnival? Learn more.

Larry Kellogg gives a detailed look at the fuel cells that will keep astronauts in electricity on their flights back to the Moon.