Astrosphere for May 5, 2007

You’ve heard of the blogosphere, but what about the astrosphere? It’s actually a biological term (microtubules that extend outward from the cytocentrum and centrosphere of a dividing cell), but I think it sounds spacier. I run across so many cool websites, blogs, and photos every day. I only have so much time to report my own news, so I thought I’d mention anything else I see that might strike your fancy.

Ian Musgrave from Astroblog notes that Asteroid Vesta can be seen with the unaided eye. How often do you get to go outside, look up and see an asteroid?

Since I wasn’t born when the first Gemini flights went up, Paul Gilster from Centauri Dreams remembers the life of Wally Schirra for me. Centauri Dreams is one of my absolutely favourite astroblogs, subscribe immediately.

The Earth and Sky blog points the way to find Jupiter in the night sky. The giant planet will be making its closest approach in June.

Garbage on the Moon? Apparently there are tonnes of probes, rovers and discarded boosters. Read an accounting from Popular Science.

Cosmology Curiosity gives a great little review of the Celestron SkyScout. It’s that cool little gadget that helps you find your way around the night sky.

One of my favourite discoveries are the exquisite sunspot sketches by astronomer William H. Greer. He’s also got some hand sketches of Venus.

That’s what I’ve found today. If you run an space/astronomy-related blog or website, drop me a note and I’ll subscribe to your news feed.