Podcast: Missions to Mars, Part 1

With last month’s safe arrival of the Phoenix Mars Lander, Mars enthusiasts breathed a collective sigh of relief… phew. Now it’s time to search for evidence of organic molecules in the ice at Mars’ north pole. But this is just the latest in a long series of missions sent to the Red Planet. Let’s have a history lesson, and look back at the missions sent to Mars, successful and unsuccessful.

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Missions to Mars, Part 1 – Show notes and transcript

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2 Replies to “Podcast: Missions to Mars, Part 1”

  1. Good story, but the history of exploration of Mars has a lot more substance that needs to be carfeully considered in light of the cold war between the US and USSR. We tried to capture this in the book “Imminent Discovery”. There are some free chapters to download – see the link at the bottom of http://www.gomarsgo.com.

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