Space News for July 12, 1999

Article written: 12 Jul , 1999
Updated: 23 Mar , 2012

Nixon was Prepared for Grim Moon Landing Speech

Almost 30 years ago, the Apollo moon landing was a complete success, but Nixon was ready with an alternate speech in case astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin never made it from the surface. After a courtesy call to the astronauts’ wives, the speech was to be delivered to the American public.

ABC News
Space Chronicle

Mir Leaking Air

Cosmonauts on board Mir have realized that their island in space is starting to lose its atmosphere. Air pressure on the spacestation has been steadily dropping, and so far the crew has been unable to find the source of the leak. Russian space officials say that the station has adequate air, and the crew is in no danger.

BBC News
CNN Space
Fox News
Space Chronicle

Another Successful Launch for Globalstar

The latest batch of Globalstar satellites have made it to orbit, bringing the communications consortium’s total to 28 satellites. This latest group was launched on board a Boeing Delta II rocket after a two-day delay due to high wind.

CNN Space
Space Online

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