Space News for June 9, 1999

Weather Delays Globalstar Launch

The Boeing launch of a Delta II was postponed due to bad weather that covered much of Florida. The rocket was carrying a set of four Globalstar satellites. Although there will be another launch window the next day, the weather outlook looks bleak, and it’s unlikely they’ll be able to launch.

Astronomy Now

Dust Cloud Found Around Ganymede

Using instruments designed for just this task, Galileo has discovered a dust cloud orbiting Ganymede – Jupiter’s largest moon. It’s believed the cloud was created by high velocity meteorites knocking dust into space when they strike.

BBC News

Asteroid Search Needs Funding

At the recent International Monitoring Programs for Asteroid and Comet Threat (IMPACT) conference in Torino, Italy, astronomers generally agreed that there was a greater need for funding an international cooperation for the search of Near Earth Objects (NEOs).


Another Asteroid Impact Possibility Discovered

Astronomers have discovered another asteroid that may impact the Earth in the relatively near future. 1998 OX4 will pass extremely close to the Earth in 2046, and there’s a 1-in-10 million chance that it will strike. This is the third announcement of such a close call, and astronomers believe the announcements will continue as an increasing number of asteroids are discovered.