Space News for May 19, 1999

NASA Announces New Astrobiology Group

NASA has set up a new astrobiology institute to assist in the search for exterrestrial life. They’re not necessarily looking for space aliens, just any form of life off our planet – even single celled organisms would be well worth the effort.

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Bad Weather May Delay Shuttle Launch

Space Shuttle Discovery may remain on the pad, and miss its current launch window because of poor weather. Originally scheduled for launch on Thursday, the Shuttle was already pelted by a severe hailstorm, and had to be repaired. This will be the first Shuttle launch in over 5 months.

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Deep Space 1 Tests Interrupted

Software anomalies unexpectedly interrupted tests of Deep Space 1’s automated capabilities. Although NASA engineers consider the tests to be largely successful, they plan to conduct more to complete the experiment.

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NASA Budget Approved… Almost

The US House of Representatives has approved NASA’s three-year operating budget with a couple of exceptions: the TransHab module, and Vice President Al Gore’s Triana space probe – both of which were denied funding by the House.

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