Space News for April 23, 1999

Delta III Launch Aborted

The Boeing Delta III continues to disappoint, after the latest launch attempt of the Orion 3 satellite was aborted when the rocket’s engine failed to start. Engineers will wait at least another 48 hours before trying again – their fifth attempt.

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Argentine Craters Could Be Russian Satellite Crashsite

Argentine officials are investigating a set of small craters (4 meters across), which could be the remains of a crashed Russian space probe. Officials are concerned, as the probe was carrying 200 grams of highly-radioactive plutonium.

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Possible Cause Found for Air Force Satellite Glitch

Investigators suspect that a malfunctioning nozzle on the second stage of the Inertial Upper Stage (IUS) probably caused the misplaced Air Force Defense Support Program satellite. It’s also unlikely that the satellite can be recovered, and is locked in a useless orbit.


Oldest Known Map of the Moon Uncovered

A Canadian researcher has discovered what he believes is the oldest known map of the moon, carved into the rock at a Neolithic site in Ireland. Believed to be over 5,000 years old, the carving predates any other drawing of the moon by 4,500 years.

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