Space News for April 2, 1999

Hardy Bacteria Proves Life Has Few Limits

In order to understand how life could exist on other worlds in our Solar System, scientists are studying the limits of life on Earth. Many creatures are thriving in environments which are similar to those found on other worlds, such as Europa and Mars.

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NASA Readies Landsat 7 for Launch

Capable of producing extremely high-quality images of the Earth, the Landsat 7 satellite is designed to monitor environmental changes, from urban growth to deforestation. The satellite is set to launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on April 15th.

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Capturing Meteorites in Flight

Similar to the Stardust’s aerogel used to catch comet debris, earthbound NASA engineers are using a weather balloon and xerogel micrometeorite collector to capture leonid meteorites as they hurtle through our atmosphere.

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Orion 3 will Launch on Boeing Delta 3

Second time’s the charm. After an aborted inaugural flight carrying the Galaxy X satellite, the new Boeing Delta 3 is ready to try again – this time with the Orion 3 satellite from Loral Space & Communications.

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