Finally, Some Help

As you’ve probably noticed, Universe Today has gotten in influx of talented writers to pitch in around here. Tammy Plotner, of course, has been working with me for years, and so have Nancy Atkinson and Mark Mortimer. Ian O’Neill and Nick Wethington are newer contributors, but have definitely proven to be great additions to the team. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to tail back my writing a little to be able to catch up on the world’s longest to-do list.

One huge piece of news, though. As of yesterday, Nancy is now working full time for Universe Today, and will be able to contribute many more stories over the coming weeks and months (dare I say… decades?). Nancy is going to be joining the Astronomy Cast Live team at the upcoming 212th American Astronomical Society meeting in St. Louis from June 1-June 5, 2008, where we’ll try to provide an absurd amount of coverage.

I hope you’ve all noticed and appreciated the jump in quality and coverage from Universe Today, and I’m hoping things will just get better from here.

Fraser Cain
Publisher, Universe Today

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  1. Proud to be helping out Fraser 🙂

    Nice one Nancy! We’ll all have a hard time keeping up with your articles now! Must… keep… typing…

    Cheers, Ian 😀

  2. Good stuff! You all do a great job at keeping UT at the forefront of astronomical and related news… Keep up the great work.

    Popularisation of science is so important in this day in age, where the concepts involved can quickly get beyond the comprehension of the average member of the public, and the vast majority of politicians. As a result, people can start to question the value of science and scientific experiments, despite the fact that it is almost the sole driver of the progress of humanity. You’re doing a great job of disseminating cutting edge science to the average punter. Again, well done all of you…

  3. I also like the fact that you don’t have to subscribe (that turns a lot of people off), and that anyone (regardless of knowledge base) can offer an opinion without feeling intimidated. At least I hope so..

  4. Having only recently started reading UT on a regular basis, my one question has been “what took me so long?”

    I’ve been very impressed by the frequency and quality of updates in recent months and I definitely enjoy the broad focus on everything space-related, without the diversions into politics or personal blogging I so often find on other sites. Not that I don’t enjoy such asides occasionally, but it’s nice to be able to come here knowing there’s always going to be a few good new articles on the topics that really grab me. 🙂

    Kudos, keep it up!

  5. Yes, the quality and vitality has definitely fired their SRB’s and my interest has been more deeply captivated. Well done.

  6. Ian is a nice guy I’m sure, but can someone please review his contributions? He sometimes blurts such nonsense that could easily be corrected with just a little research. For some examples, search for my comments with the words “Bzzt Wrong!”

  7. I’ve been reading UT for years now and I do in fact like the additional reading material. I also like being able to post comments and follow discussions about articles, if I feel so moved.

    Keep up the good work fellas. Life wouldn’t be the same without UT.

  8. You guys are providing such great content !
    I find great inspiration from the writings here, which hopefully is reflected on my weekly radio science show.
    Podcasts of this show are on my site.
    It is my aim to make Astronomy and space science accessible to the general public.
    You guys are leading the way in this.
    Keep up the great work
    Ian Maclean

  9. Hey guys, dont claim to improve quality, do it.

    More posts is no improvements in itself.
    It just guarantees more clicks and better advertisement payments.

    So Fraser, what about setting up internal quality gates and avoiding lurid stories for 5 year old discovery channel morons.

    Ian is a good example for overshooting with sensatinalism. Thats not science and also not helping to popularize science.

    More has been done with less.

    Best wishes to Tammy though.

  10. Good work, people!

    Some odd asides, but at least it shows a willingness to look further than your own noses.
    Keep it up

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