Another Reminder: Lunar Eclipse on March 3, 2007

Lunar eclipse diagram. Image credit: Jodrell Bank UniversityI don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but I wanted to give you all another reminder that there’s going to be a total lunar eclipse on March 3, 2007.

Observers in the Eastern North America, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia will be able to see the eclipse. For other parts of the Earth, the eclipse will already be underway when the Moon rises, or it’ll complete after the Moon sets.

Here’s a link to NASA’s information page about the eclipse, so you can see maps of where the eclipse will be visible and calculate the best time to be watching for it.

Lunar eclipses absolutely my favourite astronomical events. They’re safe to see with your eyes or binoculars. They unfold slowly enough to make an evening of it with your friends and family. Have a party, with the Moon reddening in the background.

Sadly, I’m over here on the West Coast of Canada, so we won’t really be able to see much; however, there’s another eclipse coming on August 28, 2007, where we’ll get the best view. I can be patient.

Original Source: Jodrell Bank University News Release