Trailer for the International Year of Astronomy 2009

Okay, now I’m getting excited. As I’ve mentioned in the past, and will bring up again and again, the UN has designated 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy. There are some really great projects planned that will try to get as many people as possible interested in astronomy. The IYA has released a cool trailer to get us all inspired. It’s working for me.

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  1. I admit, It has always been a dream of mine to get a sweet planetarium built in my house. This trailer makes me want it more. I think the biggest thing that would hold me back (beside the incredible amount of money) is thinking of how many kids my planetarium wouldn’t inspire if it were sitting in my house.

  2. “Empowering developing countries?” I’m not sure how astronomy can do that, but I guess the UN had to throw that in for their political reasons. Anyway, looks like a great year to look at the heavens. See you out there.

    Be safe and well.

  3. Thank you. The trailer alone is empowering and I put it on my lil blog for spreading the fever.

  4. What the UN is trying to do is to ensure that developing countries get the opportunity to find out what is going on in astronomy & space. Hopefully by supporting outreach programes to the remote corners of the globe. I will be doing my bit anyway.

  5. Oh Dear Oh Dear
    Has the IAU finally lost the plot? Not impressed with this at all. While the 400 years of Galileo and the first telescopic astronomical observations is important to note, this is simply media hype. To me it is promoting more the space program than astronomy itself. Furthermore it looks like the advertising for some new Star Trek feature or series than astronomy. (i hear the new J.J. Abram’s “Star Trek XI” was delayed to 2009 because the studios thought they would get more promotion in the IYA year. Probably very clever marketing methinks.
    My big concern is the other inherent merchandising and money spinning schemes. This is already rolling, and so the cups, mugs, hats, etc. will be all rolled out for the profit orientated few. Ie. – and this is actually endorsed by the IIYA 2009! As yet the “IYA2009 Shop” is yet to open, no doubt with the same endorsements.

    Even the IYA site endorses this view. Ie. “Lots of ideas can be “stolen” from the IYA activities pages, don’t be afraid of replicating and adapting them according to your own country’s history and culture.”
    (See )

    Entrepreneurs must be dancing around the room right now!

    I think this sends the new message…

    “The Universe, Yours to Discover…at a price”

    Maybe it should be…

    ‘Who can stand in the way, when there’s a dollar to be made”

    But even the IYA is guilty of commercial interests. For example calls for donations for the event! Payments can be made to Swiss bank accounts as well!
    (At A/N UBSWCHZH10A)
    As to the words “Hobby astronomers” is a bit on the nose – what an insult. Since when have amateur astronomers been known as such?

    The promotion to educate and explain the workings of the Universe to the millions, has to be applauded. However, there is a rising serge with the religious groups – especially the right wing Christians, who now are going to promote intelligent design. Here they will use the event as a millstone to promote their radial and non-observationally supportable views.

    There has already been some humorous sides, like last weekend’s (20th April 2008) is “The World Night in Defence of the Starlight”. this was held at Full Moon!

    Finally, it will be interesting to see the evolution of the IYA 2009 blog forum ( Already this is a stunning success with 85 registered users.

    “Year of Astronomy 2009” so far should probably be renamed as the “Year of Astronomical Sized Hype 2009” Coming to an astronomical outlet near you!

  6. If you were an owner of a public observatory what do you think would be a good PR move without loosing money? This IYA 2009 is a one-off situation. Like a bright (not Halley’s) comet: It only comes around once.

    One suggestion is to put pressure on govts. to perhaps have a night of reducing Light Pollution. Like Earth Watch when govts.asked everyone to turn off lights to save the planet from greenhouse emissions.

    There are thousands of amateur astronomy clubs on this planet that no doubt will be wanting to do their bit. What are YOU going to do?

    So let’s band together and come up with ideas and suggestions to make 2009 a year of understanding and appreciating a star-studded night sky.

    To stand under a blanket of stars is an experience one never forgets. It’s like sipping the best wine or the best coffee ever made.It’

    Astronomy is the only science that does not recognise age, creed or colour. Enjoy what you have around you because you can not take it away, only the memories of what you saw and experienced..

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