Space Questions Answered

As you can probably imagine, I get an enormous amount of email, both through Universe Today and Astronomy Cast. I read it all, and I try to answer it all – so far, so good; although, I’m a little behind right now.

Instead of just emailing people back answers to their questions, I figured the information would be helpful to many of you. So I’m writing up little mini-articles to answer the questions, and I’m filing them under a special Questions section of the website.

The problem is that I’m going a lot of these, and I’d like to do even more (two birds, one stone). But I don’t want to overwhelm the main page of the site and the RSS feed. I think it would dilute the news focus of Universe Today.

So I’ve got a listing of all the latest questions over on the right-hand side of the page, and they’re in their own Questions section. And I’ll probably provide a summary list of questions once a week in the main feed so you can read any that interest you.

If you’ve got a better idea… I’m all ears. I’ll follow this story with an example of a summary.

If you’ve got a question, here’s where to go.

3 Replies to “Space Questions Answered”

  1. What if you just create a seperate feed for questions…

    It seems it would require the least work on your part, then once every so often point to a summary of the questions in the main feed…


  2. The category itself does have a feed, I think. By putting the summary into main blog, I think that does the trick. You find out they’re there without having to grind through them all.

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