Party Videos of Endeavour’s Launch

Whenever we report on the launch of the shuttle, the video footage and pictures come directly from NASA. That’s great, for high resolution, and all. Don’t worry, we’ll be burying you with it over the course of STS-123. But I think there’s something missing from it. The exhilaration (I can only assume) that comes when you watch a shuttle actually take off.

So, I’m going to show you a few videos of the shuttle’s night launch captured at parties at homes near the Cape. It’s not as good quality as NASA might provide. But there an emotional impact from the people in the room that more than offsets this. You lucky, lucky people.

I’ve really really got to watch one of these take off before they stop flying.

Oh, and here’s the full NASA version

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  1. Lots more fun than NASA. I saw one of the Apollo shots and it was the view of a lifetime. I just wish that the excitement I feel- and shared by these videographers- were more widespread. Perhaps the next Administrator will find a way to pump things up?

    Thanks, Fraser.

  2. I went to the STS-117 launch last June. Coolest thing EVER!!!
    The sound on recordings is pretty good, but you can’t believe how bright those SRB flames are until you see one of these things go in person. All the videos you see just don’t show it as it really is.

    Go see one before they ground these birds! 🙂

  3. It’s so emotional!
    Really there is nothing which can be compared with it!
    For Endeavour STS-123 and the crew all the best and
    HAPPY LANDING from Germany!!!


  4. I’m with Fraser — I’d love to see a launch before it’s too late.

    Which is why I was so disappointed with the shameful coverage of the launch by the Canadian media. The launch was -not- carried live by CBC, CTV, Global or any of their all-news-all-the-time stations. Endeavour is carrying a huge piece of Canadian equipment, expertise and pride!

    No wonder we’re having trouble getting Canadian kids inspired to learn about science. Our own government and public broadcaster don’t seem to give a damn.

    Oh, the launch was 2:28 a.m. Eastern and Toronto was asleep? Oh, boo hoo, cry me a river!

    Whew. Rant [OFF]


  5. Those videos are so much better than the official ones – you get a true feel of the atmosphere and excitement surrounding the launch. I really do wish I were there!

    Imagine the parties when the Ares/Constellation missions launch… I’m booking my reservations for 2020 🙂

    Cheers Fraser for sharing these stunning perspectives


  6. Thanks for the wonderful videos! I actually cheered with the crowd when the Shuttle took off. I didn’t think I could enjoy checking “my” Universe Today more then I already do….but, you brightened my day once again.

  7. I started watching the launches when they were first shown in TV and always got emotional. Even though this was a vid from NASA and days after the event, i still got those same emotions. The wonder at being able to sent things into space and the science behind it, the power of the whole effort and what it takes to make the launch, and the humanity of the people who live and died in the process is just overwhelming. All this because two huge countries got into a pi**ing contest.

  8. Fantastic! I’ve been watching space programs, everywhere, since I was a kid (a long time ago). These videos are so exciting. I wish the media, and parents, would see how inspiring this stuff is.
    Thank you!

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