Astronomy Cast is Liveblogging All this Week from Houston

You might have forgotten, but the big Lunar and Planetary Society Conference is happening all this week in Houston – from these conferences come mountains of space news. Once again, the intrepid blogging team is bringing the conference to you (sort of live), with articles, audio, video, and photographs. Pamela and Rebecca are at the conference, and at the same time, we’ve got Scott Miller over at Cape Canaveral to cover the next launch of the space shuttle. And I’m back and Mission Control: Vancouver, reporting on all the news pouring out that they’ll be too busy to cover. It should be a very interesting week.

I’ll have reports here on Universe Today, but the best place is to go to our Astronomy Cast LIVE blog, where you’ll see posts from all the contributors.

Click here to visit Astronomy Cast LIVE.

And if you want to meet Pamela and Rebecca, there’s going to be having another listener meetup on Tuesday, 8pm at San Lorenzo’s. Here’s a link to a map.