Digg Mars Madness

Article written: 10 Mar , 2008
Updated: 26 Apr , 2016

If you’re a member of the social network website Digg.com, read this. Otherwise, ignore this post.

As you know, Nancy wrote a cool article last week about a one-way, one-person trip to Mars. Digg.com picked up the story, but for some reason, it has showed up several times in different locations, so the vote is getting totally split up. Could you take a second and Digg the most popular one, here?

How About a One-Way, One-Person Trip to Mars

I’m not kidding, here are the others (but don’t Digg them).

And here.

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  1. Mike from Miami says

    At this moment, the digg entry has 184 diggs. Sadly, it has long since dropped of the “upcoming” queue, so there is no chance that it will hit the Digg front page, not matter how many more diggs it gets.

    If you write a follow-up article, let me know, and I’ll be glad to send it to digg 😉

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