Weekly Space Hangout Live with Sondy Springmann and Morgan Rehnberg

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)

Alessondra Springmann (@sondy)
Morgan Rehnberg (MorganRehnberg.com / @MorganRehnberg)

Fraser, Morgan and Sondy were all at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to watch the launch of the OSIRIS-REx Mission. Sondy and Morgan talked about the mission, answered questions about space and astronomy, Cassini.

Just a sneak preview before the Weekly Space Hangout starts up later this week!

We’ve had an abundance of news stories for the past few months, and not enough time to get to them all. So we are now using a tool called Trello to submit and vote on stories we would like to see covered each week, and then Fraser will be selecting the stories from there. Here is the link to the Trello WSH page (http://bit.ly/WSHVote), which you can see without logging in. If you’d like to vote, just create a login and help us decide what to cover!

We record the Weekly Space Hangout every Friday at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern. You can watch us live on Google+, Universe Today, or the Universe Today YouTube page.

You can also join in the discussion between episodes over at our Podcast (wshaudio): Download (Duration: 57:04 — 52.2MB)

2 Replies to “Weekly Space Hangout Live with Sondy Springmann and Morgan Rehnberg”

  1. GREAT podcast, even if it was rather impromptu? It worked out rather well considering what hurtles you must have faced to put this show together! Frazer.. one word.. Sunscreen! At least SPF 50? You will no doubt continue evolving your style and professionalism. I expect to see you on network TV soon? As a producer you have gone far! Morgan.. always amazingly coherent and informative. Solid info! Sonda.. you are brilliant like an ‘O’ type super-giant star! Your personality shines thru with your ‘quirky’ mannerisms and excerpts! Keep up the good works you guys! It is appreciated!

  2. WSH fix obtained!

    Also, I really appreciate that I’ve been fortunate enough to earn a space-based paycheck, but I still get a bit jealous of people doing the REALLY COOL STUFF, no matter what they’re making. If I ever run into you guys back in North America, I’m totally buying coffee for everyone!

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