Your Eclipse Photos, Part II

Article written: 27 Feb , 2008
Updated: 26 Dec , 2015

Like I said, you buried me with photos of last week’s total lunar eclipse. So here’s another batch. Thanks to everyone who went outside and remembered to bring a camera.

If you’re a budding (or veteran) astrophotographer, I highly recommend you check out the Bad Astronomy/Universe Today forum. We have a section just for people to post their astrophotos.

This first photograph comes from Joe from Michigan State University with a digital camera and a 4″ telescope.

Beth Katz

Beth Katz

Brian Galka
Brian Galka – Saskatoon

Rob Ratkowski
Rob Ratkowski – Maui

John Lyder
John Lyder – Trinidad and Tobago

Simone Bolzoni
Simone Bolzoni – Italy

Rick E.
Rick E. – Toronto

Joseph Guzmán
Joseph Guzmán – Chicago

7 Responses

  1. Pete M says

    Oh poor logan…a few hugs when you were a baby probably could have saved you. Please seek help.

  2. LeJiane says

    To me,these photos are breathtaking! I live in the desert and at night the stars look like you could reach up and grab a handfull. On the 20th, the night was clear,the air was crisp,and what I could see with the naked eye was amazing. I only wish I’d had asked for a telescope for my birthday. But,I was very happy getting an eclipse!


  3. Adam says

    Yes…quite an event. Amazing they got a Earthquake in NE Nevada…..

  4. marcellus says

    Great photos everyone!

    I never did believe in Peter Pan.

  5. Anne says

    Thanks for posting these, really amazing photographs there.

  6. Chicago Astronomer Joe says

    Thanks Fraser for including my eclipse montage contribution on one of the coldest eclipse events I ever endured.

    Taken thru a 5″ refractor and a Canon S3 Powershot attached with adapter. Attending to visitors at the Adler Planetarium, I would grab an exposure when I could and return to the other scope for direct public observation.

    They are all cool and impressive.


  7. mrG says

    Only slightly off topic, can someone explain to me how you get a digital camera to take a picture through a 4″ scope? I have a Mead 4″ and every digital camera I have tried does some funky things to the image as soon as the camera becomes aligned to the eye-piece — last lunar eclipse I did take a really nice barlow-assisted image, it was a little blurry but caught that diamond shine of a crater in the still-dark area, but I had to basically wave the camera over the eyepiece and snap quickly before the camera-computers “corrected” the view!

    Back in the late 80’s friends at the RAS had very expensive rigs using liquid cooled CCD gear for astrophotography and I always thought that a plain digital camera would mean that world would finally open up to my sort of budget, but it’s now 20 years later and I still can’t share what I see through the lens 🙁

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