Podcast: Where is the Centre of the Universe?

There are some people – I’m not naming names – who think the universe revolves around them. In fact, for most of humankind, everybody thought that. It’s only been in the last few hundred years that scientists finally puzzled out that the Earth isn’t the centre of the universe at all. That begs the question: where is the centre?

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10 Replies to “Podcast: Where is the Centre of the Universe?”

  1. Sorry guys…this one sucked…most of us have been there done that. Esp the past history part. Are you playing to your “new” expanded listener base? Most of us old timers are way beyond this point. How about explaining again…dark matter and dark energy. This is being attacked by individuals in your field as nothing more than space gnomes invented to make the math work. I want a concrete statement that the dark side of the universe is real.

  2. Hi there.

    I believe that a concrete statement about the dark matter is most unlikely to show up even in a medium term.

    Sorry Scott, i think you’ll have to wait a little longer…

  3. Oh please, this stuff gets so tiring. If you can’t do stories on real science, how about just some on UFO’s and Alien Abductions?

  4. Whers’s the center? We’re probably kidding ourselves with this question. I don’t care what the math says-how can something without boundaries have a center?

  5. I think the center of the universe exists(ed) only in time (14 or so billion years ago), but not in (today’s) space because we can’t get to 14 billion years ago (or anywhere close to that). 😉

  6. Sorry, in my opinion the Universe, this one at least, is a tubular torus that continually, but slowly for us, twists and inverts itself. Much of what we observe are manifestations of that process. Additionally it is four dimensional in that as it inverts and twists there are occasions when spacetime merge creating a true time warp. These mergers are temporary and just one of the many quirks that occur in this system. Like Einstein observed and theorized, it is a motile but static universe that has no end or beginning just lots of twists and turns. Static in this case should be regarded as meaning balanced vs same, same.

  7. I found it quite fitting that the center of the universe was reffered to as ‘something we can’t experience’. As that is what it is from my understanding… an experience.
    I have been there. DMT induced, but there nonetheless.

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